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Small business optimization in modern conditions


Small businesses are opened by 2 categories of people. One of them is people who have realized a large amount of excess energy in themselves, but in order to minimize risks or due to small start-up capital, they decided to start small with the prospect of growing a business to medium or large. The second category is people who have realized that they have a small surplus of energy and they simply cannot pull off a medium or large business based on this amount of surplus energy.

In any case, a business, including a small one, always opens up in order to turn the excess of its personal energy into money, because the business itself is a machine for converting human energy into money. Small business starts, as a rule, spontaneously, because there is not enough knowledge and experience. Spontaneously open business is very often not optimal. In this regard, a lot of time, money, energy and other resources have to be spent on it.

Correcting this situation requires working with the business leggram and small business optimization, which will reduce these costs and, accordingly, increase the amount of benefits received. However, the problem is that the businessman’s energy has been generated and continues to be generated, and it must be realized so that there is no stagnation. For this reason, a businessman simply does not have enough time to develop a plan for optimizing his business.

What kind of idea is this?

As it was said in the article “prospects for small business", there are 2 main niches for this type of business in the economy: the start of new directions or assistance to medium and large businesses, and this must be taken into account when optimizing small businesses. How is small business optimized? In principle, there are many optimization methods. But it is best to use the so-called ideal optimization method, because it is the most efficient and most accurate, which means it allows you to achieve 100% optimization.

The essence of this method is that the idea of ​​this business is considered as the beginning of a small business, not people, not machines, not equipment, not a form of organization, but an idea. The machines, the personnel, the equipment, the way of organization – this is the form for the embodiment of this idea. The business process in this scenario is seen as the process of developing this idea. What kind of idea is this? If a new direction is launched through a small business, then this is a personal idea of ​​the one who started this business and put it at the basis of it.

If we are talking about helping a medium or large business, then we mean the idea that is being developed by a large or medium business, respectively. For this reason, the first stage of optimization is the selection of the idea that the small business works with, which it develops. Very often, the idea is not highlighted, and as a result, the businessman acts on the basis of intuition. This is the reason why the output is suboptimal business.

Proper small business optimization

Having a business idea highlighted and properly formatted on paper or electronically is very important. The optimization of a small business begins with this, because in this case the idea becomes visual, and the businessman clearly understands what he is dealing with. Also in this case, he can build a clear business algorithm, or rather, an idea development algorithm that will lead to the fact that the business will really work and turn the businessman’s energy into money.

Otherwise, small businesses operate without real interaction with the idea for which they work. Without interaction with an idea, it is impossible to develop it, because it is the idea that gives a clear instruction on how to develop it, in contrast to intuition, which gives a conjectural instruction. It is the idea that generates thoughts, on the basis of which the businessman makes the right and optimal decisions, because as soon as she knows what she needs for development.

Small business optimization in modern conditions

If there are no thoughts on how and what to do, a businessman, of course, will do something based on intuition. But these actions will be in 99% of cases in vain, because in reality they will not be aimed at developing the idea that he is engaged in. Accordingly, in order for there to be at least some result, for the business to develop at least somehow, a businessman, as follows from practice, will need to perform almost 100 actions in order to guess the only action that is needed to develop the idea.

To understand what interaction with an idea is, one must imagine an absolutely dark room and oneself in it. This room is pitch dark, which means you can’t see anything at all. At the same time, you find yourself in such a room abruptly and immediately, without examining it at the moment when it is lit. Accordingly, you don’t know what is in it and how what is in it is located, you don’t see what kind of room it is, what its dimensions and the color of its walls.

To be in such conditions is actually to become blind. It is in this state, the state of blindness with sighted eyes, that the businessman is, who does not interact with the idea. It is clear that the actions of a businessman are unlikely to be effective in such a situation. They can only be effective if there is lighting in the room. If a businessman forms an idea and starts interacting with it, then this is tantamount to turning on the light in a room with pitch darkness.

When the lights are on, everything becomes obvious and the decisions to be made become obvious. Accordingly, the lack of interaction with the idea is a very serious problem that forces a businessman to take unnecessary actions, spend unnecessary resources on it, and most importantly, as a result of this, his energy does not turn into money. Only launching marketing in a small business helps to solve the problem.

Small business optimization allows you to achieve "turning on the light in the dark room." In order to “turn on the light in a dark room” and turn all your energy into money, you should read marketing articles, and if there are few of them, it is recommended to get business and marketing advice. It is also very useful to work with a business leggram in order to pump its idea.

If one businessman has introduced an idea into himself, and the other has not, then the advantage will be his

Small business optimization is about matching the idea that the small business promotes to the form through which it promotes it. In other words, it is the alignment of the business idea with the business itself. Without this, the efficiency and optimality of small business will not be achieved. Without this, a small business will be a Gorynych Serpent with 5 heads, each of which wants to lead the body exactly where it wants.

In principle, you can work like this, you can twitch in different directions, but it is much more effective to have one head. To do this, first of all, you need to highlight the idea. This is important, including from the point of view of competition, because if there are businessmen on the market who have the same interaction with the idea, then they have the same level of competitiveness.

But if a businessman appears who has singled out the idea better than others and in this regard has created a better, more optimal business, he gets an advantage, due to which he will soon capture the entire market. This is because he gains an overwhelming long-term competitive advantage by interacting more effectively with the idea he develops, allowing him to better understand the market.

As a result, his actions are as accurate as a Swiss watch. You can beat such a businessman only if you take more actions in the hope that some action will be right. But you can’t take more actions for a long time, because such a strategy is exhausting, a lot of time, money, your energy and other resources are spent on it.

Optimization of a small business is, among other things, constant work with the idea that a businessman is engaged in. A single optimization is not enough for a long time. Maybe enough for a year, maybe enough for 3 or even 5 years, if you’re lucky. But you should always remember that the lifetime of an idea in one state is quite short. It will definitely interact with other ideas and change.

In this regard, we can say that there are versions of the idea of ​​the same idea, for example version 1.0, 1.1., 2.0, 2.5. etc. Accordingly, depending on which version of the idea is implemented in the businessman himself, it has a different efficiency. Moreover, such efficiency has a strict hierarchy. Of course, when there is only one businessman in the market, it does not matter whether the idea is introduced into him or not, and what version of the idea is introduced. In the absence of an alternative, all customers will be his. But if there are at least two businessmen on the market, then there will already be nuances.

If one businessman has introduced an idea into himself, and the other has not, then the advantage will be his. If one businessman has implemented a newer version than the second, then the advantage will be his. His colleague, in whom the idea has not been introduced or an older version has been introduced, will only be able to copy the actions of a more efficient businessman, because he himself will not know what and how to do, because there is nowhere to get such information from.

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