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Secrets of the MYTH: how to make sure that you have enough for everything


We reveal the secrets of the MYTH, various business hacks – a taste for life, speed reading and other features of national success in business and just in life.

Yesterday we wrote a lot about energy sources, personal efficiency. Business hacks from Igor Mann helped our editorial board a lot. We hope they are useful to you as well.

As you know, there is no end point of arrival on the path of self-development, there are only stops. Today we will focus on how to keep yourself in good shape, find your rhythm and keep it at work, and also reveal other secrets of success,

They all lie on the surface and you yourself know them. The article is short. Just to remind.


How to keep yourself fit during the work day

  1. The combat state must be activated at the very beginning of the day. To do this, you must have an effective morning ritual.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 7 hours and you will not have to take time off for forced rest and replenishment of energy reserves of vitality.
  3. Work inertia is what starts the daily workflow. 3 small tasks here equals triple espresso in the morning to wake up. Start small and gradually move on to more complex tasks.
  4. Life flows and changes. Your workspace and time must obey this law in order to close tasks productively. To do this, you can move around the apartment with a laptop if you work remotely. Work either sitting or standing – if the conditions in the office or at home allow. Co-working spaces also have a positive effect on the results of work for those who are engaged in freelancing. Basically, find a way to keep moving forward.
    5 Glucose feeds your brain if you remember healthy snacks.  
    6 You can use your work breaks to chat on social networks, but it will be much more useful to do some physical exercise. Balance the work of the mind and body.
    7 Irritation knocks down the mood for work. So find a way not to get annoyed.
    7 If you are entrusted with an important task – turn off the phone. This will help you focus only on the current work.
    8 To increase efficiency – feed the brain not only with glucose. Give up sugar completely, walk more often, drink invigorating drinks and take vitamins once a year.

No time to read – read faster!

  1. Speed ​​reading is awesome. But why do you need it? Determine what you are reading for. It’s also helpful to understand what you’re looking for in books that you don’t find in your daily life experience. Not all purposes are useful for fast reading. Sometimes the skill of thoughtful communication with a book without fuss also gives a positive result. So use different reading types for different purposes.
    2 Read paper books. Don’t waste money on them. You can make a reading plan or read several books at the same time.
  2. Books should be at hand – at home, at work, in your smartphone.
  3. Don’t read without a pencil. Marginal notes, highlighting important thoughts, all this leads to a more detailed assimilation of information and use of this information for your business or project. You can note which other people’s ideas can bring you income, or come in handy later.
  4. The more you read, the faster you read. If this is new to you, start with one book a month. Gradually, when you swallow 2 books a week, the quantity will develop into quality.
    6 Summaries or a brief retelling – this is for shkolota. Read books in full.
    7 If you are a psycho in the good sense of the word and your desire for self-development is a frantic pursuit of new knowledge and a continuous breaking of your old habits and beliefs – read one book a day. Igor Mann calls this experiment “365 business books a year." Then it’s time to write a book yourself!
Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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