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Profitable content: 3 reasons to buy from you


In this article, we analyze in detail what is included in the concept of  profitable content. Learn how to set up a whimsical content marketing engine for high returns.

Profitable content is when a person is interested and useful

To receive information from the Web, it is enough for a person to have three channels of perception: vision, the ability to hear and the ability to read.

In order for the content to be converted into money, broadcast it, taking into account all the features of human perception. But on which sites should you post your content and what tools should you use to make it convenient for the user?

If your goal is to create content that brings in money, don’t blindly copy other people’s strategies. Analyze how competitors behave in the market. This is useful. And generate your own content marketing and promotion strategy from the collected data, which will take into account the mistakes of other market players. Raise the bar.

Profitable content is when you share useful information with the whole world

Profitable content: 3 reasons to buy from you
Nature has endowed man with several channels of perception. We are able to process all available information messages from the outside world with the help of vision, hearing, tactile sensations and smell. Today, receptors that used to pick up danger and other signals from the outside world are now focused on picking up everything that brings pleasure. At the same time, people continue to function within the framework of the same biological program. Therefore, it makes no difference whether a person receives information about the world around him from live communication or from the Internet. If the Network cannot be “scanned" by smell, touch and taste, this does not mean that signals about smells and touches and food cannot be sent to the brain. You also have increased salivation of the image of a beautiful and tasty dish or video, where the chef prepares this dish in a stylishly equipped kitchen? However, you can’t really taste it. Just imagine the taste based on external data and (if this is a video) sound. But your brain doesn’t care. It sends a signal and now you are already looking for a step-by-step cooking recipe or calling the delivery service.

This is how quality content works. He evokes a response.

How do we perceive information

The brain processes signals from real and virtual objects in the same way, despite the fact that they can come from different channels of perception. And when a user on the Internet reads an advertising message, he can imagine the smell of aromatic coffee or the feeling of touching fresh grass on the lawn. Marketing makes full use of these illusions and games.

Try it.

Don’t sell your product or service. Talk about the emotions and feelings that your selling proposition gives. Create an atmosphere. But try to be honest. A brand’s reputation largely depends on how you can truthfully play up the strengths and weaknesses of your product. And the function of the selling content is precisely that, using various channels of perception, as well as mass media on the Internet, a person immerses himself in your offer, and leaves the site page, remembering you and leaving his data, or accepts your trade offer by pressing the button call to action on a themed landing page. We will analyze all these aspects in detail. Let’s touch each. But not today.

The first step towards profitable content is uniqueness.

If you want your business to develop and the number of customers to increase – broadcast messages about services and products on the maximum number of sites on the Internet – let them hear, read and watch you. Write short and informative texts, create e-books as gifts for subscribers, select catchy images, shoot useful videos, bring active users to the dialogue on social networks. Make sure that your message reaches the maximum number of target recipients, is processed and accepted as beneficial and useful.

Profitable content is when you occupy the maximum amount of air with interesting and useful content.

Profitable content: 3 reasons to buy from you

The good news is that you don’t have to research or analyze anything at this stage.

When you generate content, do not forget to ask yourself questions that will point the way to profitable content: about the pains of the target audience (target audience), about its needs and interests, about the uniqueness and usefulness of your offer. About friendship with the user and prompt feedback.

At the stage of creating a unique selling proposition and content that will sell it, you become a master of disguise: You try on the role of an analyst, writer, manager, sociologist. All for one goal – to create something interesting and useful for your potential customers. Make them want not to miss a single new message from you. Profit is the foundation on which strong and long-term interactions with customers are built. First of all, think about what is beneficial for your potential customers, find an opportunity to provide maximum practical information. Don’t try to cover up weak trade offers with empty promises. But if this is already happening, think about it, do you need profitable content now? Maybe it’s better to modernize your business, and then make money on it?

So, you know what to say and to whom. To do this, you have done a lot of work: Analyzed socio-demographic characteristics, studied interests in social network groups, listened to playlists, viewed photo albums. Now you know it by sight – your target audience. But you cannot know who is on the other side – visuals or auditory. Therefore, establish contact on all fronts. The more opportunities to spread information, the more loyal strangers are to you, and the more likely they are to become your customers.

We promised practical advice and they will definitely be in the following publications: we will reveal to you the secrets of seven elements that affect your useful selling content. We will also share our list of channels for broadcasting content and the groups in which we have scattered our informational messages for the user. No mysticism – only experience and practical solutions for developing your business on the Internet.

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