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Rules of the daily routine of a successful person


What creates your success is not random actions,
but what you do every day.

You don’t have to be a superhero to always stay on top, be energetic, proactive and easily generate new ideas. Each of us "Today" consists of the same number of hours. True, some manage to use it “to the maximum", others always complain that they constantly do not have enough time.

In interviews with many successful people, you can read that staying “in the flow” and keeping up with everything helps them to have a well-functioning daily routine or. People who manage large businesses, companies and enterprises are obliged to be disciplined on their own. They must control their own life and its way of life before they manage someone and something already on a large scale.

That is why even a simple routine has weight. Daily, on the one hand, the same type of daily routine is of tremendous importance. Even the repetition of 2 simple rituals in the morning is a great help to move forward both in business and in life.

It is clear that each person is individual; the schedule of one accomplished person can be strikingly different from the schedule of another. However, successful people are distinguished by the ability to adhere to the chosen path and internal settings. Set a goal and go to it without turning off and without being distracted. Repeating day after day the same rule of the daily routine. This is the persistence, the power of a systematic approach.

In this article you will not find a single formula "how to become successful"; you will find out what the daily routine of famous personalities was like, what popular approaches to building your own schedule exist, what you should pay attention to, and what is better not to be distracted. In addition, no one will tell you the ideal formula, the universal rule of the daily routine, your task is to create your own. After all, the principle that works with one person may not be effective for you personally.

celebrity daily routine

Benjamin Franklin

Politician, diplomat, scientist, inventor, writer, publisher. This universal man, while still a Freemason, strictly adhered to the commandment of the Order: "every business has its own time." His regime has always remained unchanged;

  • Waking up at 5:00 putting yourself in order, prayer, plans for the day, breakfast.
  • From 8:00 to 12:00 – immersion in work.
  • 12:00 to 14:00 – lunch break, checking mail, reading.
  • 14:00 to 18:00 – work
  • 18:00 to 22:00 – putting the workplace in order. Listening to music, having dinner, talking to nice people.
    Before going to bed, review the day.

Winston Churchill

British statesman and journalist, member of the British House of Commons. Adhered to a completely different regime of the day from the previous figure. Winston woke up at 70:30 and spent the whole morning without getting out of bed;

  • From 7:30 to 11:00 – awakening, breakfast, sorting mail, reading a newspaper, dictating letters and notes to secretaries. And all this without leaving the bed.
  • 11:00 to 13:00 – get out of bed, bath, work.
  • 13:00 (two hours or more) – lunch.
  • 15:30 to 17:00 – working hours.
  • 17:00 to 18:30 – sleep.
  • 18:30 to 20.00 – preparation for dinner, bath.
  • 20:00 – dinner with a possible continuation after midnight, after, return to the office for an hour and a half.

It is important to note that a massive part of the work of the politician was based precisely on table conversations. In addition, he never sat down to a meal alone, but ate food together with numerous guests – politicians, ministers, military men, businessmen, foreign guests.

Jack Dorsey

Innovator, software architect, entrepreneur, creator of Twitter.
His secret to optimizing the workflow is the distribution of tasks and responsibilities by day. Mon-Fri: Working day – 16 hours. 8 is allocated to each company.

  • Monday, as a rule, is reserved for administrative matters and management.
  • Tuesday is dedicated to products.
  • The environment is occupied by the marketing section and the communication section.
  • Thursday is networking day. Meetings with business partners.
  • Friday decides all aspects of organizational and corporate
  • culture, incl. hiring new employees.

It is this distribution of tasks by day that helps Jack to successfully cope with all projects and receive high incomes. However, in his interview, he honestly admits that of course there are unscheduled tasks and moments that require attention, but he manages to cope with them quite quickly.
In addition, he knows how to relax: on weekends he walks a lot in the fresh air, devotes time to relaxation, to his favorite activities. What is important, takes time to prepare for the new work week.

Evan Williams

Founder of several Internet companies. These include Blogger, Twitter and Medium. Evan’s approach to his job responsibilities suggests a mid-day break. He, in turn, takes him to the gym, and considers morning time more productive for work.

Rules of the daily routine of a successful person

Leo Babauta

Founder of the ZenHabits blog, author of several best-selling e-books.

Leo wakes up at 4:30 in the morning, drinks a glass of water and makes a list of tasks for the day, identifying the 3 most important ones. After that, he manages to prepare breakfast for the family, read, work out, take a shower and wake up his wife and children at 6:30.
There is an interesting feature in his approach – he always leaves the option of a morning workout to choose from: swimming, running, meditation, etc. In addition, Leo keeps physical activity regular, but does not turn it into a routine, while energizing himself in the morning.

Leo Babauta is a fan of the morning routine. He says that the daily morning ritual makes him more purposeful, healthier and calmer. By doing the right things every morning, he feels confident, which helps him achieve all his goals.

Rules of the daily routine of a successful person

Having become acquainted with the daily routine of famous people, you might think that all geniuses are larks, but this is far from the case. For example, billionaire Jeff Bazos, the founder of Amazon, makes appointments no earlier than 10 and sleeps at least 8 hours a day, while maintaining family values ​​u200bu200b- breakfast and dinner together. And the founders of the popular HubSpot service in the company generally have a special expression: “you can set up a meeting or meeting at 11 am, just don’t wait for the co-founders.”

So, we can safely conclude that there is no single routine for everyone. Everyone has his own: someone gets up at four in the morning, and someone goes to bed at this time, then to sleep until noon. For some, everything is planned to the minute, while others adhere to a more free schedule. But despite the fact that everyone is different, one common feature is inherent in everyone – everything they do happens regularly and systematically. After all, in the end, the result is always important.

Basic rules of the daily routine

Rules of the daily routine of a successful person

1 Permanent sleep mode

rules of the day

You can get up “with roosters” or in the middle of the day. Go to bed in the morning and “live” at night or have time for everything planned before 12:00. It does not matter. It is important to live in a time that is comfortable for you. The main thing is to stick to the same sleep schedule. Consistency in sleep patterns is the key to success.

Sleep in the allotted hours, at the same time – do not change this schedule. Then all the other layers of your life will go up. In addition, the habit of sleeping at the same time, today, is considered a real breakthrough in sleepology. This theory confidently displaces the belief about getting up early and going to bed.
Of course, we are talking about adult sleep patterns. It is better not to experiment on children, their body develops and works a little differently. At the same time, constancy in the mode is relevant for everyone.

2 Systematic routines and rituals

Daily habits, also referred to as routines or rituals, are a trait that unites all accomplished people. In order to generate something new, they need a resource that, when given away, must be restored. Therefore, systematic rituals and simple routines are an integral part of the life of a successful person. It is not so important what exactly will be included in your regime under the guise of “relaxation”, if you want – stand on your ears, if you want – sing, read, listen to music, communicate. The main thing is to do what gives you the maximum amount of charge and energy for a new day and big victories.

Rules of the daily routine of a successful person

3 Planning and goal setting

Planning ahead is a habit that all successful people have. Someone makes a plan for the next day before going to bed, someone prefers to do it in the morning “with a clear mind”. Make a deal with yourself and follow your goals

Read about planning and goal setting in the article.

4 Prioritization

rules of the day

Already during planning, some tasks are divided by priority. The important ones are dealt with first, the rest in sequence. Planning is ahead. Only in this way can each person keep his own life under control. What is the key quality for a successful person. At the forefront is proactivity, which implies an emphasis on achieving the goal, trivial issues, in turn, fade into the background, or are delegated. Remember, you create your own psychological climate.

5 Perseverance and purposefulness

No matter how competently you plan everything, no matter what ideal schedule you come up with for yourself, all this will not have a result if you do not know how to concentrate. Today we live in a huge information field, its “noises” constantly distract us, whether it be notifications on the phone, incoming calls from social networks, etc. It would seem that I was distracted for just a minute, but in total – this is far from one minute and as a bonus a knocked down course, a negative impact on your productivity, energy taken away and defocusing.

Rules of the daily routine of a successful person

6 Analysis, growth and development
rules of the daily routine

You will probably have to go through several options for the daily routine before you find the right one for you. So keep a diary and analyze! Fix those time intervals in which you are more efficient, and during low brain activity, put on sports, meetings, sleep – determine for yourself how much time you need to get back “in line” and what you can productively do at this time. It all depends on you: earnings, quality of life, success.

Temporary "Pockets" for those who want to do everything

Surely the thought settled in your head that we are not robots. By reading this article, you have already moved yourself into certain circumstances, the already established rhythm of life. And, at some point, you may have felt doubt that you could cope with a strict daily routine. Especially if your routine is collective. First, everything comes gradually. You can always build your own comfortable mode and find time for yourself – it will take time, because not only you, but also the people around you will need to get used to it, this is building boundaries. It is necessary, otherwise you will be endlessly distracted by tasks and issues that sometimes do not require your participation at all.

And now a little life hack, as soon as you learn how to correctly distribute your load, your time – you can form the so-called “pockets” in your mode. Small time blocks in the schedule set aside for unpredictable situations and unplanned tasks. So, you can not deviate from the main plan and easily cope with those “surprises” that the coming day has prepared.
This is what all businessmen do – the approach allows them to be more flexible and not accumulate small tasks, not to worry and not feel guilty if there was no time for something.

Rules of the daily routine of a successful person

It also happens that even when all the rules are followed, with a consistent daily routine and a built-in system, burnouts occur, how to find the very motivation and what psychological tools exist, read the article.

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