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Positive motivation or negative – which is better


Positive motivation is important. And it doesn’t matter what your goal is – to build a dream career or lose weight by the summer. Without an incentive, it will not be easy to achieve it. A motivated person is capable of much. He puts in a lot of effort to get his way. But how often do laziness, procrastination and lack of self-confidence get in the way of the goal? Yes, every person is faced with such phenomena every day. And only a strong desire to move on helps to develop and achieve success.

The incentive to get off the ground can be positive. This is positive motivation. For example, “if I do the work before 17.00 today, then at 17.01 I will receive a good payment." Stimulation to action can be negative. For example, “if I don’t do my work today by 17.00, I will lose my employer.” Some people need negative stimulation from time to time. And others are able to act only when there is no other way out.

What are positive and negative incentives based on?

Negative motivation to act usually arises from a negative worldview and the absence of other ways to achieve the goal. It is based on the fear of getting into trouble or losing privileges. And also on a sense of guilt, dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s achievements. Negative influence situationally energizes. Or, more simply, "gives a kick." But the effect does not last long and such stimulation as a result takes a lot of mental strength.

Positive motivation or negative - which is better

A positive motivation for action is based on the desire to develop and receive increased profit from activities, on faith in oneself and one’s strengths, on interest, enthusiasm, responsibility and organization. And also on the desire to receive not only financial reward, but also a sense of accomplishment, which makes it possible to relax with a clear conscience. This is the advantage of positive motivation – it is aimed at achieving a positive result that is anticipated.

Types of positive and negative motivation

There are many types of incentives, for example:

  1. Motivate yourself and others.
  2. External (good salary, bonuses) and internal (love for one’s work) stimulation.
  3. Material (money reward or fines) and non-material (fear of failure, anger, irritation, visualization of future success).

The catalyst of action is a powerful tool in the hands of man. It is known that positive and negative motives are two sides of the same coin. That is, "stick" and "carrot". This means that negative motivation can be used, but not often, and the main thing is that the main background should still be positive. For example, when a person goes to some goal, the expectation of success makes him move forward. At the same time, the fear that the goal will not be achieved makes it necessary to keep the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the efforts made to achieve the goal at the proper level.

Positive Motivation – Efficiency

Both methods are used by people everywhere – both in relation to themselves (self-motivation), and in relation to others. Only the first method is accompanied by positive experiences, and the second is based on fear, the desire to avoid "punishment". At the same time, the fear of punishment cannot positively affect the desire to work and develop. The result of any business, obtained "under pressure", in a hopeless situation, may not satisfy either the performer himself or his boss. Negative incentives have additional disadvantages:

  1. Getting yourself (or others) to act is more difficult than making you want to act.
  2. Punishment and fear of being punished is an ineffective technique in relation to a free person. Working under the constant yoke of negative emotions is not the most pleasant and productive occupation.

To summarize, if you answer the question of which method is better – good positive motivation or negative, the first option is definitely more effective and more beneficial for a person’s mental health.

Positive motivation – achieving a goal "for something" or "in spite of something"

When choosing a way to stimulate activity, pay attention to an interesting fact – it doesn’t matter what needs to be done, what matters is what the goal is. Agree, most people work. If you do not take into account whether they like the field of activity or not, then some work in order not to starve to death, to provide for their families, to earn a pension. Others work to achieve good things – to buy real estate, a car, a yacht, to achieve financial independence and prosperity. That’s the difference, negative motivation– an escape from problems, and positive – the desire to receive some benefits. In the first case, a person with fear imagines what awaits him if he does not work. And in the second case, he imagines with anticipation what awaits him if he works. If you are already forced to work anyway, why not do it with a positive mindset?

How to turn on positive motivation

For most people, the positive motivation to work, as the main driving force behind success, comes from the outside world. These are awards, high salaries, bonuses and bonuses, recognition of others and other external factors. But the strongest stimulating force is that which comes from within. Personal attitudes and principles can link all external stimuli into one and increase their effectiveness.

It is possible to develop positive motivation and refuse negative stimulation. Enough to imagine what awaits at the end of the path. For example, if you have to do unpleasant work, you can use the principle “the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing” and try to feel all the joy and happiness that will come when the work is done.

Goals should be set high, but realistic, feasible. And at the same time, a plan of short-term tasks should be drawn up, which are carried out in stages, bring positive emotions, and stimulate the emergence of positive motivation.

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