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Personal Efficiency at Work – Tips for Achieving Efficiency


We often hear from successful people that the basis of an energetic day is personal efficiency and proper distribution of working time. This knowledge and motivation allows you to achieve positive results in business, profession or education.

Many have heard about the rational distribution of working time and personal efficiency. But are you clear enough in these concepts? Are there times when the to-do list for the day remains unfulfilled, and the desired goals are not achieved?

All these situations are resolved. You just need to know the right methods. After reading the article, you will be able to improve your professional skills and achieve your goals.

Personal Efficiency at Work - Tips for Achieving Efficiency

Why increase personal effectiveness at work?

At the first steps, you will think, why do I need this? The answers won’t keep you waiting. Increasing individual productivity should begin with working on yourself. A person who does not pay attention to his own inner growth cannot fully concentrate on the work task. You will be constantly haunted by the frustration caused by personal inefficiency.

Why is the productivity of the day so important for a modern person?

  • Attention rises. You have focus. And it allows you not to be distracted by extraneous factors. And aim for the final result;
  • Completeness of action. Effective work requires full involvement. When you start working at full strength, you will immediately see the result. At this stage, you have things to do that previously lacked the spirit or motivation;
  • Targets appear. When you feel your own effectiveness, you will enjoy each completed item or small goal. This is what motivates you to set yourself and conquer new heights.

The main task is to absorb the information provided. After each item you read below, stop and think: what do I need to do to achieve this? Feel free to ask yourself questions. What prevents me from being better than my competitors? Why did he do it, but I can’t? What does he do and what don’t I do?

Improvement Skill

Before achieving personal effectiveness, identify the tools to achieve a global goal. Let’s get back to the questions: what am I missing to be productive? Let’s look at a set of points that help to achieve results:

  • Clearly formulated goal and planning;
  • Competent distribution of resources and delegation;
  • Designation of priorities;
  • Involvement in the process;

Take this list as your basis, because thanks to it, personal effectiveness in business or another field of activity is formed. It will be like a reminder to push you to the right decisions, not allowing you to forget the main theses of success.

Goal setting and planning

Define a clear end goal. You can work hard all day and still not achieve your goals. The problem lies in the fact that the main motion vector is not set. You are full of energy and want to run ahead to success. But you forgot to specify where it is located.

Get in the habit of sorting out small tasks on a piece of paper at the beginning of the day. Those that ultimately lead to a global goal. For example, to earn $100 today, I need to do the following. Find suppliers of goods, meet with a partner and discuss the terms of the transaction. Or find a person who will make me an attractive landing page, etc.

Schedule all assigned tasks. Distribute evenly throughout the day. Try to do time-consuming and complex list items at the beginning of the day. Because then you are efficient and don’t feel tired.

Resource allocation and delegation

For the competent realization of personal potential, you need to understand what resources you have. And where should they go. Not only money can act as a resource. But also the work of employees, time and energy expended.

Let’s take a small example. An hour of your work costs $25. You need to make a simple template site for selling goods. The basic development of this topic will take you 4-5 hours. Add another 3 hours required to complete the task. In total, you will spend 8 hours on this, which is equivalent to $ 200. But you can find a freelancer whose hour of work costs $18. He does not need time to master the topic, because he is an expert in this field and it will take him the same 3 hours to complete the project, which is equivalent to $54.

Thus, thanks to the delegation and distribution of resources, you saved $ 146 and 8 hours of working time. Before performing any task, I need to think about whether it is possible to find a person who will solve this issue for me and help me save time.

Designation of priorities

Prioritizing tasks is a simple but important part of planning your entire work day. Make a to-do list, and then think about which items are most important to you today. For example, you have indicated what you need: to meet with partners, to discuss the terms of delivery of products with an intermediary, to go shopping at home, and to stop at a car wash.

In this case, business meetings should be at the top of the list, because in the morning you are active and quick-witted. Shopping and car wash can be postponed until the evening and it will not bring any loss.

Involvement in the process

Absolutely in any business and profession, it is important to have involvement and motivation. Through concentration, personal efficiency for work increases. Without being distracted by extraneous factors, the final result is much better. You know that you have a specific to-do list that needs to be completed before tonight. If you get distracted by unscheduled meetings, browsing social media, or talking on the phone, then a few items from the calendar will remain unfulfilled.

Make yourself hours of rest every day and it is in them that you move communication in instant messengers with relatives, walks with pets, trips to nature, and so on. Draw a clear line in your mind between work and leisure. The brain definitely needs a break. You need to rest at home and work hard during working hours. Only then will you feel energetic and cheerful. This is what will give a new impetus to conquer the desired peaks.

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