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How to sell an apartment expensive?


Now property owners are often interested in how to sell an apartment for a high price. Not everyone knows how to do it, and this leads to bad deals. Unlike the rest, realtors know a lot of tricks that can make real estate more attractive. Let’s share some of them!

How to sell an apartment expensive?

How to sell an apartment for an owner more expensive: proven chips

Prepare the apartment for sale: the quality of the finishes, the appearance, have an extremely strong influence on the decision of the buyer.

To begin with, the apartment and the furniture in it should look new and clean. Remove personal belongings, ventilate, wash tiles and plumbing to a shine. Get rid of mold and fungus in tile joints – household chemicals will help to cope with the problem in a day. Put yourself in the place of the buyer, try to create the feeling that no one has lived in the apartment before.

The next important step is the creation of comfort. Get rid of excess furniture, so the rooms will look more spacious. Throw away everything that is outdated or deteriorated: armchairs from the USSR era, a table painted by children, a sofa peeled off by a cat. Most likely, the tenants will still change the furniture, but damaged things will spoil the impression of the property as a whole. Do not leave your trash as a legacy to new tenants.

Also, eliminate bad odors. From the smell of cigarettes, for example, in some cases, dry cleaning will help get rid of. You can also use an unobtrusive perfume for the home, or cook up something tasty before a meeting with potential customers. During the visit, exclude distractions for guests: household members and pets.

So you can even sell an apartment expensively and without major repairs. Properties that have received at least a little care often sell faster than similar properties. Many people, however, are interested in how you can sell an apartment for more if it is already in perfect condition.

What are the prices for apartments

Some actions will help sell an apartment faster, others more expensive. But how to sell an apartment both quickly and profitably? There are several relevant ways, but first you need to understand what generally affects the price of real estate.
The first factor is the market and cadastral value. Also important are all the documents for the sale of the apartment. There are other factors that often increase the cost of housing:

  • the apartment has a non-standard and at the same time comfortable layout;
  • the apartment has undergone expensive repairs;
  • the property is not located on the first or last floor;
  • there is a glazed loggia with a battery;
  • clean entrance, guarded yard and good infrastructure nearby;
  • there is a large convenient parking, the quarter itself is within transport accessibility.
  • the apartment is located in an elite area;
  • famous people live nearby.

Sometimes people look for two apartments next to each other. Then the buyer is extremely interested in your option, which means he will buy more. The quality of the presentation also affects the price: choose popular meeting places, on the way to the apartment, pass by a school, a sports ground. Point out the merits of the property, whether it’s a beautiful view or a high ceiling.

Real estate agencies themselves often buy apartments without renovation at the lowest prices, remodel them, changing the layout and making inexpensive repairs. Consequently, they continue to sell the same apartment, but much more expensive.

How to sell an apartment expensive?

What documents are needed for a profitable sale of an apartment

There are documentary ways to increase the price of real estate – this is when everything is in order with the documents of the apartment. Others, visual methods, are aimed at improving the perception of the property by the buyer. The success of the implementation of the first type depends on factors such as:

  • lack of tenants registered in the apartment;
  • the seller has the right of ownership, not a power of attorney;
  • there is a new cadastral plan and a real estate passport from the BTI;
  • no utility bills
  • the apartment is not included in the register of pledges and encumbrances;

Visual tricks to raise the price of real estate include:

  1. Capital or cosmetic repairs of the apartment. You can simply change the wallpaper and faucets, or you can replace the wiring and plumbing. For example, statistics show that recently buyers prefer apartments in warm colors. Why not repaint the walls?
  2. Replacement of interior details: lamps, door handles, curtains, etc.;
  3. Cleaning: get rid of personal belongings, vacuum the carpet, mop the floors. This will make a good impression on a potential buyer.
  4. Contact a photographer for high-quality shots: it is important that your property is noticed even at the stage of viewing ads.
  5. Make a competent ad on the Internet: it should be short, concise and honest.

Other tricks

Another good way to sell an apartment faster and more expensive is to find tenants for it. Often people invest in real estate, and if they immediately begin to receive income from it, this will be an advantage. You will save others from problems: they will not have to spend time creating ads, showing an apartment, etc.

This method, however, is only suitable for a certain type of apartment. Usually these are studios or one-room options. Ideally, if this housing is in a developed area, close to universities or large enterprises.

Try to make the apartment brighter: change the curtains, increase the number of lamps. It is better perceived on a psychological level. Also, be ready to show the property any day at any time. The competition in the field is high. Having refused once, be prepared for the fact that you have lost a client. Don’t overcharge, try to be in the market. The cost must match the quality.

It is worth saying that everyone can quickly and profitably sell an apartment. The only thing is that someone will spend less energy on it, and someone more, depends on the state of the property.

Relieve potential buyers of doubt: tidy up the furniture, change a couple of details and take high-quality photos. Do not believe the stereotype that the price increases in proportion to the cost of repairs. Remember that there are other methods as well.

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