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How to make money as a translator?


Today, knowledge of English has become almost mandatory in order to have a high salary, and the number of translation applications is more than a dozen. The emergence of innovations and information development makes us think about how to make money as a translator.

Who is a translator?

First you need to figure out who the translator is. This is a specialist who translates information from one language to another, avoiding distortion and as close as possible to the original. Such work can have many advantages, including high demand for professionals, the ability to travel and a flexible work schedule. The translator can work in several different directions:

  1. Translate something orally. Most often, such translators participate in conferences and international meetings. The essence of the work is to translate the dialogues and monologues of speakers, listeners, etc. The highest paid vacancy in this area is “simultaneous interpreter". In this case, the specialist translates the text at the same time as the speaker voices it.
  2. Do literary translation. Such translators work with articles, books and magazines. This version of the work is suitable for creative people: you do not need to translate texts verbatim, the main thing is to convey the meaning of the work. The work is difficult, interesting, but not the most popular – the demand for fiction books has not grown in recent years.
  3. Translation of technical documents. Working with your own specifics: you will have to translate instructions, deal with engineering drawings and scientific articles. Suitable for those who have additional technical education and those who are not afraid of complex terms.
  4. Create written translations to order. You will have to work with private individuals, so the scope of activities is very wide. One day you need to translate the post of some blogger, the next – the lease agreement, the third – the slogan for the company. The main advantage is that the entry threshold is very low – even beginners can work.

How to make money as a translator?

There are several options for what a translator can do.


This is the step that most people start with. You can search for clients through acquaintances, on stock exchanges or in social networks. There are companies that are just entering the international market. They will definitely need someone who can provide them with quality content. No need to be afraid to write to people on your own, because fear will prevent you from making money. At first, you can transfer for a fairly low payment, but adapted to raise prices. Main advantages: there are no strict standards and similar orders.


If you are fluent in any language, start teaching. It could be online courses, exam preparation, or a conversation club. The demand for teaching foreign languages ​​is growing, as are the prices for classes. Many teachers who now earn from 100 thousand 🪙 a month started with one or two students. Pass the necessary exams yourself – certificates and diplomas will help you find customers faster. Main advantages: high salaries and flexible hours.

Your blog in English

Create a YouTube channel or Instagram profile where you will share information and connect with foreign audiences. It is important that you enjoy writing or filming, telling about what is happening to you. You can show the current one, broadcast your hobby or convey ideas that are important to you. Monetize the site when it becomes popular: advertise other accounts or sell your services.

Work for authors

If you don’t want to blog, find someone who already does. You can find a foreign or current blogger who constantly needs translations and work with him. There are young readable authors, and over time, if you try, you can reach them and get a good income.


If it seems to you that the profession of a translator will soon sink into oblivion, then this is not so. Although many new services have appeared in this area, algorithms are still far from error-free results.

If you think about it, then more or less normally you can translate the text from English into the current one and vice versa. But what about French literature, Chinese instructions, etc.? Working as a translator is quite difficult and energy-intensive, but it’s worth it if you love your job.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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