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How to learn to get up early and be cheerful


"He who gets up early – God gives to him!". From childhood, this saying makes each of us understand that getting up early is a must. At least to get it all done. And enjoy the day. But what if the body categorically does not want to wake up? How to learn to get up early and not feel sleepy and tired during the day?

It’s simple – listen to the proven advice of successful and active people.

The main thing is attitude

Each of us tends to seek in all moments of life a certain satisfaction. At the same time, we are ready to justify our weaknesses with anything. But how, then, to achieve the goal, if you want to soak up under the covers longer?

How to learn to get up early? You have to sacrifice a long stay in bed. But this is only in the first couple of days.

The human body is able to adapt to the new regime in a matter of days. And already on the fourth morning, you can quickly jump out of bed with a great mood.

The main thing is motivation. Remember the saying "A fool gets richer with a thought!". But successful people act and are not too lazy to get up early. And start the working day at dawn. Because they clearly understand their life priorities. Anything can be achieved in fantasy. But in reality, you need to overcome the body and stop indulging its whims.

Morning starts from evening

In the evening, you need to tune in to an early rise, which will be energized by giving up bad habits, a riotous lifestyle, watching TV for a long time, working with a computer, etc. The bright light emitted by electronic devices completely disrupts the production of hormones that calm the body and provide a strong, sweet dream.

Order in the house

Neatly folded things will ensure that there is no hustle and bustle after waking up, and the wake-up person will be sure that he does not need to spend time searching, preparing a wardrobe, etc.

A disorderly lifestyle, a mess in the house are indispensable prerequisites for confusion in thoughts and actions. In a purposeful person, everything is orderly, organized and planned. You should decide in advance – what you need to wear, what are your plans for tomorrow, what you need to visit, with whom to communicate.

Harmony in thoughts

Quarrels, conflicts, stress – all this leads to sleep disturbance, the quality of which directly affects the state of the body when you wake up in the morning. It is necessary to abandon the negative and do everything to bypass the "sharp corners" in relationships with relatives and friends.

Going to bed in a good mood, moral uplift will increase the production of hormones of joy and pleasure, which will also ensure complete relaxation at night and cheerfulness upon awakening.

It is necessary to analyze what happened during the day, what mistakes were made, and what was achieved, for which it is worth being grateful. Don’t be embarrassed and worry about something negative that has already happened. It is important to understand that tomorrow there will be a chance to fix everything or catch up.

Better sleep quality

Everyone can influence the quality of sleep by following simple rules. After all, insomnia, anxiety and other negative aspects arise mainly through our own fault. So, what should you pay special attention to:

  • Food should be light, healthy. The rule not to eat after 6 pm was created not only to maintain the figure, but also to strengthen the nervous system, eliminate insomnia. Especially you should refuse fatty, spicy, smoked, fried foods. It is recommended to eat a small piece of boiled white meat (turkey, chicken), a small piece of cheese (50 grams), or drink a glass of milk (kefir) 2-3 hours before going to bed.
  • Drinks – coffee, alcoholic drinks (even light ones) lead to a disorder of the nervous system, cause an influx of energy and cheerfulness, which does not allow you to fall asleep normally. A cup of green or chamomile tea will help you fall asleep sweetly.
  • Physical activity should be stopped 3-4 hours before bedtime. The processes launched in the active phase will not allow you to relax for a long time.
  • A glass of clean water at night will make it easier to give up night trips to the refrigerator, which is also one of the causes of insomnia and difficult awakening.

clear mode

The body is a well-coordinated mechanism, for which it is also important to do everything in a certain order. And, if you take it as a habit to go to bed at the same time, then after 4-5 days at this time the body completely relaxes and a strong, sweet sleep sets in.


Another answer to the question – how to wake up earlier in the morning without discomfort – to choose the right time to wake up. According to research, during sleep, each of us goes through certain cycles that last for 90 minutes – light, deep and strong. Therefore, you need to wake up no earlier than after 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours. In any case, it is necessary to focus on these time periods.


Different situations are possible in life, and it is not always possible to force yourself to forget about problems. This book will help you a lot. Not only is this a useful activity, but also a good relaxing one. Even if there is no goal to expand your knowledge, you need to read at least half an hour. But by this time, the reader will most likely have a "tenth dream."


How easy is it to wake up early? To do this, you should focus on several components:

  • The rise should be positive, which will help a pleasant melody on the alarm clock, not frightening, and not annoying. It should awaken gradually, be unobtrusive. And as soon as you get bored – change to another.
  • It is strictly forbidden to postpone the rise by pressing the “Snooze" alarm button. So, the next sleep cycle starts, which, as we already know, lasts up to 1.5 hours. You need to get up at the first signal, which after 3-4 days will become familiar and not annoying.

Vigor to the body will give a contrast shower, washing with cool water, open curtains and bright sunlight. And, of course, a cup of invigorating coffee.

  • A sense of responsibility is one of the main incentives to wake up on time. It is enough to agree with one of your friends or relatives to call at a certain time (or send an SMS message), which will make you get out of bed and take measures to boost vigor and energy.

Setting high goals for themselves, many do not understand that you need to start with the simplest and most important. Namely, with a vigorous rise and activity. The data of psychologists is more than convincing. Because early risers are more balanced, self-confident. And besides, they are energetic and able to easily control their emotions. Our ancestors knew about it too. In particular, Aristotle himself stated: “Whoever can learn to get up early and get enough sleep will be rich, wise and in good health.”

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