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How to save money in two weeks


How to save money in two weeks? Especially if the available income is not as high as you would like?

The main thing to understand is that our requests will never be comparable to our money. Surely many have noticed this pattern. At first, the income was one, and you did not live in poverty. But there was not enough money for some things. And it seemed like a couple of thousand raises, and you could save for a mortgage. Or for any other purpose.

The situation has changed, the salary has increased by the desired amount. But it was not there. It turns out that the needs are no longer the same. And there are more and more things for which it is very necessary to spend the available bonus. As a result, we begin to notice a vicious circle. More money, higher demands. But saving is still not possible. How to quickly save money in this situation?

Looking for a way to increase income

Our desire to quickly buy a car or an apartment without a loan is not enough. And dreams will remain dreams if we sit on the couch. It is important to carefully consider an effective strategy and not deviate from each of its points.

If the current income is really too low, then the first step is to look for additional sources.

Many are accustomed to not leaving the so-called comfort zone. "I can’t find a big salary." This is a favorite phrase of those who do not seek to increase the level of well-being. In this case, one must admit to oneself the need for additional part-time work. Get out of this "comfort zone" and find a solution. Nowadays, earnings do not depend on the city of residence. Because with the help of the Internet it is easy to find a part-time remote job, which is convenient to combine with the main one.

Owners of their own transport can earn extra money as a courier or driver. Often such work is paid better than the work of an engineer, clerk, salesman, etc.

How to save money – "Economical" applications

Good housewives knew in the old days how to save money efficiently. They separately recorded the necessary monthly expenses. And after that, the remaining income was distributed. Within a month, checks were folded, expenses were distributed into columns. For example, food, medicines, household chemicals, clothing, etc. Thus, it was possible to calculate purchases that were not needed.

Now it’s enough to make it a rule to make expenses in special applications on your smartphone. Or use the program installed on the computer. Because the effective distribution of financial flows is quite easy to learn. And don’t be afraid to save. Well-known millionaires do not scatter money at all and often belong to the category of mean people. Useless purchases bring only imaginary joy. And giving them up is a great way to get closer to your goal.

Getting rid of credit cards

Credit cards are the scourge of our time. No way to accumulate money will work if the notorious credit card is in your pocket. Because it will certainly go into action as soon as the eye falls on the desired thing in the store. Even if it’s unnecessary. Every month we console ourselves with the illusion that next month we will pay off our debts and will no longer use it. But this vicious circle never ends.

Refusal of a credit card is the way to the correct distribution of funds.

The primary task of those who want to save money for vacation is to repay the loan. And closing a seductive card in a bank branch.

Postpone correctly

To achieve this goal, experts advise saving money correctly:

  • set aside at least a tenth of your monthly income;
  • increase savings through part-time jobs;
  • under no circumstances change priorities (do not touch the deferred money until the required amount is received);
  • plan expenses;
  • reward yourself for increasing income.

There is no need to set aside the entire amount received as a result of part-time work. Leave yourself 50% as an incentive, this will serve as a further incentive.

You should not lend money – on the one hand, they will be more useful during the period when there is no access to them, on the other hand, there is no guarantee that hard-earned money will return back.

Existing finances are best put at interest without the possibility of early withdrawal. So they will increase a little, and the temptation to use them will be reduced to zero.

Buying a car

Saving money for a car doesn’t take as much money as we think. A new car is everyone’s dream, but you can start with the purchase of used vehicles.

It is good when the goal is clearly defined: the desired brand and model is selected, the period during which a specific amount must be accumulated is determined. We divide the price of the car by the planned number of months and get the number that needs to be postponed. It is better to evaluate financial opportunities objectively – you should not strive to save half of your existing salary, if at the same time there is not enough money for the necessary things. It is also important to moderate the ardor and avoid large purchases that do not fit into the strategy.

Ridiculous mistakes on the way to the goal

Sometimes goals give rise to the search for non-standard solutions. And not every such decision contributes to the achievement of the desired result. You should not look for fraudulent ways to earn money, get involved in scams, resort to theft and other illegal activities. Firstly, it is not fair, and secondly, it is justly punishable.

You should not conduct experiments on currency exchanges, look for luck in a casino and become a gambler. Large sums here do not go to the first comer, and it is very easy to lose all available funds and owe someone impressive money.

Following all the above recommendations is not too easy, but the result will not be long in coming. You need to get rid of some stereotypes and go step by step towards the goal. It is important to get rid of the persistent desire to get rich dramatically – honest money can only be obtained by labor. Budgeting, spending planning and additional side work will bring you closer to the desired result.

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