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How to force yourself to work if you don’t feel like it


How to make yourself work? After all, the lack of strength, poor health and lack of motivation turn your favorite work into backbreaking, hard labor. More often, a person feels that there is no inspiration, strength and desire to complete a simple task. This problem occurs not only among hired workers, but also freelancers.

This phenomenon is most common among housewives. As a result, you end up with overdue reports, tasks not completed on time, unprepared lunches, and loads of laundry. So how do you get yourself to work? Let’s sort it out in order.

How to force yourself to work if you don't feel like it

Why is there no desire to work?

From every person you can hear: ” I can’t force myself to work normally ." In order to find a way out of the situation, first of all, you need to find out why it arose. Perhaps you don’t want to do the work because it seems too difficult. Also, new tasks often cause a sense of fear in the performer. In this case, even interesting work that will bring big profits will always be postponed until later.

Difficulties arise with easy work, which even a beginner can handle. If you have encountered similar tasks repeatedly, you can fall into another trap: mentally think about and complete tasks in a short time. In such a situation, work can also be constantly postponed until later.

Also note that you may have been working too hard before and you just need some physical rest. Be sure to take breaks at work so that there is no overwork.

The main causes of temporary disability

Also, the reasons for unwillingness to work may be the following. Fatigue – an active modern rhythm of life often does not allow a person to fully relax and this entails negative consequences. In an effort to match the surrounding pace, the desire to do everything to the maximum, fatigue accumulates, and the opportunity to rest does not appear. This results in nervous breakdowns and a weakened immune system.

Laziness is a huge obstacle in the implementation of plans and the performance of work. Everyone can be lazy, but to varying degrees. The consequences of laziness can be disastrous if you do not learn how to deal with it in time. If you are already faced with a similar situation, urgently look for serious motivation to resume the work process.

Stressful situations – constant stress negatively affects a person’s performance. In their effect, they are similar to a state of fatigue, but they carry serious consequences: apathy, neurosis, depression. In this case, it is better to resort to the help of psychologists so that they prescribe a course of medications to maintain health.

Physical exercise for vitality

Physical exercise is an effective tool in the fight against apathy. Let’s see what sport gives a person:

  1. Increasing the level of learning. The level of neurotrophins increases, which maintain the viability of neuronal cells and provide them with all the necessary resources. Thus, the level of hormones is normalized and concentration increases.
  2. Strengthening the body. Sports activities balance the interaction of the brain with the body, remove toxins from the body. Accordingly, the general condition of the body improves, it is easier for him to fight diseases, fatigue and apathy, immunity is strengthened.

To force yourself to work, you need to exercise regularly and do not forget about sports. As a rule, physical activity contributes to mental activity. A person becomes active in work, thinks better. Therefore, it is sport that can be called one of the main criteria in any activity.

Finding a hobby for inspiration

Very often people read magazines, news, watch popular shows with the participation of stars. Such a pastime does not contribute anything useful to a person’s life, and the work, as it was unfulfilled, remains. Find yourself a useful hobby that will not only please you, but also act in a relaxing way on the body.

For example, start sewing, embroidering, knitting, go swimming or learn to play a musical instrument. Inspired by a new business, you are happy to start unfinished or planned work. A new occupation should not have anything to do with professional activities. Otherwise, distraction will not work.

How to force yourself to work if you don't feel like it

Watching motivational films

Another way to force yourself to work is to watch motivational movies. As a rule, in such films they show how the characters achieve their goals, and what comes of it. Such movie masterpieces are based on real events and are able to push a person to action.

If you have a goal to climb the corporate ladder or buy, for example, a new car, watching motivational films will push you to your dream. Also, in addition to cinema, special videos are available to Internet users that “force” a person to work.

In addition, you can find interesting books, reading which produces the same effect. Fortunately, there are also plenty of them on the shelves of bookstores or freely available on the Internet.

Rest is the main link for productive work

To replenish your strength, you need to fully rest. Man is not a robot and will not be able to work from morning to evening. To avoid stress, periodically take a break from work duties. The body needs time to recover. Therefore, if you do not know how to quickly make your body work, start with a full, high-quality rest.

Improve your sleep. A healthy rest at night will ensure you have a good working day. Going in for sports, doing physical exercises, taking daily walks, you will forget about insomnia. Healthy sleep will keep you alert and feeling good. A tired person cannot work fully. Do not neglect sleep, and the charge of positive energy will be with you all the time.

You can also relax during the day – it’s not for nothing that children in the kindergarten sleep at lunchtime. Sleep a couple of hours to improve brain activity. Psychologists assure that after a day’s rest, a person feels less tired, a mood appears, and well-being improves.

How to set yourself up for productive work

If there is no desire to work, you need to gather your thoughts and set yourself up to complete the tasks that were set by the employer. For this it is recommended:

  1. Take care of cleaning. Experts have proven that clutter in the workplace reduces the level of performance and weakens the level of motivation. You should also see the line between a creative environment and a mess. Dirty cups and dishes, candy wrappers, unnecessary papers should not be on your desktop. Be sure to do wet cleaning: wipe the dust, wipe the computer monitor. These simple actions allow you to escape from work thoughts and reboot your brain in a positive way. Remember, cleanliness is easier and more enjoyable to work with!
  2. Start small. Make a to-do list. Choose from a list of simple tasks that do not take a lot of time to complete: make a call to a client, wipe a shelf over a table, sort out accumulated papers. Perform several similar cases to unload. This will allow you not to get hung up on difficult work, to set yourself up for a working atmosphere. After such a kind of “buildup”, proceed to more complex cases.
  3. Decide on the main task. After the successful completion of the previous paragraph, it is necessary to save the result and the pace of work. Close all social networks, entertainment sites on the computer. Nothing should interfere with work. Decide on the main task and write it on a piece of paper, which must be placed in a prominent place. After completing the goal, place a new task in front of you and do not be distracted by other things. In a few hours you will be pleased with an excellent result.

So if you have no desire to work, resort to the above recommendations and you will definitely see the effect. Especially if the boss requires you to complete the tasks in a short time, and you can’t even get off the couch.

Criteria to help overcome laziness

First of all, it is recommended to change the working environment. If you feel tired from the presence of employees or the workplace, change your place of work. For example, go to a cafe with a laptop, swap rooms with a colleague, or work in a conference room. A change of scenery has a positive effect on concentration and performance.

Don’t criticize yourself too much. If you notice that you have done very little during your working hours, do not beat yourself up about it. By focusing on failures, you will soon stop noticing successes.

Complete rest. If any kind of work is given to you with great difficulty – take a break, find a reason to leave the workplace for at least 15 minutes. Remember, for full-fledged work, you need a good and constant rest, which will return strength and desire to complete tasks.

Treat everything with optimism. Set a goal: to do more tomorrow than today. Thus, you will improve not only yourself, but also, possibly, your financial condition.

Performance Tips

How to force yourself to work if you don't feel like it

In most cases, poor performance is the absence or poor motivation. Therefore, if you do not know how to make yourself work, first of all, clearly set yourself a goal and go to achieve it.

Responsibility to other people is considered an excellent motivator for timely completion of work. A good example is the teacher, coach and students. If you don’t hold a lesson on time at work, don’t answer questions of interest, don’t fix technical problems, you will let people down and undermine your authority in front of them. They will decide that you are an irresponsible person and will not contact you next time. As a result, you will lose income.

Remember, not only wages, reputation, but also other people depend on efficiency and responsibility. If the work is not completed on time, and the desire to work does not overtake you, you will let the employer down and jeopardize the business. If you, for example, schedule a webinar for a specific time, then you have no right to go on air without proper preparation. Listeners who trust you as a professional and want to learn will be waiting for you.

Work should be fun

Often, more effective than money, success and authority motivates interest in work. It is very difficult to do a job that is a burden to you. Initially, you need to choose a profession that will bring a lot of pleasure and you will have a desire to work. Then you will not think about how to force yourself to act and not sit idly by.

If you teach people something, every time you can change their life for the better, give new knowledge, lead to success. Thanks to you, a person will be able to become more self-confident, more successful, and improve relationships in the family. Always remember why you chose this particular job? What do you like about it, what benefits do you bring with your work?

Drive away negative thoughts, do not program yourself in advance for a negative outcome. The longer you put it off, the more energy you waste. Think about how many useful things you could do with this lost time. Always set yourself up for a positive outcome in any job.

Tell yourself "must"

Don’t know how to make yourself work? Never wait for inspiration, start completing tasks right now! Because, as everyone knows, appetite comes with eating. This is what happens in our case. At first, you can work slowly, with stops and swings. After 10-15 minutes, the level of performance will increase significantly, the brain will begin to work more actively, and you will begin to enjoy the performance of the tasks. New creative ideas come in the process of active work.

An important point in motivation is awareness. Determine why you are doing this business, with what benefit and result. And only realizing one’s own goal, the desire to work and fulfill the assigned tasks increases tenfold. Motivation, perhaps, should be in any activity, even the simplest.

And, of course, try at least sometimes to tell yourself “must” and work hard. This tempers the character and willpower, makes a person more resilient and hardworking.

Pomodoro and Flylady Techniques

So, how to make the lazy one work? There are two useful techniques that help you get the job done more efficiently. At the same time, there will be time for rest and other things that need to be done in addition to the main profession. The techniques are called Pomodoro and Flylady. They are quite common, especially in Europe.

The essence of Pomodoro is that you work for 25 minutes. At the end of each time period, you need to take a break of 5 minutes. But after 4 such segments, you will have a half-hour break. For strict adherence to time, it is recommended to set a timer (on the phone or personal computer). During rest, try to be distracted and rest from work to the maximum. Because in this way you will not have overwork, and you will learn to alternate work with breaks.

The Flylady technique was invented to facilitate the cleaning process by the American Marla Seeley. But it can be successfully applied in other areas of work.

The essence of the technique is that 15 minutes are spent on each case per day. But it is necessary to work with high quality and selflessly. Adherents of this system note its effectiveness. Because a lot of accumulated cases are completed in a day. Using the Flylady technique, you can even learn the most difficult foreign language in which a person had no interest before.

Drinks help fight fatigue

How to force yourself to work if you don't feel like it

If nothing helps a person, and his legs give way from fatigue, it is recommended to stock up on coffee or energy drinks. Everyone knows that caffeine improves performance and adds vitality. It is often advised to drink coffee after a hard night when a person slept little.

It is also recommended to use energy drinks – non-alcoholic and pleasant to the taste. As practice shows, even an adult strong man will only need one can of energy drink to come to his senses. Therefore, you should not pour several bottles into the body, so as not to harm your health.

If neither is available, brew strong black tea. The main thing is that it should be very sweet. Even teachers in elementary school say that children should drink strong sweet tea before classes, which improves brain activity and makes a person cheerful, helping to wake up in the morning even after a sleepless night.

It also helps to cope with chronic fatigue and laziness chocolate, especially bitter. It not only produces the hormone of happiness, but also makes a person able to work. Fatigue passes, and laziness turns into a desire to work.

What do experienced psychologists advise?

Psychologists offer ways to solve a problem if a person asks the question too often: ” How to make yourself work ?” Let’s consider some of them:

  1. Small steps. If, for example, you need to write a report, start small right away: find the information, select the necessary and the main thing, make a plan, and later the text of the points. By completing tasks gradually, you will not notice how you get involved in the work process.
  2. Inertia work. In monotonous and complex work, start with a minimum. Don’t stop by any means. Having overcome the first resistance, you will not stop.
  3. Don’t do anything. Sit on a bed or a chair and consciously do nothing. Watching TV, taking gadgets, eating, drinking coffee or tea is strictly prohibited. After a certain amount of time, you will understand that you cannot sit idle and take up a case that comes to hand.

Also, professionals will allocate labor for remuneration. But when you get to work, give yourself a reward. It can be a new thing, a sweet, a trip to the cinema and other interesting things that you will receive after the work has been done. Also make a detailed plan for the implementation of the work presented and strictly adhere to it without deviations. Because without a clear plan, you are unlikely to reach your goal without problems.

But if a person regularly cannot tune in to complete the tasks, it is recommended to change the type of activity. because the right profession makes a person happy, cheerful and optimistic. Be sure to consider this option the day before.

Perhaps the problem is not laziness?

Don’t know how to force yourself to act? Remember, unwillingness to work may be due to the wrong choice of professional activity. But think about why you chose this specialty, do you like it, what is useful in this job? Understand desires and feelings. Because this is the first step to success.

But suddenly the problem is far from the unwillingness to complete the tasks. Sometimes apathy and fatigue are symptoms of many diseases. These are depressions, stresses, neurosises. However, the problem can be even more serious. Excessive chronic fatigue and lack of zeal for work can become symptoms of post-viral asthenia, immune dysfunction, and even a malignant and benign tumor.

If you notice that your favorite work suddenly ceased to bring pleasure, there was a terrible laziness and chronic fatigue, do not delay and consult a doctor. Especially when you notice such indicators for a long time. Do not risk your health if something is bothering you. Remember, at an early stage, you can easily cure the disease that has appeared.

In any case, try to cheer up and motivate yourself by setting up for work. A person who does nothing simply degrades, which harms not only his family, but also society.

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