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How to earn more: tips + ways


Thinking about how to earn more? Not surprising. The desire to increase the level of their material well-being pushes people to look for new sources of income.

Finding the answer to the question: "How to earn more?" forces a person to move to a new level of employment. But it often happens that the efforts expended do not bring the desired results. A competent attitude to this problem will help to effectively invest your time and effort.

Improving existing resources

Before you move on to finding new income opportunities, it is worth strengthening your existing financial position.

Salary increase

If your qualifications and performance indicators at the current place of work are at a sufficient level, then you can ask the management to increase the salary. Many are afraid to do this, but you should not miss such a chance. A well-reasoned request for a raise most often receives a positive response, because no employer wants to lose a competent employee.


If there is free real estate: an apartment, a house, a summer house, a garage or a free room in an apartment, you should think about renting it out. Such additional income will not require additional efforts and will have a fixed amount. The main thing is to make all agreements with the tenant in writing to ensure your safety.

A common option for additional income is to rent your car. To provide such a service, you will need insurance without restrictions and a well-drafted contract. You can rent a car for the weekend or vice versa, provide a car for use when you yourself are at work and do not use it.

A list of things that will be in demand for short-term rental: musical instruments, photographic equipment, branded items, carnival costumes, and more.

Sale of unnecessary things

Such earnings will be of a one-time nature, but it will help get rid of unnecessary trash and at the same time can bring money. When selling, it is worth focusing on similar offers from other sellers so that the process of implementing the idea does not drag on for a long time.

Advertising placement

We are talking about advertising on cars and balconies of residential buildings. By renting out a place on your property for such purposes, you can earn a monthly income without any effort. Places on the facades of buildings that are located on a busy street are valued above others.

Extra income offline

How to earn more: tips + ways

In real life, you can find a large number of options for additional income. You need to choose a source based on your skills and preferences. It makes sense to try as quickly as possible, earn more in order to form your own "cushion" of financial security.

Taxi job

One of the most popular ways to make extra money. You can search for clients on your own near stations and bus stops. But it would be better to register in a special taxi service application and choose the route you like from the proposed options. At the same time, you will need to give part of your earnings in the form of a commission, but you won’t have to waste time searching for passengers – there are orders at any time of the day.

Transportation of small cargoes

You can offer furniture transportation services to your friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth will play its role and there will be much more such orders in the future. To increase the flow of applications, you can place ads in the entrances of residential buildings. The service is in demand on the market, because not everyone has the opportunity to order specialized transport for the transport of small cargo. How can you earn more in this way – to attract new customers via the Internet. You can place orders after work or on weekends.

Making money on handicrafts

If you can sew, knit, make soap, or have other creative skills, this is an opportunity to turn your favorite hobby into a source of income. Offer products to friends and acquaintances, place offers on bulletin boards. Such an occupation can later turn into a profitable business.

Hourly services

We are talking about the popular services "Husband for an hour." It is enough to have repair skills and a minimum supply of tools. The list of services may include assembly of cabinet furniture, repair of plumbing and electrical equipment, and so on. Today, a similar “wife for an hour" service is becoming common, when a woman does housework for an additional fee: washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking. Positive customer reviews will help to get regular customers of similar services.

Mystery shopper

There are always a large number of offers of such earnings on the job market. To complete the task, it is enough to devote a small amount of time to visiting a store or catering point. At the same time, it will be necessary to draw up a report on the work done and evaluate the quality of work of the employees of the enterprise. Often, customers are asked to take a photo and record a conversation with a consultant. You can combine such work with a planned shopping trip. Payment occurs upon completion of the order.

homemade baking

Cooking cakes and cupcakes to order is a business with increased profitability. The price per kilogram of finished products can be several times higher than the cost of buying products. There are many examples when such additional income turned into a full-fledged independent business.

vending machine

Vending trade equipment allows you to sell goods without the involvement of a person. Such devices are most often placed machines for the preparation of drinks, various snacks and snacks, personal hygiene items or toys. It is enough for the buyer to immerse the money in a special receiver and select the product of interest.

Such machines will bring monthly income when placed in shopping centers, public institutions, hospitals or railway stations. You can replenish stocks of goods and consumables as needed. To ensure the functioning of such a device, you do not need to involve other people, all the work can be done in your free time. The price of such commercial equipment can vary from 25 to 150 thousand 🪙. For example, even a small machine for selling and preparing coffee can bring a net profit of more than 10,000 🪙 per month.

Deposits and investments

How to earn more: tips + ways

If you have money savings, you should not let them gather dust idle. The inflation rate is rising, so to protect your finances, it is better to think about opening a bank deposit or learn how to earn much more on investments.

Bank deposits

Interest rates in 2021 at different banks differ minimally. The type of open deposit has a much greater impact on the amount of return:

  • perpetual
  • urgent.

Perpetual deposits allow you to withdraw accumulated funds at any time. But the yield of such deposits most often does not exceed 3% per annum.

Term deposits have a higher yield and are divided according to their purpose into settlement, savings and savings deposits.

Savings deposits have higher returns than other types of deposits. At the same time, it is important to understand that the owner of the deposit will not be able to replenish the account or withdraw funds from it during the period specified in the service agreement. During the term of the account, the funds will be in the use of the bank, and upon its expiration, the owner will receive dividends for the use of his funds.

Having a savings account, you can replenish the funds in the account. The yield is slightly lower, but there is an opportunity to receive a certain amount of money for a set period and an additional percentage.

Current accounts allow you to withdraw and replenish funds from the account. You can control your savings and use them at any time. But the profitability will be minimal.

mutual funds

Mutual Investment Funds (PIFs) allow you to increase your existing capital in a short time. Such investments have a certain amount of risk, because the degree of return on investments depends on market fluctuations. But this way of investing is suitable for those who do not understand this area, because all operations will be carried out by an experienced trader as an intermediary. He will be able to suggest how to start earning more in a new direction for you.

Mutual funds have the following advantages:

  1. Availability of entry into the system. The amount of initial investment can be limited even to 1000 🪙.
  2. Professionals work with money transactions. The investor does not need to delve into the intricacies of the investment market.
  3. Relative profitability. Buying a share allows you to get a percentage higher than on a bank deposit.
  4. The investor’s costs are minimal.
  5. Liquidity.
  6. Loyal conditions for paying taxes.

You can buy shares from banks that have such an investment program, on specialized exchanges and from direct brokers.

Self Investing

With even a small amount, you can try to make money on the investment market on your own. Today, banks offer investment programs for novice traders who will tell you how to earn more on investment assets. Similar services are offered by Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff and Alfabank.

To participate in the program, it will be necessary to purchase securities and shares of a company. You can make money by increasing prices for such assets. For investments to bring income, you need to devote a lot of time to analyzing market fluctuations in order to acquire liquid assets. The latest news on price pulse fluctuations will tell you how you can make more money in 2021.

Independent investment at first glance seems quite complicated. But everyone can master the intricacies of securities trading with a little effort and time. Such investments will help save money from inflation and get increased capital in the future.

Earnings on the Internet

How to earn more: tips + ways

In 2021, online work is gaining popularity. But instead of aimlessly browsing posts on social networks, you can try to make your time using gadgets useful and profitable.

Resale of goods

Resale of goods can become an actual type of income. Most often, inexpensive goods that can be found on Aliexpress are in great demand. You can resell them quickly enough with a small margin. It can be anything – from children’s socks to professional fishing rods.

Another way would be to buy and resell vintage and antique items. Many owners of old furniture are not even aware of its market value. It will take a little effort and investment for restoration. But a profitable sale will allow you to get a fee.

Some manage to make money on the resale of household appliances and cars. This will require the skills of repairing and restoring appliances or cars. Such activities can bring from several to tens of thousands at a time.

Intermediary services

You can offer the seller to find a buyer for his goods for a small commission. It will help you find offers for the sale of the Avito bulletin board. It is most profitable to start looking for buyers for sellers of expensive equipment, cars, apartments and land. Most often, the remuneration of the intermediary is 10% of the proceeds.

Personal blog

A profession with an English name blogger today does not surprise anyone. Popular content creators earn hundreds of thousands of 🪙 per month. Any person can try himself in this direction.

You can create your blog on special sites or on the pages of any social network. In 2021, video blogs are popular. The platform for such a channel could be YouTube or TikTok.

You can start generating income after creating a blog in just a couple of weeks or even faster, depending on the number of views. Often bloggers are offered to advertise a particular product on their channel for a fee.

Your site

Having your own portal, given its sufficient popularity, can provide passive income. To attract visitors, the content on the site must be constantly updated with fresh information, photos and videos.

As popularity increases, the site owner is offered to place their banner ads by manufacturers of various products. Having a large number of advertising publications, you can receive money every month without effort.

Moreover, a promoted site can be profitably sold. There were cases when the portal was sold for hundreds of thousands 🪙.

Earning on the surf

How to earn more: tips + ways

Surfing the net is a way of earning income by browsing and visiting different portals for a fee.

You can make this method automated. There are sites that pay for viewing video content. It can be enabled in the additional window. While you are doing your own thing, viewing tasks will be completed and rewards will accumulate.

Another way is to enter captcha. These are special verification codes that help improve the performance of many sites. To complete the task, you will need to mark the indicated images or enter numbers. In a couple of seconds, you can complete several of these tasks. The payment is small, but at least an hour a day for such an activity can bring income of several thousand 🪙 at the end of the month.

Reward Subscription

To promote accounts in social networks, special services for cheating are used. Therefore, subscription fees are a common form of earning money online. You can find such tasks on special content exchanges. The fee for one subscription is small, but you can complete more than a hundred of these tasks per day without effort.

Performing remote work

Having the relevant knowledge and experience, it is advisable to try to offer professional services in a remote format. Demanded professionals for remote employment are:

  • site administrators;
  • accountants;
  • designers;
  • marketers;
  • copywriters;
  • editors;
  • programmers;
  • translators.

You can find such vacancies with direct employers or contact a specialized freelance exchange.

With such employment, work can be done at any time and receive remuneration. To attract clients, you will need to create a professional portfolio in which you need to present your work to the attention of the customer.

Top freelancers earn hundreds of thousands of 🪙 per month. To achieve this level will require a lot of effort and time. But in the future it will be possible to provide yourself with freelance work.

To reduce the risk of fraud on the part of the employer, it is recommended to use the services of special exchanges. They act as an intermediary between the participants in labor relations and are guarantors of payment. The exchange takes a small commission for providing its services.

Freelancing portals:

  1. WorkZilla. Freelancers can find work on the site – programmers, designers, marketers, accountants and others. In the absence of skills, you can complete tasks for registering on different sites, searching for information, subscribing to social networks, and many other options.
  2. Here, in addition to working with programs and texts, tutors, trainers, musicians, sound engineers and others will be able to find vacancies.
  3. The exchange is suitable for programmers, translators, copywriters, editors and other employees who are somehow related to different types of content. A detailed resume and positive customer reviews will help you promote yourself on the stock exchange.
  4. One of the most popular portals for remote earnings. Here you can find different tasks – from writing an article to a selection of music in the car. Most often, tasks have a fixed cost – 500 🪙. Depending on the complexity, the price can increase several times.

Earnings on comments and reviews

You can spend your free time writing reviews and comments about products or services of different companies. The monetary reward for one review varies from 20 to 70 🪙. You can write about 10 such reviews per day. Customers need live opinions, therefore, when writing such a text, vernacular expressions and errors are acceptable.

These assignments can be found on the following resources:

  1. On the feedback portal.
  2. On the IRecomend website.
  3. In social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.
  4. Video hostings.
  5. Personal websites of a store or company.

On average, for 3-4 hours of completing such tasks, it’s really possible to earn about 500 🪙. Such an increase in monthly income can be the basis for creating savings.

Earn money from surveys

Many companies and public organizations offer to take surveys for a monetary reward. Questions often relate to a specific product or service. To search for such employment, you can contact the brand’s manufacturers through the feedback form on the company’s website or look for offers on special sites: Anketka.ru, Mobrog, YouThink, etc. Payment can be withdrawn to electronic wallets, a mobile phone account, and on some sites directly to bank card.


You should not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in order to receive increased income. Only such an approach will help the business to develop in a professional sense and will bring dividends.

To increase the level of income, you need to take into account several options for additional earnings. To implement most of the options proposed in the article will not require much time and knowledge. If desired, a new type of income can become the main one or even develop into your own business.

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