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How to conduct a job interview the right way?


Personnel policy is one of the main links that determine the stability and development of the organization. It is important to “not miss" in choosing a future campaign employee. This will help compliance with Western technology of interviewing.

A whole system of principles and rules has been developed, which will make it possible to determine the best of the applicants for a vacant position. Some use ready-made algorithms for conducting interviews. This is not quite the right approach. The algorithm is good as an illustrative example, but it must be changed and adjusted to the specific expectations of the employer.

How to interview a candidate?

When selecting team members, you need to rely not only on their abilities.

Try to combine the best football stars into one team. Will they make a good game? Unlikely! After all, everyone will pull the game for themselves, working to preserve their reputation.

The team in the organization does not necessarily have to be only the best specialists. Sometimes it is much more important to properly staff the composition, which, in joint work, will give the greatest result.

Job interview plan

How to conduct a job interview the right way?To form a complete opinion about a person as an employee, at the interview, specify the following points:

  1. Let him tell about himself what he considers necessary. At this time, observe how confidently he speaks: formally or freely. This will help to understand whether it is possible to closely contact him during work processes.
  2. Why does he want to get this position? It is unlikely that a good specialist will answer according to a template. The applicant will not say that he wants to benefit the organization or wants to develop, trying to formulate the answer differently.
  3. Let him name the benefits. The person must give reasons why it might be useful. At the same time, make sure that he does not praise himself too much. Some try to give too many pretty promises, but when they get the place they want, they relax and forget about them.
  4. Let him talk about his weaknesses. As a rule, only a responsible person is able, at such a decisive moment as getting a job, to tell about his shortcomings.
  5. Why doesn’t it continue to work in the same place? If you have not been arranged anywhere before, why? Pay close attention to the reasons given by the applicant. This will help to understand how conflicting a person is and how he relates to past bosses.
  6. Ask if he plans to change something in the workflow, if he is accepted. Sometimes the zealous efforts of new employees lead to disruptions in the operation of the enterprise.
  7. Does he see himself as part of the company in 5 or 10 years? If yes, for what purpose?
  8. What are his hobbies and hobbies? Such a topic helps to defuse the situation and pleasantly end the conversation.

    How to conduct a job interview the right way?As a rule, the interview ends here, but it would be nice to test the features of a person’s thinking by giving the applicant a few logical tasks or questions. Check how he will behave in a non-standard situation under stress (after all, everyone experiences excitement during an interview).

Analysis of interview results

It may take time to analyze the results of the interview. Don’t decide on first impressions. Often the best employees are the ones that fail to impress on the first meeting. Take a closer look at each potential employee and try to understand with whom it will be easier to build business relationships in a close cooperation. Personal qualities are often more important than work experience and education.

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