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How to work remotely: a guide for beginner freelancers


Labor market trends today are increasingly deviating from the standard work-home pattern. The demand for professionals who have decided to work remotely is constantly growing. There are more and more vacancies with a free work schedule.

There are orders for designers, marketers, copywriters, virtual assistants, translators, programmers, accountants, etc. And people willingly change their homes in offices for the freedom that freelancing gives. If you decide to try your hand at remote work, this article will help you not to get lost in the virtual world of job search.

How to work remotely: a guide for beginner freelancers

Recommendations for those who decide to work remotely

Before we learn how to start working remotely, here are some simple but valuable tips:

  1. It is better to look for vacancies on reputable sites – such resources carefully check ads, so the risk of running into scammers is much less.
  2. If they demand money from you in advance, do not give in, you are being deceived. A normal employer will NEVER take "guarantee fees" from you. Remember: you have to pay.
  3. Your remote success depends only on you: your activity, punctuality (failure to deliver orders is unacceptable!) and determination. If this is the case, you will definitely succeed.
  4. If you like the vacancy, "google" everything about this company on the Internet. So you find out for yourself what other people write about your potential employer, etc.
  5. And last but not least, it should be noted. Remote work is a real WORK that requires a certain amount of time and effort. If you are promised a lot of money for doing nothing by a little-known company from Moscow, you should immediately think about it, most likely, these are scammers.

How to find a remote job

There are dozens of resources that host thousands of freelance ads. Of course, registering on all platforms and keeping track of all updates is physically unrealistic.

There are reputable freelance exchanges on the network where you can look, register and start working remotely lately, and anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of vacancies on such sites that require various employees: from accountants and marketers to programmers and copywriters. Each resource has its own specifics, we have collected the most popular and proven ones. Let’s take a look at their features.

The best platforms for finding remote work


On the resource you can find tasks of different levels of complexity in such specialties as English, physics, programming, management, etc. All tasks are in English. In order to start working remotely in the company, you need to confirm your level of English proficiency.


The exchange stands out among many competitive platforms. A large number of orders at various rates, a responsive administration, a separate channel for communicating with customers make this exchange one of the best on the network for remote work.


Perhaps one of the largest job search resources in the world, with 15 million registered people. The site was created mainly for programmers and virtual assistants. Most orders are placed in English from European and American companies. However, thanks to the Russian-language interface, you can also find orders from current employers. The commission for withdrawing funds to your account is 3%.


One of the oldest resources for graphic designers and programmers. All orders have a fixed price. Suitable for beginner freelancers to try their hand and gain experience. Payment is made through the website.


One of the most convenient exchanges for beginners. Here you can find various tasks in terms of complexity for writing unique content. The cost of texts starts from 20 🪙 per 1000 characters.


A very young online platform among freelancers who are just taking their first steps in remote work. All the work is quite simple: for example, editing a document, preparing a resume, etc. Payment is hourly.


One of the most popular freelance exchanges among the Russian-speaking audience. On the site you can find both short-term and long-term projects for graphic designers and programmers. Try to show customers what you are capable of – there is a system of ratings and reviews.

In principle, to find a job remotely, the above sites are quite enough. We have presented to your attention reputable resources that are looking for "quality" applicants and monitor their reputation.

The lion’s share of traffic falls on these "giants", so you should not try your hand at freelancing on less popular sites. All vacancies and projects on the resources presented are divided into categories, so everyone can understand the interface and find a job to their liking.

People of different professions were able to find themselves in a remote location and are successfully working in this direction.

And lastly…

Dear readers, we hope you figured out how to start working remotely, and you can change your life for the better.

Try yourself in new areas, be decisive, because the Internet is the most convenient and easiest way to find the job of your dreams. Just start earning money as a text editor or an English translator, develop your professional skills and practice.

Do not be afraid to express yourself, dare – and everything will work out. Your work will not be in vain and in the near future you will notice a return in monetary terms.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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