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Building customer loyalty to increase sales


The best customer is a loyal customer. It is easiest to find a common language with a loyal client, because the maximum level of trust is set with him. The level of trust with him is so high that a loyal customer is actually a friend of the company. Accordingly, the formation of customer loyalty is one of the most important activities of any company. Is it easy to get a loyal customer? And it is easy and difficult at the same time, because in order for a client to become loyal, you need to become the best for him.

Why is it necessary to be the best? It’s simple – people and companies are drawn to the best people and companies, this is how our world works. For this reason, the desire to be the best is the natural desire of every person, every company. And it manifests itself in all areas. I would like that the car was certainly the best. The house, apartment or office should also be the best, just like you want to have the best cottage, the best clothes and shoes, the best equipment.

It’s always nice when you have the best wife or husband, the best daughter or son, or the best employees. We are proud when we spend our free time better than others, relax at the best resorts and in the best hotels. It’s nice to know that the company is doing better than others. I would like to be surrounded only by the best people and the best companies, because communication with the best people and companies gives confidence in yourself and in the future, creates a feeling of calm and happiness.

All of the above suggests that building customer loyalty is expensive. However, this is misleading. Loyalty can be built cheaply, and sometimes for free. To do this, it is enough to start using such a simple marketing tool as a slogan. It can be inexpensively ordered from specialized companies, and if you strain a little, then create it yourself.

The main thing to remember is that not every phrase is a slogan. A slogan is a phrase that reflects the idea of ​​the company. If the phrase does not reflect the idea, then this is not a slogan, but just a set of words. A good slogan is a way of saying that a company is the best in what it does. A good slogan is a way to convey to people that the company has the highest revenues and profits, the highest sales, the best employees, the best products, that everyone wants to do business with it.

Very often a good slogan is enough to make customers’ eyes burn when it comes to doing business with you. The slogan is a kind of magic wand that fulfills almost all desires associated with the formation of customer loyalty. A slogan is a way of declaring that by interacting with a company, you are making the right choice.

Thanks to the slogan, the client understands that he has applied to the best company, which means he will become better himself. Nobody wants to associate with losers, because by communicating with losers, you begin to sink to their level and become worse. This is the law of nature and nothing can be done about it, it worked, it works, and it will always work. Including this rule corresponds to cheap marketing, which allows you to get only a weak result.

The slogan is the face of the company. A slogan is the first thing you need to create in order to ensure the formation of customer loyalty. The slogan is an indication that the company is the best, that it has principles, strategy and mission, that it was not created for one day. At the same time, the slogan should be the best, because when it comes to business, a business can only be the best if everything in it is the best.

There should be no negativity even in small things. You need to be the best in business because when you are the best, everyone wants to do business with you, your stock prices go up, and with them your credibility grows. If there is at least one reason that indicates that you are not the best, the company’s credibility begins to fall. Such an occasion may be, including a bad slogan or its absence.

Just yesterday, the reputation of a company could be such that it was worth a billion US dollars, and today it may already be worth as little as 100 million US dollars. It takes a very long time to become rich, but you can become poor in an instant, because the modern world is such that from wealth to poverty is just one step. And it can be a small step, a very small step.

Yesterday you were rich and happy, and today you are poor, unhappy and heavily in debt, and only because there is no slogan or it is bad. A bad slogan automatically means a bad brand, and a bad brand means bad sales. A bad slogan is not a sentence, just like a bad brand is not a sentence either. Everything can be fixed, you just need to analyze the slogan and analyze the brand.

Why does a business need to build customer loyalty?

Building customer loyalty to increase sales

One-day companies can afford not to use a slogan or use a bad slogan, but for a serious company, a slogan is as important as a good office, because, like a good office, a good slogan creates an aura of seriousness and authority. Many factors contribute to the feeling that the company is serious and reliable, but in particular this contribution is made by the slogan of the company, which for this reason is its face.

It is the slogan that people pay attention to first of all when they want to understand what a company is, just like clothes, shoes and watches pay attention when they want to understand what a person is. Everyone pays attention to the slogan, from customers to competitors. If your company has a slogan, then it has a face. If there is no slogan, then, accordingly, there is no face, which means that not many will want to deal with it, because it is unpleasant to communicate with someone when you don’t know who is in front of you.

This is a normal phenomenon, the unknown is always frightening and alarming. Uncertainty is like darkness, it always seems that some kind of monster is hiding in the darkest corner, which can at least scare, and at most deprive the most valuable thing – life. The slogan is a way to “highlight the company", make it visible, rid it of dark corners. Through the use of the slogan, customers get rid of the feeling of uncertainty in relation to the company, resulting in the formation of customer loyalty.

If the theater begins with a hanger, then the company begins with a slogan, because the slogan is the face of the company, and it must be mandatory. However, not only must a company have a face, but it must also be pleasant, attractive, and seductive. Only in this case it will attract the attention of customers, make them want to cooperate. In other words, the slogan must be spectacular.

It is clear that just as the face of not every person is spectacular, not every slogan is. At the same time, just as you can correct a face through various methods, you can also correct a slogan, increasing its attractiveness. However, if many people are engaged in their personal face, making it more attractive, few people are engaged in the face of the company. Very often, after some phrase is invented that some employees of the company like, it is approved as a slogan.

But this is a big mistake, because any few words can be a phrase, but not any few words can be a slogan. A slogan is only such phrases that correspond to the idea of ​​the company. In other words, a slogan is not just a phrase, but a function that is launched through the correct phrase. If the phrase is incorrect, then this function simply will not work, which means that the company loses its face, and with it many other things.

So, if you want your company to look the best in the eyes of customers, you need to take care of your slogan. The slogan is what begins the formation of customer loyalty. If there is no slogan, then it must be developed; if there is a slogan, it must be evaluated and determined whether it fulfills the role of the face of your company and, if so, to what extent. Of course, you have to spend a little time creating an attractive face, but it’s worth it.

Just as a beautiful girl or guy always stands out from the crowd, your company will also stand out from the crowd if it has a beautiful face. They will want to cooperate with her only because she attracts attention thanks to her beautiful face, in other words, the slogan. A beautiful slogan, among other things, as well as a beautiful face is a way to make new acquaintances, get new partners and clients and, as a result, achieve your most secret goals and realize your wildest ambitions.

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