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The structure of the corporation – what should it be?


I am building a system for providing services to the population. Something like the Soviet House of Life, but it should have an association of entrepreneurs connected by a system of contracts. General dispatch management, general accounting support, legal assistance.


Apartment repairs, facade insulation, underfloor heating system, roof covering, installation of satellite dishes and split systems, repair of clothes, shoes, production of double-glazed windows. Homework network and so on. What kind of corporate structure can there be? What to use as the basis of the corporation?



The basis of everything is the idea, including the basis of any corporation is also a specific idea. The more powerful the idea, the more powerful the corporation. Accordingly, the structure of your corporation should be based on a specific idea. At its core, the structure of a corporation is the embodiment of a certain idea, a reflection of this idea.


The distribution area of ​​a corporation’s influence is directly related to the area of ​​distribution of the idea promoted by this corporation. At the same time, the idea combines the elements of a corporation. Without it, there will be no corporation, there will be just disparate elements.

The structure of the corporation should be such that it conveys the idea of ​​the corporation as efficiently as possible. It should be focused specifically on broadcasting the idea of ​​a corporation, and not on specific people. Only in this case, you can get the maximum area of ​​distribution of the idea of ​​a corporation and the maximum number of people who want to deal with it, whether they are entrepreneurs or consumers.

What is the structure of a corporation


The structure of the corporation - what should it be?

In your case, the corporate structure assumes two vectors. One vector is the entrepreneurs you want to include in your corporation. Accordingly, there must be some idea that unites entrepreneurs. This idea should show them the obvious benefits of participating in a corporation.

Here, apparently, it is necessary to take the idea of ​​outsourcing as a basis. It is this idea that should be promoted, through this idea it is necessary to show entrepreneurs the benefits of outsourcing. This idea will motivate them to become participants in the system. But you can only say for sure if you analyze the business strategy that you are going to apply.

The second vector that suggests the structure of the corporation that you described is work with end users. The idea of ​​outsourcing will not suit them, so another idea is needed here.

For example, it could be the idea of ​​synergy. You need to promote this idea among consumers, show them how with your help they can increase the level of comfort and quality of life, how they can save their time and money due to the fact that your system provides not one service, but a whole range of services. This idea will motivate consumers to use the services of your corporation, and not the services of another corporation or the services of disparate entrepreneurs.

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