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5 secrets of successful insurance agents


Today, anyone can make money on car insurance . And it’s not that hard to do. The fact is that any car must be insured without fail. And every year there are more and more cars on the roads. But how to turn their owners into their customers? This will help 5 secrets of successful insurance agents.

1 Develop a work strategy depending on the region

If you are going to start your business in the field of insurance, then first of all you should find out the type of region in which you are located. They are of two kinds.

  1. Toxic. This is a region that OSAGO insurance companies consider unprofitable. Here, agents are not paid commissions (CF). But it’s not that hard to find clients.
  2. Non-toxic. The opposite situation. Insurance companies (IC) make money on OSAGO. Agents are entitled to CV for issuing policies. It’s just not easy to find clients.

Each of these regions has its own successful strategy, and the opinions of experts here differ.

2 Where to find the first customers

If you have figured out the intricacies of applying for an insurance policy, learned how to calculate its cost, found out what factors affect it, then it’s time to move on to practice. Here the most important and difficult stage is the search for customers. Where to get them? There are many sources and there is no need to invent anything new here. Consider the most popular.

Personal circle.

Relatives, friends, pals. Notify them all that you can now issue OSAGO. According to statistics, each person will have at least a hundred such acquaintances and more than half of them are car owners.

word of mouth

Or friends of friends. In this case, you can already get the first customers who will look for you themselves.


There is a wide range of opportunities to express yourself. To attract new customers, you can create your own website or pages on social networks, place ads, use contextual advertising, etc. Much depends on the seriousness of your intentions in this business, potential, creativity, etc.

Advertising in the city

The more channels you use, the better. What advertising space can be used: elevators, radio, newspapers, television, poles and billboards, public transport, shop windows, etc.

Naturally, we have not listed the entire list of such sources. But, it is enough to “turn around" in one of the aforementioned niches and you will not end up with clients!

5 secrets of successful insurance agents

3 Expand your business

Sooner or later, a successful insurance agent will have a time when he will not have time to serve everyone on his own. So it’s time to expand!

First of all, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur (IP). Next, create jobs for your future employees. You need to start with renting an office or pavilion. Try to find a place near the point of sale of used cars, MREO or similar places where there will be increased traffic of your potential customers.

There is no need for a large room. It is enough to place several office tables, chairs for employees and chairs for clients. Do not forget about a small waiting area, you can buy a comfortable sofa. To equip workplaces, you will need budget PCs or laptops and MFPs.

To operate one office, it is enough to hire 2-3 employees. This will make it possible to provide them with “floating” days off. And the office itself will then be able to work daily.

4 What qualities need to develop a successful insurance agent

We have already said that finding clients is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Some people succeed, and some are forced to close without achieving success. Why is that? There are secrets here too! It’s about some personal qualities. The higher these skills, the easier it will be for you to become a successful insurance agent.

  1. Quality service. The better you work, the more chances that customers will recommend you to their friends. Here you need to take into account both the speed of processing the application and consultations (not only before the policy is issued, but also after). If you work through an office, then you must arrange its work so that the person does not “marinate” in the queue, but gets to you by appointment at the appointed time, etc.
  2. The interests of the client are above their own. First of all, we advise you not to pull money from him, rather than more. And choose the best package of services for the client. Let you earn less, but he will return, he will also bring friends!
  3. Emotional Intelligence. Be tactful, be able to listen and win the trust of other people.
  4. Perseverance. Here we do not mean that you need to impose some unnecessary service! It’s more about finding clients, that when you are refused, you should not worry about this, “move” on!
  5. Energy. A successful insurance agent, like any salesperson, must always be cheerful and cheerful.
  6. Honesty. Do not deceive or even mislead your client. If he finds out about it or even just suspects something is wrong, then you will not see him again!
  7. Professionalism. Of course, you need to understand your “niche”. And do not forget that your knowledge must be up to date!

5 What additional services can an insurance agent provide
If there is time (few clients, employees in the office are not very busy with work, etc.), then in addition to issuing policies, use other opportunities to earn money. This may include:

  • electronic policies;
  • sale of diagnostic cards;
  • filling out applications for registering a car, etc.
Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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