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Ways of non-material motivation of employees


A large number of employers do not pay attention to this at all, which leads to a significant decrease in profits. To tell the truth, I myself used to have a very vague idea of ​​how you can motivate someone. And the answer turned out to be too simple, which will be discussed now.

Ways to motivate staff

Remind employees of their importance

Ways of non-material motivation of employeesEveryone, without exception, ardently wants to feel like an important person. True, for a number of reasons, this feeling does not visit a person as often as he would like. At least not all. Many people just don’t know what they want. Most likely they work at an unloved job, they have no goal, no plans, and their world is deprived of bright colors.

An experienced employer knows that by giving a person the opportunity to feel his indispensability, importance, even in the smallest matter, he will be able to give him a huge boost of energy, and enthusiasm will be in full swing.

Tell the employee that no one will do this job better than him, and be sure that this employee will take on the job as well as possible, and all just to remain important in your eyes.

Ways of non-material motivation of employees

Accepted little things

If an employee does a good job, be sure to praise him! This may be a financial reward, a symbolic gift, or public praise. Whatever method you choose, you should remember that it is better often, but a little bit, than one big reward every six months, or even less often. Our memory is arranged in such a way that we easily forget all the good things that happen to us. So by arranging a lot of pleasant surprises for employees, you will keep their motivation at a very high level, because they will see that their work is rewarded.


Gamification can be a great way to motivate a team and refers to gaming methods of non-material motivation. This method includes: the best employee of the month, the best sale of the month, quests and contests. The game method works when people understand what they are competing for and a regular photo on the leaderboard may not be enough now. This requires a strong incentive.


In one of the travel agencies, a competition was held among sales managers in which employees competed for the right to travel with the manager on a business trip to Europe. At stake was the opportunity to take part in a prestigious international tourism conference and a seven-day tour of European cities.

All managers had the same chances to win this trip, the main condition was only: the quality and quantity of sales. As a result of this competition, the winner was determined, and the company increased its sales by 25%.

Lunch conversations

This has long been used by most leading companies. In a relaxed atmosphere, have a conversation with your employees about current affairs, discuss what they would like to change or add, and give them the opportunity to play some role in the life of the company. This is bingo. An informed employee is better versed not only in what he does himself, but also in what is happening in the company itself. Such an employee can safely apply for a promotion, which in turn will motivate him to work even harder and even better to get it!

Give them more freedom

Yes, in order for everything to work smoothly, you need to be always on the alert and you can’t do without control, but the employee will work much better if he can show his best sides without every second notifying the authorities about his every step. Many people are very creative, everyone has their own visions of how to solve a particular problem. So why not let them try to implement it in reality, and not just in their imagination?

Giving the go-ahead for an employee to do the job in their own way, you will see how they get a second wind. Perhaps he will stay after work to do what he has planned, will be carried away by his task day and night. In order not to embarrass himself, he will try his best to carry out his plans, which will make him incredibly productive.

Ways of non-material motivation of employees

Praise instead of criticism

A long-known fact: When we criticize, the most we can do is cause aggression in a person. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which an employee, after severe criticism, was full of enthusiasm, a desire to work and would be in a great mood. Everything is exactly the opposite.

There are situations when a person really deserves it, but even in such moments, it is worth being as delicate as possible with his feelings. Show that you are the same person as they are, instead of saying: “You always do everything wrong, do you have your hands growing out of the wrong place?", You can say “Ha, who doesn’t happen to! I also made a lot of mistakes, nothing next time you will 100% succeed.”


To increase the productivity of an employee, it is simply vital to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the team, positive mood and a sense of unity. Also, we should not forget that some people cannot cooperate with each other. In such a case, one should simply regroup people into pairs or teams that will work in a spirit of harmony. Otherwise, there can be no question of any productivity, and no motivation will help here.

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