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Freelance for beginners


Is freelancing for beginners a reality?

Easy access to the Internet has made it possible for everyone to master the skill – Freelance. With a minimum investment of time, it allows you to receive additional income, and in the case of full employment, it gives a profit equal to the payment of a highly qualified specialist. To master this "specialty" does not need complex preparation. Let us consider in detail what a novice freelancer should know, where and how to start correctly, the advantages and disadvantages of the “profession".

Freelance for beginners

Freelancing for Beginners – Benefits

Before making the final choice in favor of freelancing, it is important to study the pros and cons. Let’s start with the positive:

  • Free schedule. Someone considers the most productive time in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening. The freelancer himself makes up the working day. He does not spend daily hours on the road, traffic jams, planning meetings, meetings.
  • Flexible income. Exceeding the norm at work is rewarded with a bonus that is rarely proportionate to the effort expended. A freelancer can earn more than $50 per hour, while the first income is less – 50-200 rubles. Profit depends on skill, experience, complexity.
  • Free choice of customers. A free worker himself chooses clients, occupation. This makes it possible to receive money for what brings pleasure. In the future, create a constant good income, doing what you love.

Freelancing for beginners – Disadvantages

Freelancing for beginners may seem like a lifeline after an office where you had to work in conditions of strict discipline. An additional portion of "heat" is added by the authorities, who degrade the dignity of employees. Having endured this, it seems that "free swimming" solves problems. In practice, newcomers have to face reality, where, as in other things, there are disadvantages.

Lack of control

A person who is accustomed to performing well-defined tasks in conditions of collective discipline will have to independently form a work schedule. This can cause an irregular sleep pattern, eating, postponing the order until the last moment, and deterioration in working capacity.

Irregular income

A freelancer performs one-time orders, independently looking for clients. Zero experience will not allow you to take on expensive projects. Constant earnings will require months to create relationships with customers, develop a rating.

No guarantees

When submitting work, a freelancer runs the risk of being left without payment. If the use of popular resources allows you to protect yourself from scammers using safe transactions, failure cannot be insured. In the best case, the project will be resold, slightly changed, and in the worst case, time wasted, lack of money.

No career growth

Career growth in the company is simple and understandable – you do quality work, show initiative – you go for a promotion. No one promotes a freelancer. Working through popular resources, you accumulate a rating that customers are guided by as an indicator of skill and stability. At the same time, in order to get your own team, to leave the category of an ordinary performer, you will have to open your own business.

Freelancing for beginners – Where to start?

To search for permanent orders and protect labor from fraudsters, you need to use specialized resources. These are numerous exchanges that facilitate communication between the customer and the contractor, acting as intermediaries in transactions. Sites provide personal pages that display user information, statistics, ratings.

A good freelancing for beginners is an abundance of simple orders that make it possible to get acquainted with the mechanics of the resource, the requirements and types of projects and works. Popular universal and highly specialized sites fit this criterion:

  • Fru/ is the largest resource offering remote collaboration in the format of submitting an application for a task, participating in a competition, or a project.
  • http://Freelancer.com is a foreign site with English-language orders.

This is not the whole list of sites, the review of which requires a separate article.

Where to begin?

Remember, freelancing for beginners from scratch is also a job that takes time, effort, and responsibility. The difference lies in the minimum requirements, while the corresponding payment is set. Therefore, it is recommended to master a new occupation gradually. It takes experience to earn a lot of money. Some sites offer tests confirming qualifications. This allows you to enter the list of professionals, skipping months of doing cheap orders to build a reputation. To get started you need:

  • Develop a plan – the time spent, the expected income. It is important to remember that in addition to doing the work, you will have to look for it.
  • Choose a resource – a freelancer is forced to look for work himself, the more sites are used, the better. Before starting to apply, it is important to study the interface, site rules.
  • Fill out a profile. The personal page is the only place where the client can study the information about the artist himself. It is important to indicate professional skills, personal qualities, portfolio, if any.

Freelance work for beginners can be a difficult challenge if you overestimate the possibilities. The most important advice is to soberly calculate the deadlines, your strengths, study in detail the requirements of the customer. A tight schedule, disruption of sleep patterns, nutrition will affect the quality of work. The best way to start is to gradually increase the volumes as time is available, as the skill develops. The right approach will allow you to feel all the privileges of the “profession”, create an additional financial flow or make freelancing the main remote work.

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