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How to become a good leader


How to become a good leader? Is everyone capable of this? What skills should be acquired and which should be discarded? These and other questions are detailed, specific and in order.

Who can manage the team

Many entrepreneurs and directors struggle for years to find a leader who meets their requirements. It would seem, what could be easier? Are there few people who want to climb up the career ladder? It turns out that not everything is so clear.

It often happens that a person who has been appointed to a leadership position is not ready for it. He is quite comfortable in his own place. He can be a cool specialist and at the same time not have the qualities necessary for a leader.

The best salesman may not become a good manager, a talented surgeon is likely to be a bad chief physician, a brilliant designer with two higher educations will turn out to be a disgusting bureau chief.

So who can still successfully manage a team? There is only one answer. To be a successful leader, you need to be a great manager. To be able to organize the workflow, create the proper microclimate in the team, be a leader and, to some extent, a teacher.

Are they born or do they become?

The phrase “Leaders are not born, they are made" is only half true. Every child is born with some inclinations, talents. All of them are different.

In the process of life, the qualities given to a person at birth either develop or fade. It is quite possible to develop the skills of a skilled manager, to learn how to make decisions. If they are laid down at birth and there is a desire. It is much more difficult to understand: “Why do I want to become a successful leader?”

A person who does not carry any values ​​and does not love people will never be able to manage a team. Employees will quietly hate him, and the turnover will be huge. That is, a successful manager needs not only business, but also personal qualities. You have to learn to see each person as a person.

Qualities of a good leader

How to become a good leader

The process of leadership must begin with oneself. Gradually get rid of shortcomings and complexes and develop your positive aspects.

  1. The first step is to learn to think ahead. It is impossible to climb to the top of the career ladder and stay there if a person does not have strategic thinking. You need to make a plan of action to achieve your goal. Let’s say: get additional education, take courses, develop a project, etc.
  2. The second step is to create a presentable appearance. Most people are visuals. No matter how excellent the personal qualities of the leader are, a sloppy suit, careless hairstyle and an unpleasant smell will nullify all efforts.

The main qualities that need to be developed to become the best boss:

  • Communication. It is necessary not only to be able to communicate with people yourself, but also to build business communications in a team.
  • Administration. Providing employees with tools (resources) to complete tasks.
  • Planning. Do not let everything take its course, but develop a work plan for yourself and your subordinates.
  • delegation. Partially relieve yourself of the load and free up your time for other things. Some managers do not trust employees. Some – because of the fear of losing their favorite "chair", others believe that no one will do better than themselves.

All of the above is just a small part of what a good boss should have. Naturally, ideal people do not exist. But it is quite possible to gradually develop certain skills and qualities in yourself.

What a great boss should be able to do

There is an opinion – what kind of boss, such employees. And it is true. Like attracts like. The leader stands at the head of the pyramid, and the values ​​that he broadcasts to the world gather around him a team similar to him. Those who are different leave sooner or later.

For example, if the boss allows himself to do personal things during the working day, 90% of employees will gradually begin to do the same. To successfully manage people, you need to be an example for them.

To understand how to become a good boss, you need to know what you need to be able to and do. A cool boss should:

  • Be honest. It is enough to lie several times, and the team will no longer trust their leader.
  • Not only give commands, but explain and justify your decisions. For example, when “hanging” additional responsibilities on a person, it is necessary to explain what caused this need, for how long and what bonuses await the employee as a result.
  • Understand in which place which person will be most valuable. Do not be afraid to castling if it will bring benefits as a result.
  • Be able to make decisions and not shift responsibility for your mistakes to others.
  • Be tough if necessary.
  • Focus on your area. A boss who understands absolutely nothing about the process of producing a product or service will look ridiculous. He simply will not be able to speak the same language with his subordinates.
  • Look a few steps ahead, be aware and think ahead. The world is rapidly changing and improving, new technologies are emerging. In order not to be an outsider, you must always keep your nose to the wind.

How to become a good leader

Mistakes and tips

Many even very good leaders make the same type of mistakes, getting rid of which, they can make life easier for themselves and their subordinates.

  • Mistake 1. For some reason, most bosses believe that if everything is fine, then there is nothing to talk about. This is fundamentally wrong. Everyone wants to be recognized for their efforts and achievements. Employees need to be praised and encouraged! And preferably for everyone. But you can scold in private.
  • Error 2. The unwillingness of leaders to delve into the conflicts of subordinates and “resolve” the situation. This happens especially often when a woman becomes a boss in a men’s team or, conversely, a man in a women’s team. It may not be worth delving into petty squabbles. But if the conflict drags on, everything will affect the productivity and motivation of employees. It is better to resolve such issues immediately.
  • Mistake 3. Familiarity. It is imperative to keep your distance. Not everyone can separate work and friendships. Why make life difficult for yourself?

And finally advice. Remember, knowing how to be a good leader and being one are two very different things. This is work, constant lack of time, self-control and exhausted nerves. Not scary? Then go ahead!

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