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How to achieve the goal: proven experience + ways


Everyone is interested in how to achieve their goals effectively and quickly. After all, the life of every person is filled with movement, meaning, values. In the endless race for success, it is not possible to achieve the desired results every time.

Only a few manage to conduct an independent analysis of errors and achieve the goal. Also, the behavior and algorithm of actions are adjusted and filled with incentives by following specific advice. How to achieve your goals in life, set benchmarks and reach them on time – in this article.

Where to begin

In order to choose the direction, following which will lead to new achievements, you should understand the following rules for yourself:

  • Only realistic goals should be set . Things that are not achievable in principle will only take time and energy. Instead, one could spend oneself on obtaining material values. With regard to some ideas, one can dwell on comprehension or experience;
  • In their own desire to achieve what they want, people do not realize that they are not going the right way, they are wasting their energy on fulfilling other people’s desires. This can happen when a person tries to become a media personality or eminent scientist. In fact, this is an incorrectly set goal, since the result is oriented towards rising in the eyes of parents, acquaintances or social environment;
  • Do not forget that happiness is a moment experienced in life not so often. In overestimating one’s own potential, the end result itself may not bring as much joy and euphoria as it seems at first glance.

Knowing how to quickly achieve their goals, a person begins to think through every step, in search of a reasonable and rational solution. The ability to come to the desired result often comes with age. In practice, there is a category of people who spend 1-2 months searching for a solution.

Barriers to Desires

How to achieve the goal: proven experience + ways

Applying a scientific approach to how to properly achieve their goals, psychologists have identified a list of factors that prevent a person from achieving their intended results. These are the specific types of obstacles that take time to overcome:

Insufficient level of education

Lack of awareness leads to the failure of one’s own business, since special knowledge and skills are needed to run a business. In overcoming this problem, you can set yourself up for higher education or enroll in specialized courses. If the development of the chosen direction is impossible due to lack of time or finances, they turn to open sources of information published on the Internet.

This problem becomes easily solved with a comprehensive study of the details of the idea, the development of the concept of implementation.

Fear of failing

This purely psychological phenomenon haunts a person from childhood. The barrier lies in the fact that a person is not so much worried about the final result, but about the degree of seriousness of the acts committed. In practice, the level of involvement in the process increases with approaching the end of the task statement. For this reason, on the way to their own dreams, people often give up or slow down a lot.

The temptation to give up will be strong shortly before victory…Chinese wisdom.

It is proved that the presence of such a psychological barrier stretches from childhood. Abundant criticism of the child or constant reproaches form in the mind of the future person the fear of committing serious and sometimes even ordinary actions. Such people do not know how to achieve their goals. They lack the desire to act due to the fear of running into criticism. In the future, this phenomenon is subject to serious adjustment with the help of professional psychologists.

Dispersion of attention

Next on the list of barriers to climbing the corporate ladder or falling in love with a woman is distracted attention. Inflaming himself into dozens of cases at once, instead of concentrating on only one, the hero does not achieve his goal.

You will chase two hares, you will not catch a single one … Russian wisdom (from the collections of Chekhov A.P.)

In the course of aspirations, a person simply burns out. Overcoming the barrier is seen in a change of mind, decomposing one task into five or ten independent processes.

A journey of a thousand leagues begins with one step…French wisdom.

Unfair comparison

Comparison remains an acceptable maneuver in self-assessment, analysis of what is happening, followed by criticism of wrong actions. In the case when a person who knows how to learn how to achieve his goals immediately begins to try on the result of successful individuals, this can cause at least dissonance.

In the course of conducting activities, there is no initial data on what the opponent has done on the path to happiness. The situation is subsequently aggravated by a decrease in self-esteem and a deterioration in the result at the levels already achieved. In search of flaws, a person may lose the ability to analyze actions and form their own conclusions.

Create your own frames

Among the tips in obtaining cherished values ​​or wealth is that people’s activities are often limited by their own limits.

The lack of desire to achieve more leads the hero to a level of stagnation, in which nothing more is needed. At this point, most of the prospects are lost, the development of the individual, the individual class, the team stops.

Misallocation of time

Among the skills that a goal-oriented person may lack is the rational distribution of time. An acute shortage of such a resource leads to a banal development of events, when a person simply does not have time to complete what he started.

Even today there were so many plans in my head, and tomorrow I have to leave for another area and start things over again.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today… Popular wisdom.

In practice, modern psychologists associate this phenomenon with the state of procrastination, which is characteristic of most office workers. This is a status in which a person does not dare to start a business or complete what he has started due to frequent changes in priorities, postponing the process for the fifth time until tomorrow.

Lack of funds

Lack of funds remains the scourge of our time. If a person had finances, this would allow him to go to the top of his favorite mountain or to a country he liked, buy a ready-made business or give gifts to his girlfriend.

The presence of this barrier contributes to the fact that no one takes one step towards the intended goal. A position aimed at finding additional sources of income will help to get out of this situation. These activities include part-time work, investment or external financing.

As can be seen from the descriptions of the barriers, most of the obstacles to success are psychological in nature. Overcoming the existing problems lies within a person, it is a struggle with oneself, with one’s personality, principles, prejudices.

How to achieve your goals – ways

How to achieve the goal: proven experience + ways

Even performing other people’s tasks, for example, your employer, is always fraught with difficulties. The same thing happens when a person begins to achieve his own victories, moving gradually to the level of intended opportunities.

It is the goal that remains the main reference point, the starting point, relative to which a certain algorithm of actions is built.

Setting goals

Forming a goal for yourself is a difficult process to understand and execute. Among the components of the applied concept, it is necessary to use not only the full layout of the task, but also to form a visual representation. Once there is a picture, sketch or template of the expected result in the head, the negative influence will be removed and the goal will become more or less real. Such a technique shows itself well in practice, when a person can move away from illusions, plunge into harsh everyday life, and approach those things that are achievable. In this case, voicing a dream in the form of the phrase “I want to earn a million 🪙" is nothing more than a clear, understandable goal, task or further scenario for the hero and those around him.

When studying the concept of how to achieve your real goal, you can and should pay attention to ready-made techniques. Because most of the techniques are based on the practices of successful people and are actively used all over the world. Of course, in this case, it is necessary to understand that there are no ideal and universal recipes for happiness, so in life you should look for your own path, form your own plan of action.

Existing techniques, exercises, techniques

To gain confidence as a strong motivational stimulus, you can use the best practices.

Today, such techniques are used under the guidance of experienced psychologists, who select techniques for the characteristics of the individual, the properties of the ultimate goal.

How to eat a whole elephant

Mastering a large amount of information or striving to embrace the immensity becomes an impossible task even for professionals in their field. But dividing the task into several stages, stages or elements allows you to focus on the final result due to the sequential execution of actions or an algorithm that has been proven over the years.

In an attempt to jump over the head, a person often slows down, which is why indecision and uncertainty appear in their current activities. But when there is an understanding that the hero will participate in a chain of events that make up a single one, then the picture will take shape by itself. Behind the shoulders will be the passed stages, bringing to the completion of the execution of the ideological plan.

With the right eating of an elephant, the psychological barrier to achieving a dream associated with overcoming difficulties disappears. If they are transformed into small complexities, then it turns out that they are easier to control, analyze and prepare forces for passing through the next stages of a multi-threaded action.

Method of spontaneous decomposition

If the elephant approach doesn’t work, cheese technology can be put into practice. Suppose there is a task that cannot be solved immediately due to its scale. If you randomly decompose a problem into many small or any tasks at all, you can gradually "make a lot of holes in it." When, after simple actions, the task becomes “corroded”, an approach to its solution will be found by itself.

Brian Tracy system

Among the well-known techniques is the English coach program, which many compare to running on a treadmill. The training consists of the following steps:

  1. Creating motivation. The appointed goal must be strongly desired so that the forces to achieve it appear.
  2. After overcoming fears, one should develop a clear conviction and confidence in the need for the desired result. But in the absence of decisiveness, according to the methodology, it is necessary to take measures to develop this quality.
  3. Record the assigned goal on paper, in a notebook, diary, task planner. It does not matter where the mark on the expression of one’s own desire will be. Because this is one of the systematic stages that will stimulate a person to further advancement. But in the future, you can always turn to your scheduler, repeat successful actions. It is possible to update or improve the goal, revise the work plan.
  4. Add a list of the benefits of completing the task in full. At this stage, it is also possible to decompose into separate tasks. The larger such a list is, the more it will give confidence to its performer;
  5. Set a reference point. The starting position remains important for any business. This will allow us to measure the progress achieved in quantitative terms, to determine the horizon for the completion of a large task.

How to Achieve Your Goals – Tracy’s Advanced Techniques

  1. In continuation of the previous paragraph, the limit of achieving the final result is outlined. A deadline or deadline will act as an additional motivation. When the execution period is visible, it is easier to divide it into separate stages. The technique helps a lot when the period of reaching the result is expected in a few years. An ideal list of cases will take place on the condition that it will take no more than one month to complete certain positions.
  2. As part of Tracy’s practical advice, the compilation of barriers that a person has to overcome, going to a cherished goal. Given that obstacles are a common practice, it would be better to combine them with a list of tasks that divide the main result into stages. This will highlight the barriers internal and external. You can start with introspection and learning new skills. Then move on to external difficulties.
  3. Search for information. The necessary information in a single stream provides the aspiring person with an important resource. But it can be helpful tips, techniques, or advice from a practitioner. Mastering and applying new skills is included in the plan. Because you need to know right away what you are striving for.
  4. Add to the list of people who will assist on the way to the cherished goal. The involved participants in the process must be ranked in the form of a rating according to the degree of impact on the approximation to the final result.
  5. Visualization should be added to the previously drawn up plan. This is especially helpful for those who know how to quickly achieve their goal, but cannot yet designate the horizon of execution.
  6. Among the decisions that will provide a person with a direct path to what he wants is the absence of concessions. If you remove the statistics of failures from your head, adopt perseverance and determination, then everything will definitely work out.

Movement is life

How to achieve the goal: proven experience + ways

Stops on the way to the desired goal are the main enemy of progress. The introduction of regularity in everyday practice ensures the permanent achievement of the main goal. Simply put, small efforts add up to a result that brings the main task closer to completion. The no-stop rule is based on the above methods of spontaneous decomposition and eating the elephant. The difference is that tasks are decomposed into minimum, maximum, and optimal tasks.

For example, in a step-by-step instruction for achieving the goal of learning a language, you can lay the following steps:

  • Minimum – learn and pronounce 5 phrases;
  • The optimum is to master a few rules;
  • The maximum is to watch the speech in the chosen language and understand it.

As the saying goes, wishing is not harmful, not wishing is harmful. Setting explicit and achievable goals determines the result in the future. By gradually implementing the minimum and optimum programs, you should remember to make the maximum deal with your conscience. This must be done every day. If for some reason there was a pass, you should plan to increase the load for the future period. If postponing tasks for tomorrow turns into a systematic one, you should reconsider the schedule of your affairs with all responsibility.

successful aura

Good luck and the first results always inspire purposeful people. This is true, because it is a positive attitude that motivates you to take even bigger steps, to reach new heights. Especially successful people always stand out from the gray mass of people who do not have mobility. And they are not able to make key decisions in their lives. The tactic of establishing acquaintances with successful people helps a lot. Which in the course of discussions can lead to new desires. But soon they will move into the category of like-minded people.

A successful aura is precisely the environment in which new ideas are born, new skills appear. This is the place and environment in which the hero becomes comfortable, where he can perform tasks on the way to the intended result. To understand how to achieve the main goals, you must first take care of a successful aura.

Risk as a demotivator for failure

In order to avoid the desire to retreat during the fulfillment of the work of a lifetime, it is necessary to create a provocation for laziness. For example, you can argue with a friend that if he fails, he will receive some kind of material reward. This will become a demotivator in order to retreat at the most crucial moment, to abandon your goal. Awareness of material risks will become an artificially created tool for solving the problem. And it really works in practice.

Acquisition of useful skills

How to achieve the goal: proven experience + ways

Even if something does not work out in life, but there is a desire for this, there is a result. On the way to the object of desire, a person invariably acquires new skills. He studies and memorizes useful information, masters useful techniques of successful people.

But often such a set begins to supply a person with the most important product – the ability to do something. For example, mastering the technique of negotiating was not useful in employment. But it will definitely be needed in the field of sales. Because it is one of the main skills in the field.

It should also be remembered that any problem can be solved in several ways. But it is quite possible that on the path of trial and error a person will find a shorter path to his own goal. Because you never know where the solution will find you.

What can be learned in the course of achieving the goal:

  • Combat insecurities and fears. Because it is essential to any goal;
  • Overcoming fears of non-existent risks, fear of change. Because the internal blocks should not interfere with us;
  • Rational distribution of the time budget, for work and free time. Because our efficiency depends on it;
  • Identify strengths of character, apply them in practice. Because without this it is impossible to work one hundred percent;
  • Identification of the benefits obtained with the development of new skills, approaches to completing the task.

As soon as the case is considered begun, the thinking and the person himself change. Even if something doesn’t work the first time, it can work on the second or third try. You can also apply various methods and techniques to one of the small tasks. But in some situations, you can brainstorm and enter the zone of moderate risk. The most important thing is to remain optimistic and believe in achieving results. And be ready for the changes that will happen very soon in life. Because they will definitely happen.

How to Achieve Your Goals – Summary

The end result will depend on the goal. Increase your income, become successful, famous or desirable. But in conclusion, it should be noted that it is often necessary to focus on solving internal problems, which are mostly related to psychological motivation or work on oneself. Because the performance of external tasks is associated with a routine that is subject to each person.

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