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How to make money in winter: proven ways + tips


Now everyone is interested in how to make money quickly in the winter. But why does the amount of income directly depend on the season of the year? If in the summer there is enough money for purchases, then in the winter you have to save.

To remedy the situation, it is worth learning how to make money in the winter by providing services or selling themed goods. Directions of earnings are divided into those requiring start-up capital and allowing to do without it. Each species deserves special attention.

How to make money in winter with a minimum budget

Even if the starting capital is limited, it is worth thinking about how to make money effectively in winter. These are ways to make money, in which you have to work hard yourself. But in this case, you do not need a lot of money to start. These include:

  • snow removal, the fight against frost, icicles in severe frosts and during the thaw;
  • sales of hot drinks;
  • New Year’s greetings from Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden;
  • search for places with a low level of thermal insulation using a thermal imager;
  • insulation of doors and windows.

The listed ideas are a good option for those who are looking not only for seasonal income, but also trying to earn start-up capital to open their own business. Using a hand tool or doing everything manually, they earn on specialized equipment. With its help, the productivity of the process and, as a result, income will increase.

Snow cleaning

In the city, the fight against snow and icicles during heavy snowfalls is a popular service. Having special equipment, public utilities do not always cope with the task. The chairmen of the HOA are turning to private owners for help. By purchasing a shovel, you can safely advertise the provision of services.

It is better to work in a team consisting of 3-4 people. This will help you manage your resources wisely. The territory will be cleared faster, the number of orders will increase. In addition to homeowners associations, commercial organizations and parking lots will become customers.

In the village, snow removal services are in demand among owners of private houses. Not everyone has time to clear the local area from the snow cover. Some do not have enough strength or desire. The demand for such a service is increasing every year. Over time, the shovel and crowbar are replaced with a snowplow with great power and additional functionality.

Sale of hot drinks

Such earnings this winter are in demand in places of mass celebrations. When the air temperature is low, everyone wants to warm up. Not everyone wants to go to a cafe or other catering facility. Hot coffee, tea or chocolate sold from a tent or cart is a great alternative.

Most of all they earn on such a service:

  • near the skating rinks;
  • near ice towns;
  • in public places.

By setting an economically justified price for each proposed position, they earn quite a serious amount per month. From it you can purchase the next batch. Some amount will definitely remain to pay for the electricity spent in the manufacture of drinks.

New Year’s greetings

How to make money in winter: proven ways + tips

The arrival of Santa Claus and the beautiful Snow Maiden will be happy not only for children, but also for adults. They are invited:

  • in houses and apartments where small children live;
  • for corporate events.

To implement the idea, purchase a suit of a suitable hero. Their cost is relatively small. After a couple of performances, the costs incurred are fully paid off. Given that there are more than three orders in one evening, no one thinks about the cost of clothes. New colorful costumes are preferred.

Video recording is an additional service. The prices for it depend on the quality of the captured image. Everyone wants to be photographed with the main characters of the New Year holidays. Such a service is especially relevant in places of mass celebrations directly on the New Year itself. You don’t have to look for potential customers – they themselves will turn to Santa Claus with a request.

Search for heat leaks

Such a part-time job this winter helps to get additional income in the presence of the main job. To provide the service, you need special equipment – a thermal imager. It will cost inexpensively, but it will help determine the main directions of heat care. For winter time, this is especially true.

With an insufficient level of insulation, the temperature in the house drops quickly enough. The survey will help to find areas with major and minor heat loss. After their elimination, the house will become much warmer at the same heating costs.

The service is mainly in demand among owners of private houses, as it helps to optimize heating costs. If the winter is especially snowy and cold, the latter increase significantly. Eliminating heat loss zones will correct the situation.

Insulation of doors and windows

This business is in demand not only in the winter, but also before the onset of cold weather. In rooms with typical windows, it becomes cool already in the off-season. Many refuse self-insulation due to a banal lack of time. It is easier to use the help of private traders than to insulate windows yourself. This has long been understood not only by the owners of residential buildings, but also by employees of municipal institutions.

For high-quality insulation you will need:

  1. Thermal insulation material of various types. Silicone sealant, heat-saving film, tubular insulation are in demand.
  2. Locksmith tools to help restore the tightness of the connection. When insulating a balcony door, you need a hammer, a drill.
  3. Knowledge and experience. To improve the quality, they study the technology of existing methods, established requirements. Experience grows with each completed order. Having won a reputation, they work every year.

How to make money this winter If you have free capital

How to make money in winter: proven ways + tips

Winter good earnings increase significantly if there are free funds to start a business. Having invested some capital, they begin to multiply it without working physically. Current areas are:

  • rental of sports equipment for winter sports;
  • rental of costumes for the New Year holidays;
  • organization of outdoor events;
  • pouring an ice rink;
  • sale of coffee;
  • greenery cultivation.

Each direction has its own characteristics. Some just invest, hire people and make a profit. When you do the work yourself, your income increases significantly. It is possible to control all directions of expenses without losing a single ruble of profit.

Sports equipment rental

A rental point near an ice rink or an active recreation area is a great way to earn money. The amount of income directly depends on the location of the tent. Many do not have skis or skates. Some do not want to pull them out of the house to the skating rink or ski track. By renting everything you need on the spot, you can relax properly.

Rates and rentals vary. Daily rentals are very popular. It’s better than hourly. Differentiation of payment is established taking into account the place of hire. Directly on the rink or ski track, it is maximum. Near the ice rink or at a short distance – it’s cheaper. Wherever the tent is located, the investment begins to pay off on the very first snowy day.

To increase income rent a slope. For him, the rental is relevant:

  • skis;
  • snowboarding;
  • sled.

Incurring certain expenses, tenants fully reimburse them by renting a specialized tool.

Hire of costumes for New Year’s holidays

Traditional matinees are held in all children’s institutions. Not all parents want to prepare them. First, you need to know how to sew. Secondly, the suit is needed at one time. Next year will need a larger size and a different look.

More often children become:

  • chanterelles;
  • bunnies;
  • snowflakes;
  • favorite cartoon characters.

In order not to miscalculate, keep track of the latest trends, get acquainted with the heroes of modern cartoons that children are fond of. Sometimes theme parties are held at other times of the year when costume rentals are in demand.

It is better to buy the necessary models in bulk or sew them yourself. During the celebration of the New Year, the costs incurred are reimbursed. The same costume is rented several times. In different kindergartens, holidays are held at different times. Properly scheduling, it is easy to get the planned profit.

Organization of festive events

A venue is being prepared for the event. The ice town creates a special festive atmosphere. Having building experience, knowledge, snow and water, an ice town is being built. Figurines are poured not only in different sizes, but also in shapes – heroes of favorite cartoons and slides are popular.

It doesn’t take long to build a site. A lot of funds will be required, since it is difficult to build a house alone. We have to invite teams, sculptors, architects. After preparing the project, the team will start pouring the ice town. When the figures take their places, they receive documents for the right to collect rent.

It takes half a season to justify the costs incurred. Customers pay a small fee for their visit. Additional income is received if they sell sweets in a place of rest and organize the provision of paid entertainment:

  • dash;
  • sports equipment;
  • ice slides.

How to make money this winter – Ice Rink

How to make money in winter: proven ways + tips

A separate type of income. Organization needs:

  1. Rent a piece of land. Its location will affect the level of income. The ideal option is the center of the village.
  2. Install a box of sufficient size.
  3. Fill the rink, observing the technology. The density and quality of the formed coating depends on this.
  4. Set up a tent offering to rent sports equipment.
  5. Consider an advertising campaign. Although the service does not need special advertising.

The organization of lighting in the dark season will help to reach the planned income. Lighting devices are mounted in accordance with all the rules in compliance with the norms.

winter cafe

The famous ice hotel Icehotel, located in Sweden, has become an idea for someone who is looking for additional income. For our country, a hotel is not so relevant, and a bar or cafe will be a good option for doing business.

The cafe is located in the center of the city. Given the specifics of the institution, the list of dishes served here is limited. It’s hard to stay out in the cold. However, the unusual setting is guaranteed to attract numerous customers.

The menu includes:

  • coffee;
  • tea;
  • mulled wine;
  • other hot drinks.

Growing greenery

For those who are looking for how to make money this winter, this option will be interesting. The direction is suitable for winter and summer. Taking care of their health, many people buy fresh herbs all year round. In the summer it is sold everywhere. For growing in the cold period, a heated greenhouse is erected.

This design will allow you to get a harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables. Their cost in winter is much higher than in summer, as the supply is limited. Maintaining the temperature at an optimal level requires time and energy costs. The expenses incurred are fully reimbursed.

In the first year, the construction of a small greenhouse is optimal. If the experience is positive, it is worth building a larger greenhouse to increase the number of plants grown. It will grow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and a number of other vegetables that are in demand. The costs incurred will be paid back in full.

How to make money in the winter – Ideas for sales

In winter, not only services are in demand, but also a variety of goods. The list of goods is wide and limited at the same time. Before starting a business, study the market, get acquainted with the demand in order to find your niche and get the planned income.

The list of popular products depends on the region. In a big city, different products are in demand. But in a small – the list of popular products is significantly limited. At the same time, there is a whole group of goods that are in demand everywhere. They are sold not only in stationary sites, but also via the Internet. Check out the standard solutions to choose the right option for you.


If the temperature in the house is low, it is quite difficult to feel comfortable. Heating devices allow you to increase the degree of heating of the air to the optimum level. For some, they become a source of additional heat, and for someone – the main heating.

Manufacturers produce heating devices of various types and types. They differ in performance and power. It is worth taking care of a sufficient assortment to satisfy the needs of all buyers.

This will require serious financial investments for the purchase of a consignment of goods. But the implementation will not be difficult. All purchased units will be sold in a short time. The main thing is to purchase a batch before the start of the heating season.

Stoves and fireplaces

The fireplace is a symbol of warmth and comfort. A high-quality oven helps maintain the air temperature in a given range. Recently they were laid out of brick and stone, spending a lot of time.

Modern manufacturers offer ready-made solutions. Metal structures decorated with glass harmoniously fit into the interior. Selling and installing fireplaces and stoves in your area, you will occupy a certain niche.

The demand for such products is increasing every year. They are purchased not only for heating the house, but also for decorating the interior. Installation of heating equipment requires a professional approach. You will have to master the technology or conclude an agreement with a team of professionals. In the latter case, you will have to share the income.

How to make money fast in winter – Winter gear

How to make money in winter: proven ways + tips

If there is a lot of snow in winter, such a product is especially in demand. Both adults and children go for fresh air. This option is suitable for owners of a commercial facility. To obtain the desired income, it is worth responding quickly to changing demand.

Products that are in demand in the summer are difficult to sell in the winter. With the onset of cold weather become popular

  1. Winter equipment. Shoes, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, special suits for both sexes of all sizes are popular. Stock up on winter gear for kids and adults to boost your retail outlet’s visibility.
  2. Sport equipment. In winter, sleds, skates, skis, snow scooters are equally in demand. Order different models to give the customer a choice.
  3. Related products. It is almost impossible to find glasses of a suitable shape, ski wax, repair kit for sports equipment in a non-specialized store.

The amount of profit on the sale of winter equipment depends on many parameters. Experts do not recommend making this product the main one. It is best to allocate a separate area for it, implementing it together with other products.

Christmas accessories

The item is seasonal. After the New Year, it will be difficult to sell it even at a big discount. At the same time, the direction itself is profitable and helps to get the planned income.

On the eve of the holiday, everyone strives to create a magical atmosphere. Products are sold even at 100% margin. The most in demand are:

  1. Ate. Both live and artificial ones of different heights are in demand. Small Christmas trees are installed at workplaces. Often, organizations buy large lots, giving them to employees along with the main gift.
  2. Colorful garlands, Christmas decorations, tinsel to decorate the room and Christmas trees.
  3. Souvenirs. Figurines, magnets, other products with the image of the symbol of the coming year and the inscription "Happy New Year" are preferred. They will become an alternative to a postcard that is given to each other before the holiday.
  4. Dishes, towels, tablecloths, napkins and much more with New Year’s motives. With their help, a special atmosphere is created, there is a feeling of a holiday.
  5. Postcards, gift wrappings with the image of the New Year theme. Prepare products with different prices.

Shoes dryers

In winter, shoes get wet quickly, impregnations do not save, it is cold in rubber boots. Demand for special dryers is increasing dramatically. They help dry the pair in a limited amount of time without harming the sole and shaft.

Products differ in configuration and size (produced for children’s and adult shoes). Both varieties are in demand. Order a trial batch to see how fast you can sell.

Dryers are sold in winter and off-season. Buying at least one pair in winter in some regions is considered good luck. This product does not last long. Each family needs not one dryer, but several at once. The number depends on the number of family members. As children grow up, children’s models change to adults.

Special clothing

People tend to feel comfortable not only during outdoor activities. Going to work by public transport, most people try to wear stylish, functional clothes made from modern materials. Manufacturers use the membrane for tailoring not only sports, but also everyday jackets. They are comfortable to wear in any weather and look beautiful.

By purchasing a batch of such clothes, some sellers earn the planned amount, since buyers have no alternative in terms of price and quality.

Automotive products

Preparing a vehicle for the winter period requires financial investments for the purchase of consumables and components. Change not only the tires, but also the washer fluid. It remains in a liquid state up to a certain temperature, then freezes, causing inconvenience to the car owner. Offer customers washer fluid for different temperatures. There is an "anti-freeze" operating up to -15C, -25C, -35C. Before the start of frost, the bottles will be sold out, regardless of the price.

In order not to think about finding money in the cold season, learn how to quickly make money for the winter. It’s much easier to work in summer. Having earned a sufficient amount, you can arrange a vacation in the winter by going on vacation.

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