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How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn


On the Internet, with the development of Internet technologies, there are more and more new ways to earn money. If a few years ago it seemed unthinkable to make money on playing computer games, now even children know how to make money on streams.

Many teenagers get good money doing what they love. We will also figure out how to make money on streams and is everything really so easy and simple?

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Stream: what is it

A stream is understood as an online broadcast, where actions on a computer are shown. Thanks to streaming, Internet users can watch what the host of the stream is doing at a given time. For the first time, streams were esports tournaments on various web resources. Today it is not only games, but also travel, communication on camera and much more. Any video broadcast is a stream.

To be successful, a streamer must have a good sense of humor, think quickly, notice exciting moments so that the Internet user watches him with interest and does not fall asleep while watching the game. Now you know what a stream is and how it originated.

Advantages and disadvantages of making money on streams

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Let’s note the main pros and cons of such earnings.


  • High incomes;
  • You can play and get money from it;
  • Simple earnings;
  • Free schedule.


  • Lots of criticism;
  • Initial investment required;
  • It’s hard to break through.

How to make money on Twitch?

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Playing computer games, many streamers get good money for it. How to make money on streams? Today there are several ways to earn money. One of the most popular and high-quality monetized platforms is Twitch tv. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

The requirements provided by this Internet platform cannot be called simple:

  • Streamed content must not violate the rules, which can be found on the Twitch.tv website;
  • You need to broadcast your game constantly, at least 3 times a week.
  • The indicator of the average number of viewers watching the video broadcast should be above 500 thousand people. If you submit an application, having received such an indicator once, then it will not be accepted.

Feedback from Internet users indicates that all applications are considered by ordinary people, and not automatically. If a streamer falls short of the above viewing metrics, but the content being offered is special, they may be eligible for an exception.

So, how to make money on Twitch? To do this, there are several ways to earn money, which we will discuss in more detail a little later.

Ways to make money on Twitch streams

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Making money on Twitch streams is a fairly new, but also a very promising way to receive money on the global network. However, it is not possible to receive money simply for being registered on the Twitch.tv website and being included in the stream. You must have your own army of fans.

We list 6 ways to earn money:

  • Embedded advertising;
  • Donations;
  • Sponsored advertising;
  • Paid subscription;
  • Affiliate program;
  • Broadcast recording;
  • Sale of goods.

Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

affiliate program

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

A great alternative to sponsored advertising can be an affiliate program. It is enough to find a service that will make a profit. Decide on a colorful picture, a link to the service and insert it into the video broadcast. During the stream, you can mention your service several times. As soon as the purchase of goods takes place, you will receive a certain percentage of the total cost of the product.

To become a member of the affiliate program and receive a monetary reward from this, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Play regularly and broadcast video at least 3 times a week.
  2. The average number of stream views at one time should exceed 500 (namely, the number of simultaneous views).
  3. The content of the stream must comply with all the rules of the Internet site.

In principle, there is nothing supernatural in the listed requirements, they are quite justified, in addition to the last point: Twinch sometimes make exceptions.

Embedded advertising

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Having concluded an agreement, for example, with Twitch, your streams will be used by this resource as an advertising platform. The streamer will receive 3.5% for 1000 views of contextual advertising that Internet users will see during the stream. However, some users have AdBlock installed to block ads. Also, you can’t do without connecting an affiliate program, where only popular streamers are taken.

After receiving an affiliate program, the streamer has a button that allows you to launch advertising. The streamer can choose the number of clicks on this button. It is possible to set the automatic inclusion of commercials after a specified period of time. However, you should not "chastise": it will only harm you and cause a flurry of discontent among the audience.

Do not place high hopes on this way of earning money, since, after all, I repeat, most users install ad blockers.

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

A kind of door to the world of earnings is an affiliate program, but in addition to it, a streamer can use another way to receive money – a paid subscription. Its essence is simple. An Internet user becomes your subscriber by paying for this service. Profits are shared equally between Twitch and the streamer. That is, you will earn not 100 dollars, but only 50, since half of the earnings will have to be shared with the creators of the site. Typically, a subscription is issued for a month, and the cost is determined directly by the creator of the channel. It can vary from 2.5 to 5 dollars.

Not every user will be ready to give money to a streamer, especially if he is not so popular. Therefore, your potential subscriber should receive a nice bonus for subscribing. Experienced streamers recommend stimulating a subscriber in various ways. Otherwise, who would want to buy a subscription just like that? We list these methods:

  • Promise the viewer to hold a contest, for example, on a youtube channel, after you reach a certain number of subscribers. Come up with favorable conditions for concluding such a deal.
  • Make an original notification that the Internet user has become a channel subscriber. It should hook him with an interesting shape.
  • Thank the user. It’s a nice feeling when you get gratitude from your idol. The last method is the easiest, which should not be forgotten.

Twitch took care of the streamer’s earnings: the user cannot watch videos in the best quality in the free version. He regularly watches ads and does not see the chat. For the sake of advanced functionality, some viewers pay a subscription. Top streamers have a good income from this.

Important! What do viewers get by subscribing to a particular streamer? Thanks to this option, you can get rid of annoying ads and get access to new emoticons for chat. Using this feature, the streamer has a good income on Twitch.

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Another way to make money on streams is to donate. It is a voluntary donation to the streamer you like. Links to electronic wallets are left by every player who knows how to make money. Previously, this method was not popular in our country, but now more and more users want to thank the streamer for interesting video broadcasts. History also knows cases when viewers donated several thousand at once. Once Yaroslav Yazzombkovsky received a donation of 40 thousand dollars. Believe me, and this is far from the limit.

Why would someone poison donations to a streamer? There are several reasons for this:

  • A joke or an insult. In our country, most often they give a donation for a streamer to joke or insult a person.
  • Help achieve the goal – set real goals, for example, "on a webcam" and the funds received from the broadcast will bring the streamer closer to the goal.
  • Become famous on the stream – when you donate, you can see your nickname and message, which will be noticed by thousands of viewers. Give him some publicity.
  • Advertising. To advertise a game, website or some other product, they pay money.

If you are often donated, then increase the minimum amount for such a donation. In order not to be distracted from the stream, install a bot to announce people.

Recommendation. To make money on streams in this way, you need to achieve at least some popularity. Therefore, initially set the minimum donation threshold in the amount of 5-10 🪙 As the channel develops and the number of subscribers increases, increase this figure to at least 50 🪙 to get rid of spam.

Sale of products

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

If a streamer has a dedicated fan base, why not use that as a platform to sell some of their products? More popular streamers are partnered with direct advertisers, from pizza delivery to well-known computer brands. A banner appears on the streamer’s screen that cannot be blocked by programs. Therefore, the more the user is on the stream, the higher the price of placing such advertisements.

Also, in exchange for a monetary reward, you can advertise products during broadcasts. The main thing is that the products relate to the subject of the channel.

Important! Users may not like it.

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

The more followers you have, the more likely advertisers will appear. The channel owner has the right to place advertising links in his profile or advertising on his stream. Of course, you can find an advertiser yourself. This is a great way to make money, but remember that you need to consider the characteristics of each channel.

You can advertise your product this way. During the video broadcast, the streamer eats pizza or drinks water of a certain company, entertaining the audience in between streams. That is, hidden advertising is often used – the product is shown without a direct call to buy it. You can earn from sponsored advertising from 15 thousand 🪙 However, this option is only suitable for those streamers who have a large audience of viewers, otherwise you will not be interested in the brand.

The main advantage of this way of earning is that it allows all channel authors with a large number of fans to earn money. This does not require a partnership agreement. However, there are some downsides here. The disadvantage of this way of making money is that you will have to advertise gambling or case sites that will only harm your viewers. In addition, many viewers do not like to watch ads. Intrusive ads can cause a subscriber to stop watching your streams.

Broadcast recording

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

This way of earning is interesting because you can receive money from your stream not once, but do it regularly. To do this, you need to save the recording of the broadcast using a special program, and then publish the recording on YouTube.

Create a catchy cover and choose a bright video title that will arouse the audience’s interest and desire to watch. To get your video to the TOP, regularly run contests on YouTube.

What do you need to earn?

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

So how do you get started streaming? It is worth using the following recommendations from experienced streamers. And this will allow you to take a step into the exciting world of Internet technologies:

  • You will need fast Internet, which determines the quality of the picture received by the viewer
  • Give preference to high-quality equipment – a powerful computer, a good webcam, which will increase the likelihood of your earnings.
  • It is worth deciding on the subject of your channel. Decide what you will do and what you enjoy doing the most. Believe me, you are unlikely to want to do an unloved thing for a long time.
  • Start streaming. Don’t forget to tell your potential audience about it. Various advertising platforms and social networks are suitable for this.
  • The more time you broadcast, the more users will learn about you and become your subscribers.
  • In order for the video broadcast to reach the TOP places, many wind up 200 bots.
  • Come up with original names for videos, make a colorful cover and a picture of the channel.

The further course of events depends on the quality of the content presented and the reaction of users. Luck won’t hurt you. Someone will like your stream, someone will not. Everything is relative here.

What content should be used to make money on streams?

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

You can do whatever you want on the streams, of course, if it does not contradict the rules of the Internet site. To make the content seem to be of high quality, you should practice the ability to be distracted from the game by chatting, responding to the comments of the viewers, and this, believe me, is not an easy job. Be sure to hone your skills, prepare in advance the phrases that you will use on the air. Also set your own rules in the chat so that each subscriber is comfortable in it. Come up with your own feature that distinguishes you from other streamers. For example, make-up, original design of the channel or an interesting manner of speaking.

Gradually promote your channel. Order advertising from more popular streamers, create publics and groups on social networks. Always develop in your direction – buy better equipment, hone your gaming skills, attract as many new people as possible to your channel, etc. When you have more than 1,000 viewers, move on to drawing contests. And now let’s focus on the most popular content topics.


How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Today, the most popular direction on Twitch is game streaming. Choose any game genre that appeals to you. For example, you can just play an RPG and comment on your actions during the process.

There is another interesting option – multiplayer games. For example, Doty and League of Legends. These popular games have the most streams. Viewers are interested in how the streamer plays and comments. Here, much depends on the personal qualities of the player, for example, his charisma.

Game streams are not only about the streamer just playing. You can tell users the news of the gaming industry, inform about new games, etc. The main thing is to show your imagination and be interesting.

Watch jokes and leave comments

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Commenting on various Internet phenomena is another way to make money on streams. Especially this type of activity is in demand among popular bloggers. Because such content is of interest to subscribers.

Of course, it is not easy to constantly be on the podium and entertain viewers on streams. Therefore, some streamers go in a different direction. Or they stop doing it, earning their millions on it.

How to make money streaming – Other types of content

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

The channel user decides on his own which content to choose. The subject is not limited. It goes like this:

  • Automotive;
  • Cinema;
  • Culinary;
  • Social networks and trends;
  • Technological, etc.

How much do famous streamers earn?

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

Let’s look at a few examples to find out how much you can earn in this area. Of course, the most reliable information cannot be obtained, since most streamers keep the size of their earnings a secret. However, there is a formula that allows you to calculate how much you earn on streams.

  • Versuta earns up to 200 thousand rubles;
  • VJlink -30-50 thousand rubles;
  • Manyrin – about 25 thousand rubles;

The formula itself is simple. We list the main criteria:

  • For one broadcast, the streamer is gaining 1000 viewers.
  • 1500 subscribers, 100 of which purchased a subscription for $3.
  • 80% of viewers have an ad blocker installed.
  • The user sees two advertisements per hour.
  • The stream lasts for 6 hours.
  • The streamer does not have a sponsorship program or donation.

What needs to be done to make the channel successful

How to Make Money Streaming: A Complete Guide + How Much Streamers Earn

  • Don’t forget to thank the viewers who donate.
  • Interaction with the Internet audience. Try to have a dialogue with the users who view your channel.
  • Provide users with a detailed description of your Internet channel.
  • Constantly comment on every action in game streams, even if no one is watching the video stream.
  • Create a clear schedule for your online outings. And be sure to add this information to the description of the channel.

If you play a game designed for eSports at a high level, you may be invited to a team of professionals, where earnings are many times higher than from streaming.

How to make money on streams – Summing up

Many people, having learned how to make money on their streams on Twitch and other well-known Internet sites, are eager to start playing. So there is no competition here. However, remember that making money on Twitch only depends on the number of users online. And for this you need to agitate people to subscribe.

To become a successful streamer, you need not only to have a certain charisma, but also to be ready to invest in the promotion of the channel. If difficulties do not scare you, you are ready to treat stream as your work, putting your soul into it, then this type of income is definitely for you.

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