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Earnings on the Internet – TOP 70 working ways to make money


It’s already 2022, and making money on the Internet is still a relevant and exciting topic.

It is understandable: we are not getting richer, but we need to eat for something. That is why we have compiled a big top of real ways to earn money. And it will suit both beginners and Internet business sharks.

How to make money online

Below we present proven ways to make money online. But first, it’s worth clarifying that each of them should be treated exactly as work.

It is unlikely that someone will want to pay you just like that. This happens only in stupid comedies and in too good dreams. In addition, you will have to work hard and study a lot. So get ready for it right away.

But in order to make money on the Internet, you need to learn how to find proven ways. And that’s why we’ve put together this list.

Way to earn money 1: small tasks

It often happens that you need to complete a small task, but you don’t have enough strength or desire at all. And that brings you to sites where you can delegate this simple job.

But just doing such tasks is a great way to make money on the Internet.

Tasks are of different types. For example, write text, edit an image, draw a picture. And everything like that.

There are two such sites:

You can learn more about them and this method in the article on how to make money in a day.

Way of earning 2: Copywriting

This option has already managed to acquire myths about its prohibitive complexity. But we strongly advise you not to believe them.

Copywriting is the writing of commercial texts.

That is, it is writing texts to order. And it can be any texts: articles, posts for social networks, descriptions of goods in an online store.

Do you think it is difficult to write all this? We are sure that any person who had at least a B in the current language will cope with this. Or at least a solid three.

And orders can be found on freelance sites. For example, on FL.ru.

Way to earn money 3: Doing homework for money

Do you remember how hard it was to find ready-made homework in our time? Now imagine that this can be done in two clicks. Because it is.

Similar work can be found on the same You Do or Workzilla. Or start similar earnings on the Internet with your own group in social networks.

Earning method 4: writing term papers and theses for money

Well, since we are talking about academic activities … There is always the opportunity to plunge into nostalgia and take on the coursework.

Everyone who has gone through this at the university understands that this is a difficult matter. A confused student is ready to pay any money to have a term paper written for him.

And then you don’t even have to think about how to make money on it. Register on specialized sites, find students in need on social networks, and write.

Way to make money 5: transcribing audio and video

Audio and video transcription is becoming more and more popular. Because watching or listening to long materials is not always convenient.

Transcription is the translation into text format of a person’s speech from audio or video.

Such tasks often appear on freelance exchanges. And they are published mostly from online universities. An excellent income on the Internet if you type quickly and have at least a couple of hours of free time left.

Way to earn money 6: work in an online call center

Many companies do not have enough employees to process applications. That is why working in an online call center is so accessible. Yes, and nothing is required for such work: a computer, a microphone and Internet access.

This opportunity is offered by all the largest banks, IT companies and other structures related to money. Most likely, you will be able to get a job at Tinkoff Bank.

Working in an online call center is their main vacancy. Therefore, they willingly take anyone who knows how to talk and solve customer issues.

Earning method 7: work as an online store manager

Working as a manager of an online store involves the active acceptance of orders in an online store.

Online stores are constantly looking for employees who can control orders and product cards on the store pages. This work is not the most difficult, and anyone with a computer and Internet access can handle it.

And the most successful managers receive up to 40 thousand 🪙 per month.

Method 8: making money on the Internet on Yandex Toloka

Yandex is accessed by millions of people a day. Obviously, they do not have enough time to figure everything out on their own. That is why they created the Yandex Toloka service .

Yandex Toloka is a service of small tasks for which real money is paid.

Tasks are not costly either in terms of strength or time. For example, check if a page on a site matches a search query. Or whether the address of the store or its hours of operation is correct.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

Way to earn money 9: make money on a hobby

You are surely into something. Knit cool hats, paint beautifully or teach people to spin on their heads. No difference. Because it can be monetized anyway. That is, it is to make money on a hobby.

In it, making money on a hobby is sometimes even the easiest. And even more so to promote your services. Or record a full webinar. And to visit it, you can always look at courses on attracting traffic.

Method 10: make money from photos

This earnings on the Internet does not require you to have a professional camera. Your phone will be enough. Because their quality is not much inferior to professional ones.

And photo stocks allow you to make money on photos. That is, sites that sell unique photographs. But don’t take pictures of everything.

Method 11: discussion on sites and forums for money

Many sites use services that increase user engagement.

And engagement consists not only of the time you spend on the site, but also of user conversations. But if comments are not left on their own, site owners are willing to pay for them.

This is where your turn comes. There are large services that take orders and transfer them to you. For example, qcomment.

Way to earn money 12: install applications

To make money on the Internet using this method, a simple phone is enough. And the operating system doesn’t matter. You can download applications for money on both Android and iOS.

But be careful. Choose the right apps and never pay money to download. Because only scammers can claim this.

Way to make money 13: Dropshipping

Don’t be afraid of unknown words. Because in fact, this earnings on the Internet is easier than it seems.

Dropshipping is a system in which a supplier delivers goods directly to a buyer. Therefore, the seller does not store the goods in his warehouse and is, in fact, an intermediary.

It works like this:

  1. The seller receives the order
  2. Transfers the order to the supplier
  3. The supplier delivers the goods to the buyer

Three simple steps and money in your pocket. The main thing here is to negotiate with the supplier and find potential customers. And you don’t have to think about delivery, purchasing goods and other things.

Well, to better understand this topic, you can watch the video below.

Working ways to make money with investments

Working ways to make money with investments are not so easy to find. On the one hand, scammers, on the other hand, the lack of available information on the topic. And how to be in such a situation?

Of course, trust the experts in this matter. In this case, to us, the blog kakzarabotat.net. We specifically examined the entire Internet and compiled a whole list.

In this list you will find real ways to make money with investments. The size of these investments will differ: somewhere it will take quite a bit, and somewhere more. But your ultimate benefit also depends on it. Because free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap.

Earning Method 14: Cryptocurrency Mining

And although every month there are less and less options to make money on this, mining is still popular.

We have already talked about what a cryptocurrency is. Therefore, here we will only say that you need a powerful computer or several video cards to earn money.

Or buying special "farms" if you decide to take cryptocurrency mining seriously. That’s what a financial investment is all about, aside from electricity bills. Although if you do everything right, you will hardly have to worry about it.

Way to Make Money 15: Reselling Stuff on Online Classifieds Sites

The essence of this method is clear even from the name. All you have to do is buy low and sell high.

On sites like Avito, sellers often underestimate prices. But that’s their problem, right? An enterprising and potentially successful person will always find a buyer.

But for this you need to work with the attractiveness of the ad. People need to want to buy your product. And perhaps not at the best price. Therefore, work on headings and design. And then the resale of goods will be a profitable help for you.

Way of earning 16: creating an online store

If selling products on the same site does not suit you, think about your own.

There you can set your prices, favorable conditions for you and everything like that. Complete freedom. Only now you have to hire programmers, call center operators and other employees.

Or do not make hasty decisions and use the Goodly.pro service. It allows you to create your own online store in two clicks. And besides this, it gives bonus tools for advertising, email newsletters and other useful things.

Way to earn money 17: creating a website

If selling goods is not the most pleasant task for you, create a website.

And you can always learn how to do it, because there are already thousands of tutorial videos on the Internet. Therefore, pay attention to the creation of the site. You will definitely succeed.

Way to earn money 18: create a personal blog

This option is almost the same as the previous one. But the key word here is “almost".

The main difference is that a blog is where you write about what you know. Or about what you like and what clings to your soul. Moreover, it can be absolutely any topic, up to cross-stitching, standing on the head of a drunken elephant. Your reader will definitely find you.

And then you can already place ads on your site and earn money from it. Although such earnings on the Internet can also be built on the introduction of partner materials into articles.

Method 19: making money on Vkontakte and Facebook communities

Social networks can also serve as a source of income on the Internet.

To do this, you need to find useful content: make it yourself or buy it on freelance exchanges. Although this is not necessary: ​​everything on the Internet is easily obtained for free. Especially social media content.

And a VKontakte group is created in two clicks. It is moving in much the same way: VKontakte advertising tools are understandable and convenient. But if you do not want to invest in promotion with money, get ready for the long development of the group.

Method 20: social media promotion

To get a decent income on the Internet, it is not necessary to create your own social networks.

If you master these tools, you will have a great opportunity to earn extra money.

Method 21: making money on the Internet on personal pages of Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter

Making money on the Internet is possible not only on large communities. Sometimes it’s even more important to develop a personal brand.

In 2019, people tend not to separate groups and personal pages. The subscription system works absolutely everywhere. Therefore, you can not waste time and energy on the development of the group, and just take up your personal page wisely.

At the same time, making money on the Internet on personal pages is a profitable option. Advertisers are increasingly turning to bloggers to promote their products. Because ordinary people have more trust in specific individuals, and not in brands.

Way to earn money 22: selling accounts in social networks

You can earn money not only on advertising, but also on the resale of accounts.

For developed VKontakte communities, they take from a thousand to fifty thousand 🪙, depending on the number of subscribers. Telegram channels are also well bought.

And especially successful ones were sold for a million 🪙. So you know what to aim for.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

Earning method 23: make money on youtube

This option is perfect for you if you like to talk about something, but writing texts is not your forte. And it’s not hard to make money on youtube.

If you have something to talk about or you can find interesting topics for videos, this method is for you. Having successfully promoted the channel, the money will start to find you.

Not only does YouTube itself pay money for displaying ads, but you will also have the opportunity for advertising integrations. And this is already much more serious amounts. So think about it. If you try, you will definitely succeed in making money on youtube.

Method 24: make money on Yandex Zen

Yandex Zen is a service that collects hundreds of articles on various topics.

Any author can register and post their articles. And the Zen algorithm will provide them with readers who will be interested in the topic of the article.

But that’s not the only plus. In addition to the audience, Yandex is also ready to pay if the materials are interesting enough for readers. So if you write well, pay attention to Yandex Zen.

Method 25: make money on affiliate programs

This is almost the most common earnings on the Internet. And so it is available to everyone.

Typically, income is based on the fact that you attract customers to the site, and you are paid money for this. That’s all. And no difficulties, intricate schemes and secret plans to deceive.

But this earnings on the Internet is revealed in a new light, if you combine it with the previous ones. Then you will have an active audience that is more likely to buy partner products. And then you will have more money.

We have already talked about how to make money on affiliate programs in a separate article. There, the well-known infobusinessman Igor Krestinin will tell you about the best ways to make money on affiliate programs.

Way to make money 26: reselling websites

Building your own website is a good permanent money-making option. But if long planning and setup is not for you, then it is better to choose reselling sites.

In this sense, the site is no different from physical goods. And its resale is just as common.

Way to make money 27: reselling domains

Reselling domains works in much the same way as buying and selling websites.

Domains, if you select relevant ones, will always find their buyer. Sites are created every day, and suitable names for them are registered three times more often.

Therefore, you can analyze which domains will be relevant in, say, a week, and buy them. And in a week, if you calculated everything correctly, you will get your benefit.

Way to make money 28: selling links

You can sell links on your own website or blog.

Just post links to other resources in your articles, increasing their positions in social networks and getting good money for it. To do this, you only need to register on the reference exchanges.

For example, on gogetlinks.

Way of earning 29: money at auctions

The Internet in 2019 is surrounded by auctions. Every self-respecting online store holds such promotions. And make money at auctions really.

Moreover, you really have all the tools to make money at the auction. The Internet, small funds to buy discounted goods at auction, and sites like Avito. They will buy quality items at a reasonable price quickly. Dare!

Way to earn money 30: use a SIM card for money

Did you know that people are willing to pay to use your SIM card? If not, please answer the following questions:

  • Do you receive SMS from apps at least once a day?
  • Would you like to indicate someone else’s number when registering on sites that you will need only once?
  • Are you ready to pay three rubles for this?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions, then you are the target audience of services that provide temporary phone numbers for registrations.

And they are always on the lookout for new numbers. On their service, you can confidently earn up to 3 thousand per month. And use this money to promote other ways to make money on the Internet.

Method 31: earn money on traffic arbitration

Before opening this topic, it is necessary to clarify the main terms.

Traffic is visitors to a specific site.

And its arbitration is the redirection of traffic to other sources. This option also works great in conjunction with the previous ones. The ideal option is your own website and a link in an affiliate program.

For arbitration, you will have to create a separate page or landing page that will send people through an affiliate link. And you will get money.

Method 32: earning on lead generation

This method is practically no different from the previous one.

Earnings on lead generation is built on the fact that you collect your subscription base. For these purposes, the same personal website or blog is suitable. It allows you to quickly collect interested subscribers.

And then you can offer ads for someone else’s products to your subscription base. Therefore, earning on lead generation is a working additional income.

Way of earning 33: selling goods from China

Selling goods from China is like reselling promotional goods.

Because Chinese manufacturers produce various equipment at a low price. And they are constantly looking for people who will be ready to sell their goods.

Believe me, this is how any sale of goods from China works. Even in the shops closest to you. Only the margin will be much higher than yours, due to the salaries of employees and the rent of the premises.

Way to make money 34: reselling informational materials

We will talk about the infobusiness in this article. But before that, let’s talk about an easier way to make money on the transfer of information.

Many infobusinessmen not only give access to their courses, but also give resale rights. This means that having studied the materials, you can safely sell access to them yourself.

And in this case, you will receive the money. Thus, you not only learn, but also earn money.

Method 35: making money on crowdfunding

This method, of course, can be attributed to simple savings. But we decided that it would be perfect for starting an online business.

Crowdfunding  is a system in which project financing relies on the money of future customers, and not on sponsors and investors.

Let’s say you have a small start-up capital and a business idea. Maybe it will be related to the production of digital products on the Internet. Where to get money for its creation if there are no sponsors? For future clients, of course!

There are many sites for crowdfunding. For example, the international KickStarter or its recent analogue – Boomstarter. there you can leave your application, and if the project is of interest to a large number of people, you will have money for its implementation.

Way of earning 36: investing

We think there is no need to explain what it is. If you are reading these lines, you are a literate person.

Anything can be invested online. You can invest in bitcoin. Its course is cyclical. This means that it periodically falls, but then it certainly increases. And on the difference between these rates, you can earn a nice amount.

Or you can always invest in real projects. Buy shares, become a partner of any store and receive your dividends.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

How to make money online with your skills

But if you are interested in stable and high earnings, it’s time to think about how to make money on the Internet using your skills.

And you definitely have the skills. You are a living person, with your own interests, desires and professional education. And, believe me, your skills will definitely find a place. The main thing is to understand how to monetize them.

And to make your understanding of how to make money on the Internet on your skills less painful, we have compiled a list of ideas for making money. Not all of these ideas may work for you, but they can push you towards the perfect one.

Money Idea 37: Creative Copywriting

“Copywriting again?” you thought. Not again, but again. And not just copywriting, but creative!

And if you are doing well with the analysis of the target audience, their interests and, of course, with the letter, creative copywriting is your ideal option.

Earning idea 38: creating a website to order

It will be ideal if you have already honed your skills on a personal website or blog. And now you know exactly how the whole process of creating websites is built.

But if it’s not, don’t despair. Try to make a few test sites, take a couple of courses, and then feel free to grab orders.

They pay good money, and all on the same freelance exchanges that we indicated above.

Money Idea 39: Tutoring

If you have some specific knowledge, you should not waste it on simple homework. Take it higher: tutoring right away.

They pay much more for this. Yes, and much more interesting. Even if you know ordinary mathematics or the current language, you will come in handy. But the most demanded of all is an English teacher.

There are many schools of English for this. Contact any one, and you will definitely find a place there.

Earning Idea 40: Design Services

If you’re good at drawing, consider taking on design services.

Because good design in our time is needed by every company or website. You can create designer layouts for landing pages, completely think over the look of the site, or take on simpler work and draw, for example, logos.

You can offer your design services on the same freelance exchanges. Or combine several earning ideas and create your own website or page on a social network.

In addition, you can earn:

  • adding effects to advertisements, movies and other videos;
  • working on concept art, characters for games, creating graphics for them;
  • creating your own online or offline courses, teaching in art schools;
  • coming up with interior designs, clothes or costumes;
  • selling your prints;
  • creating logos, brandbooks, designs for websites and presentations.

Money Idea 41: Social Media Administration

Maintaining your social networks only becomes more difficult with time.

The number of subscribers is growing, and with it the demands of the audience. Therefore, content should appear more often, and at the same time not lose quality. One person cannot cope with such a flow.

And this is a great opportunity for people who understand the trends of the Internet. Because these are the people they are looking for to administer large communities and pay good money for this.

Money Idea 42: Video Editing

In the age of YouTube, it’s time to take on video editors and learn editing.

Even those who are not well versed in this craft can quickly learn it. Fortunately, there are many quick and inexpensive courses. Or even free materials all on the same YouTube.

On freelance sites, orders for video editing often appear. And the prices for such work reach ten thousand per video. Consider for yourself how profitable it is.

Money Idea 43: Translation Services

An option for people who are strong in more than just the current language.

In 2019, globalization is gaining momentum. And now it’s just nowhere without interaction with foreign-speaking people. Therefore, the services of an interpreter are valued more than ever.

On freelance exchanges, it is easy to find orders for the translation of technical texts, artistic materials, and even entire lectures. Payment always varies and depends on the complexity of the text, and your translation speed. Obviously, the faster and better – the more expensive.

Earning idea 44: SEO promotion

Promoting websites only through advertising is no longer so profitable.

Much more effective is SEO-optimization of the site. That is, the creation of a site with the expectation that it will be found through the search engines Google or Yandex.

Such a promotion brings constant unique visitors and helps to earn good money on advertising and affiliate materials. Therefore, it makes sense to enroll in courses or learn SEO promotion on your own, and make money from it.

A great option if you are looking for affordable earnings on the Internet.

Earning Idea 45: Customizing Ads

If the previous option does not suit you for some reason, you can return to the classic options for website promotion and set up advertising for money.

Webmasters are constantly looking for capable people. They are interested in contextual and targeted advertising. But they also never forget about partner materials.

Such orders can be found on social networks or on freelance exchanges.

Money Idea 46: Programming

Learning to program is easier than you think.

Especially if you have a technical mindset. And once you have the necessary skills, put them to work. Find orders on freelance exchanges and get good money.

Usually, customers need website layout, creation of small applications or telegram bots.

Money idea 47: computer games

In 2019, computer games are not only entertainment, but also a possible source of income on the Internet. And at the same time, the opportunities to earn an immense amount. For example:

  • Sale of in-game goods (resale of virtual weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can bring up to 30 thousand 🪙 per item);
  • Promoting other players on the leaderboard or leveling them up;
  • Bets on eSports events;
  • Participation in eSports tournaments;

And this is only a small part of what computer games offer. You can also choose what you like. In 2019, this niche is not yet too densely populated with projects and still brings in money.

Money idea 48: infobusiness

Ideal if you do not want to share your knowledge and expertise.

Yes, in the 21st century this has its price. And a big one. So think carefully about what you do best and pack it all into a tutorial.

We have already talked about this method in more detail in this article. There you will learn how to earn 500000 🪙 quickly and easily.

Money Idea 49: Hosting Webinars for Money

This option can be successfully combined with the previous one.

Webinars are online seminars. A common format for online learning. Most often, webinars cover earnings on the Internet, starting your own business and personal growth.

But narrow niches are also in demand. And if you are an expert in some narrowly focused topic, you will definitely find your audience.

Earning idea 50: online consultations

It’s almost the same as webinars, but with one exception.

Online consultations are individual sessions with clients. Instead of sharing knowledge with an unknown number of viewers, you understand the specific problem of a specific person.

And you give advice, focusing on specific problems, not general ones. And you get much more money for it, of course.

Ways to make money online without investment

But if the previous options did not suit you for some reason, we have prepared new ones. We present to your attention ways to earn money without investments.

They will suit everyone. Schoolchildren, office workers, and retired people will be able to earn money. The only limitation is your time and desire.

But, rest assured, these ways to make money on the Internet without investment will definitely bring an extra penny to your family budget.

Way of earning 51: money on clicks

The classic way to make money online.

It seems that we all once made money on clicks. Because there are no special requirements for such work. You simply click on an ad and get a tiny percentage of what the person who places it gets.

But click money is small money.

Way to earn money 52: watch videos for money

An option very similar to the previous one. Only instead of clicking on advertising banners, watching videos for money.

They pay a little more money for this. But it’s still not as big as you imagined. In comparison with professional work, such earnings on the Internet lose in all respects.

Way of earning 53: entering captcha for money

Many sites send spam and get paid for it.

But their bots are not able to overcome captcha protection. It is for these purposes that they are looking for people who can introduce them. And they pay some interest for it.

Not a bad option to earn a couple of thousand a week. If you spend enough time, of course.

Way to earn money 54: taking paid surveys

Companies often pay to take surveys.

Because it is much cheaper than doing it through intermediaries. And the passage of such surveys gives you the opportunity to earn some extra money by answering simple questions.

Way of earning 55: cheating behavioral factors

To promote sites, search engines analyze their behavioral factors.

Behavioral factors are how the user interacts with the site. Behavioral factors include time on the site, number of open pages, etc.

There are special services for cheating them. For example Userator. They pay money for small tasks that need to be completed on a specific site. Follow the link, stay on the page for a while, and so on.

Way to earn money 56: writing reviews for money

From the title, everything seems to be clear.

Writing reviews for money is a classic way to make money online. Every day, new sites, services or real establishments appear that need a stream of positive reviews.

And they are willing to pay money for writing reviews. This gives a great boost to those who want to share their opinion, and you get a small reward for a few minutes of free time.

Way of earning 57: comments on sites for money

This point also applies to behavioral factors.

But unlike other factors, comments are required much more often. And they pay relatively well. The most active commentators sometimes get up to five thousand 🪙 per week.

And this, you see, is good money for comments on sites.

Method 58: making money on browser extensions

Making money on browser extensions is almost the same as watching ads.

Only instead of special services browser extensions are used. These are small programs that show you advertisements on the bottom right screen.

And for watching it you get a small reward. A good way to earn extra money if you are not distracted by ads in the corner of the screen.

Money ways to earn money

Below we will present the monetary ways of earning money on the Internet. But keep in mind that they are associated with great risks. But they have a lot of money in them.

Therefore, by trying each of the options below, you take full responsibility.

But, again, these are really money-making ways. And that’s where you can really make money. But only if you try hard and be careful. Go ahead.

Earning Method 59: Binary Options

Known to many earnings on the Internet, which allows you to earn on the purchase and sale of currencies.

Money is taken, according to multiple sites, from the difference in exchange rates. That is, you buy, say, a dollar for 60 🪙, tomorrow it costs 61 🪙, and as a result, you get a ruble from each dollar sold.

But to get money you need to pump strongly in this direction and be extremely lucky.

Way of earning 60: forex

The same as the previous version.

Only all trades are conducted on the internal account of your forex service. And in this case, he also receives all the profit, even if you lose. Therefore, we do not think that this is the most honest form of making money on the Internet.

But you can really get money here. Again, with great luck and skill.

Way of earning 61: financial pyramids

Despite a massive government information campaign, pyramid schemes still exist.

And those who use them wisely manage to earn good money. Therefore, study each proposed financial pyramid wisely, focusing on our article, and earn money.

Or write in the comments if you managed to get out of the financial pyramid at least once with real money.

Way of earning 62: network marketing

Many confuse it with financial pyramids. But they are wrong.

And at the same time earn very good money. Try not to immediately refuse the next incoming offer. Perhaps it is because of him that you will become a millionaire.

Way of earning 63: fast-burning pyramids

These are the financial pyramids that openly say what they are. And that they will close very soon.

Therefore, they are willing to pay huge interest on large sums of money. The most daring and desperate will win, and not bad at that.

But, you understand, this is a very risky enterprise, and we strongly advise you not to take this option if you are not confident in your abilities.

Way to earn money 64: online quizzes

More and more options for earning based on your erudition appear on the network.

For example, quite recently the quiz “Clover” was popular, which took place in online broadcasts of the social network Vkontakte. People were paid good money for correct answers to questions.

But this is unlikely to lead to a stable income. That is why it is in this section.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

Way of earning 65: investment in bitcoin

Earnings on the Internet, which requires an investment of money. Investing in bitcoin is an option where you can invest money and forget about it for a while.

Then wait for the inevitable rise in the price of this cryptocurrency, and sell it to those who wish. You can earn large sums of money on this method, depending on what you are willing to invest.

And how long to wait for a rise in the price of bitcoin, of course.

Way of earning 66: buying stocks

Buying shares of existing companies is another way to make money on the Internet that ordinary people are afraid to use.

But in fact, it is a very profitable investment. And many large companies are happy to sell their shares. For example, Tinkoff Bank recently launched its service.

He offers to become a partner of the company and buy back several shares. And then receive dividends from them. You can study the conditions yourself on their promo site.

Way of earning 67: real estate services

You can offer your real estate services online.

Usually they are engaged in the promotion of certain apartments of the owners on online platforms like Avito. And they take a percentage of the transaction.

And these percentages reach up to 80% of renting or selling an apartment.

Way of earning 68: legal services

A method following from the previous one. It is only suitable for those people who understand something in jurisprudence.

We are well aware that many lawyers work outside their specialty, and now many of those reading this article are lawyers. Now, this is the perfect money-making opportunity for you lawyers.

By the way, you can offer them all on the same Avito or freelance exchanges.

Way of earning 69: accounting services

The same applies to you, dear economists.

The main thing is to understand exactly how to monetize your knowledge. You just don’t know how badly many self-employed people need your services.

After all, it depends on you whether he will have problems with taxes, salaries of employees and other financial troubles.

Way to Make Money 70: Adult Video Description

Yes, from this you can get not only pleasure and condemning views of the second half.

The essence of the work is that you describe what is happening on the screen and come up with a name. So to say, combine the pleasant with the useful and profitable.

This opportunity is provided by the TubeAdmin service. You can earn up to 25 thousand 🪙 per month in it. But the source of income, you know, is doubtful.

Additional ways to earn money

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

streaming earnings

This is a way in which both a beginner and an experienced specialist can earn a lot. The only question is what will your streams be about. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves a little, it’s better to start with a definition.

Streams are live video broadcasts on the Internet, respectively, streamers are those who conduct them. They can be held on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, as well as on social networks like Instagram. Streams were born along with Internet tournaments, which were shown online, and then recorded. Anything can be live right now. The main sources of income are advertising and donations.

Choose any topic that you are well versed in, be it cooking, sports or the same games. Organize conversational or even popular science streams: in fact, everyone can share their experience. Think about what you are good at, and if you can’t figure it out yourself, then ask your friends. Just ask what information they would come to you for.

Building applications and services

In today’s world, there are more and more virtual elements and online tools that make life easier. If you have a good idea that will help other people, invest in it. How to make money on it? There are many options: for example, users pay for a subscription or make in-app purchases. In addition, the author receives money from embedded advertising, from sponsors and private advertisers, and merchandise sales.

The minimum investment is from 40,000 🪙 for development. This is relatively small. Decide what you want to do: messenger or dating app? Or something unrelated to communication? For example, a useful tool like an organizer, something for business or travel. Perhaps it will be a game or something like a store.

The main disadvantage of this method is high competition. Whatever topic you choose, most likely someone has already done it. The other question is what may have done poorly and you can do better. This leads to the second minus – the high cost of development. Yes, in theory you can start with any amount, but to do well, you need money. This means that investments will have to be made. Fortunately, investors in this area are easier to find than in others.

Earning on consulting

In essence, consulting is business advice on finance, management, marketing, etc. People are willing to pay good money for advice that will help them get more out of their jobs. This means that you must be an expert in one of the topics. Based on this, choose a specialization.

Let it be advertising if you have cases, or analytics if you easily lay out everything using numbers. Approach from the other side: find the desired sphere. Have you been in real estate for 10 years? Already know how to quickly sell any apartment or increase its price? Or maybe you understand perfectly how the image affects income, and know how to correct the shortcomings?

Once you understand what you can and want to do, decide on the format of work. There are several options. This is, for example, work for a corporation. Pros: good pay, tutors. Cons: a lot of routine tasks, it takes a long time to climb the career ladder. In small firms, the path to success is shorter, but the profits are smaller.

A completely different story – working for yourself. On the one hand, you have a free schedule, endless career opportunities and customers that you choose yourself. On the other hand, you have to look for clients on your own, solve complex problems. This is a very unstable option.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

Earnings on games

If you open the ratings of games and understand that you have played everything from the list, then this method is for you. The first thing you can do is start streaming. The second is to participate in tournaments, earning a percentage of victories and advertising contracts. In addition, if you have been in the industry for a long time, you can bet on games. This, as is usually the case with risky methods, is profitable only in some cases.

Another story for “experienced” gamers is coaching and other services. In this case, you can help beginners complete difficult missions, reach high levels, advance them in leagues and share winning positions.

Finally, if you are a beginner, do a booster, that is, pumping other people’s accounts. This usually takes a long time and brings little income, but it allows you to quickly improve skills and move on to more profitable ideas.

Earnings on an online agency

In order to open your own digital agency, you need a lot of knowledge and experience: the ability to work in a team, look for partners and clients, talk about the benefits. You need to be at least a little analyst, marketer and manager all rolled into one. If this is about you, decide on a topic. It can be website development, branding, consulting, SEO optimization, etc.

Think about what your client will be like. Are these large corporations looking for growth points? Or maybe it’s a medium business? Are you more focused on private professionals, restaurants or large stores?

If you plan to connect your activities with SEO, then you need a competent SEO specialist, programmer and content manager. If you will promote others in social networks, then you need to hire a targetologist, designer, copywriter.

Start small: decide on prices, create a website and social networks, select promotion channels. It is not necessary to immediately pay people a salary: work on orders. At the very beginning, however, you will have to hire a marketer if you are not well versed in sales, and a sales manager.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

Book earnings

New technologies allow modern writers to earn on their work, investing only their time in business. First, you can sell your book through a publisher. This is the oldest, but disadvantageous way. For starters, it’s very difficult to negotiate with a publisher to release a work. In addition, the author usually receives no more than 10 percent of sales. On the other hand, you don’t have to think about promotions, taxes, etc. on your own.

Secondly, you can publish a printed book yourself. To do this, you need to attract investors or start raising money on one of the crowdfunding sites. You will need a good business plan, cost data and estimated payback periods, evidence that what you wrote will be in demand. The main disadvantages of the method are large time and financial costs.

Third, selling the book online. You don’t need a printing house – just put the texts on "Samizdat" or "Ghost Worlds". Negotiate with the creators of online libraries, reader applications, online bookstores. Keep in mind that a low entry threshold means high competition. It will not be easy to get to the top, but this is a chance to receive from 100,000 🪙 monthly without investment.

Earnings on e-mail newsletters

One of the tools for promoting products is an email newsletter – the company sends letters, and the recipients go to the site and order services or goods. This way you can promote both your own products and those of others.

At the first stage, you need to invest money – you can start with 10,000 🪙. They will be required to assemble the base, connect the necessary services such as Unisender. Next is content creation. Keep in mind that to get the result you need not one letter, but a whole chain. You can start with an acquaintance, then talk about who needs the product, about its benefits, and then about why you need to buy right now. The more knowledge and skills you have, the less financial investment you will need. If you yourself understand marketing and write well, you do not need a copywriter. However, if you are new to this business, you will have to hire a professional and share the profits.

Income depends on many factors:

  1. The niche in which you work: the percentage of the sale of a car is higher than the percentage of the sale of, say, a table;
  2. Number of subscribers: it is easier to sell to 10 people out of 100 than to 10 people out of 10;
  3. Product quality: good products are always more in demand on the market;
  4. Content: the more “tasty” you talk about the features, advantages of the product, the better it sells.

Start by creating a subscription page and posting it on a blog or website, and then use different promotion methods.

Earning from voice acting

Are you often told that you have a beautiful speech, voice, excellent diction? Or perhaps you work as a presenter or vocalist? Then earn extra money on voice acting! For this, high speed of speech, purity of voice, absence of defects, expressiveness are important.

Another option is radio. This is a more stable option, more interesting because you can have your own transmission. The downside is low income. Most often, those who really like their work remain on the radio for a long time.

Earnings on NFTs

Now, in order to sell something, it is not necessary that this “something” be material. Now, as an NFT, you can sell clips from the film, as Quentin Tarantino tried to do, graffiti or even a popular meme.

With the advent of NFT, the world of artists, photographers and other creative people has turned upside down. If earlier it was possible to sell his work in only one gallery, now the artist collaborates with a dozen galleries.

Before that, many faced plagiarism: works were copied, used in advertising without permission, etc. This was a problem before the advent of NFT – now the more you are mentioned, the more popular you are, the more expensive your work is.

In order to sell something as an NFT, you need to select works and upload them to special sites like Open Sea or Foundation. On many of them you need to pay gas, that is, an initial fee for loading work. However, usually the minimum cost of work on such platforms is from $100.

Earnings on the Internet - TOP 70 working ways to make money

Earnings on ICO

ICO is the initial offering of tokens. In fact, these are the same bonds: in exchange for your money, the company gives you tokens. As a result, you either store tokens and receive a part of the company’s profit, or sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is a venture type of investment – the company may turn out to be unreliable, go bankrupt or suddenly disappear. Then you won’t get anything. On the other hand, you can multiply the invested money thousands of times: the same Ethereum has grown from a few dollars to one and a half thousand.

Try to invest at the very beginning, but remember that after the start of trading, the tokens of most projects will become cheaper: the owners will start selling bonus tokens. Be extremely careful about ICO advertising: often site owners, bloggers, do not understand the topic themselves. Keep an eye on ratings on sites like prometheus and read the forums, but be careful about all judgments.

Last tip: look for applied projects in niches that you understand. Revolutionary stories do not always turn out to be real in the end.

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