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How to make money as a teenager legally and without investment


There are several proven ways to make money as a teenager. First of all, all the presented methods are available from the age of 14, when, according to the law, it is already possible to work part-time. In other words, the formal arrangement will require parental permission in writing. While at the age of 15 no notes from the family are required, and from the age of 16 it is already possible to work 35 hours a week.

How to make money as a teenager legally and without investment

We earn at home

The search for money-making activities usually begins on social networks and on various sites on the network. First of all, you need to understand that teenagers can make money on the Internet. In addition, there are completely legal ways, here they are:

  • Social media group manager. VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram are the three most popular platforms for developing their communities, selling goods and services. First of all, responsibilities include creating, publishing posts, monitoring group posts and comments. In addition, you will need to respond to comments, communicate with those who want to place ads, and ban troublemakers from a trusted resource. And the salary in this area will be about 8-20 thousand 🪙;
  • Copywriting or Yandex.Zen. Any literate teenager can try his hand at writing. The first step is to prepare articles on various topics. Here it is better to choose directions that are close in spirit and age. For example, you can write about fashion, cinema, video games, books, and more. For such purposes, there are well-known sites such as Text.ru, Kwork.ru. In addition, you can start your own channel on Yandex.Zen and regularly post articles on it. And when you reach 10 thousand subscribers, you can receive up to 30 thousand 🪙 per month from advertising;
  • Photo content. Another option: you can sell pictures taken on your own phone on photo stocks. The main requirement here is quality content. In addition, you need to look at what exactly sells well on a particular photo exchange. For example, if a teenager understands proofreading programs (for example, Photoshop), you can earn money by editing avatars to acquaintances and friends. The price of one edited picture is 300-500 rubles;
  • Transcription. The business of translating audio text into written form. This will require a computer or laptop, headphones, patience and the ability to type quickly. For such orders they pay 10-15🪙 for 1 min. text. In other words, in an hour a teenager will be able to earn about 600-900 🪙 At the same time, you can look for orders for transcription on Workzilla and similar sites.

How to make money as a teenager legally and without investment

Work offline

There are many types of part-time jobs where even schoolchildren are taken, so a teenager can earn money not only on the network:

  • Dog walking. They pay 120-300 rubles for one walk per hour. And customers can be found in neighboring houses. First of all, this type of work is relevant for large cities and is suitable for 14-15 years old and older;
  • Handmade in business. Own drawings, stickers, figurines made of polymer clay, woven bracelets or crafts made from tree stumps – there is a buyer for any product. First you have to create a group to promote your products. In addition, be as responsible as possible in terms of fulfilling orders on time. It will also be necessary to agree with the parents to provide their card for the transfer of earned money;
  • Leaflets. How to quickly earn a thousand 🪙? First of all, you can distribute leaflets near shopping centers, put up ads or work as promoters. Thus, the salary will be 150-300🪙 per hour. Also, the reward depends on the duration and complexity of the task;
  • Garden cleaning. In small towns, there are few shopping centers that allow a teenager to earn money from advertising. But a large private sector opens up opportunities for manual labor. For example, clearing leaves from gardens, preparing land for spring planting, or helping care for poultry. In other words, this is a great option to get 300-500🪙 for a few hours of work.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is not so difficult for a teenager to earn money. First you need to determine the occupation and now you have 1-2 thousand 🪙 in your pocket in just a couple of days. It is also worth remembering that it is better to specify the method of payment in advance (cash or card). In addition, when working offline, it would be better to conclude an employment contract that guarantees the receipt of earned money on time and in full.

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