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Free webinars: how to make money on online courses


You know perfectly well that we have moved from the industrial age to the information age. Hard physical work, coal mines and factories are not valued the way they used to be. Because in 2019 information is more important. And you can get it by studying free webinars.

In this article, we will explain what webinars are, where to watch them, and how to get the most out of them.

What is a webinar

A webinar is an online training that is conducted by an expert in a particular field.

This word comes from the English "webinar", combining the words "web" and "seminar". In other words, this is training that differs from the classical one only in that it takes place on the Internet. And at the same time, its format is simple to the point of impossibility.

Users invited to online training gather in a special room. It’s called a webinar room. Then either live broadcasts or recordings of webinars begin.

This training is provided by experts in a particular field. It doesn’t matter which one. But each of these experts receives a certificate confirming their competence. And that allows them to host open webinars.

Free webinars: how to make money on online courses

Types of webinars

Like any phenomenon, an online seminar can be divided into several types. So, among other things, there are:

  • Free webinars and paid
  • Selling webinars and training
  • Open webinars and closed

On the one hand, everything is clear from the name. But in fact, each of these options has its own nuances. And so we will talk about them separately.

1 Free and paid webinars

Everything is clear with paid webinars. You pay a certain amount of money, and you can watch the webinar completely free. These are normal market relations. And in this case, you have the opportunity to be indignant if the quality of the goods provided does not correspond to the declared one.

Free webinars are more difficult in this regard. And the whole snag lies in the purpose of their implementation. It is to engage the audience. That is, you.

They often cover interesting topics but don’t go into detail. This is done in order to catch your interest. And only then – bring to the paid. But a good free webinar is no different from a paid one. And sometimes in general – one and a half times better. Therefore, we advise you not to be biased towards them and visit as often as possible.

2 Selling webinars and educational

Selling and training online courses also differ in the purpose of their conduct. But this difference can be traced not in monetization, but in the format of the presentation of the material.

Selling webinars are always more intense. They collect the main catchy information in themselves to lead you to a purchase. Therefore, they often act as a lead magnet for educators.

Trainers, in turn, consistently present information. They take place at a certain time and according to a clear schedule. And for those who missed the event, a recording is usually available.

3 Open webinars and closed

Hearing these names, people think of bans and censorship. But in fact, they reflect the accessibility of the course to the audience.

Open webinars are available to everyone. They are open to a mass audience, and people do not have to go through a long registration process. Such online courses are used to attract an audience. And after watching them, the speakers invite you to take closed courses.

Closed webinars differ in the number of participants. In order to watch an open online course, you need to register in advance or go through a rigorous selection process. But these webinars tend to convey more valuable information.

Where to watch the webinar for free

Choosing a training site is an important task. Because you don’t want to trust someone you don’t know. And we understand you very well. And the right teacher is half of your success.

But finding a good online course is not so difficult. On the Internet, at every step, there is either a platform or a webinar promotion service. And in this variety, real diamonds of useful information are hidden.

But how to choose them? Before watching an open course, see if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The real experience of the author – after all, you need a practitioner with successful cases behind him, and not just talkers;
  2. A convenient platform for a webinar – no one wants to look at a low-quality picture with a disgusting sound;
  3. Free webinar recordings – you won’t always have time to watch the live broadcast, so pay attention to the availability of recordings;
  4. The ability to comment  – feedback from the author during training is as important as the knowledge that he gives.
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