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how to make money with books


If you like to write, you have at least some free time, a laptop and a desire to become richer, think about how to make money from books. You will be surprised, but there are many ways that do not require large investments.

how to make money with books

If earlier the authors wrote their works almost in notebooks, sometimes on the table, and sometimes shared their work for free, now new technologies allow us to do things differently. A modern writer can use the services of publishing houses, publish works on the Internet and social networks, and print small editions on their own.

Creative people now do have more freedom of speech than in times past. Even if the editor doesn’t like the book, you can promote it yourself. If you’re not happy with the amount you’ve been offered for posting, you can get more by taking on additional responsibilities.

What’s more, you don’t have to write a lot to make a business out of it. We talk about different ways to make money that are suitable for both a novice author and an entrepreneur.

Ways to make money with books

how to make money with books

Make money by reading books

How do you think, how to make money reading books? Many people think that this is generally impossible, but they are wrong. First, you can write short reviews on special sites. These are, for example, Otzovik and Irecommend. The only difficulty will be to study the keywords for which they are looking for reviews. It is important that your comments are viewed, as it is for views that you get money.

A similar method: writing short reviews of films and books on thematic resources. For one mini-article they pay from 50 to 100 🪙. Accordingly, after spending a few hours, you can get 700 – 1000 🪙 additionally.

A more interesting and profitable way is the voice acting of audiobooks. To work, you need excellent diction and a well-trained voice, as well as a soundproof room and a microphone. If you have a background in music or journalism, this will be an advantage. You can search for orders on exchanges like fl.ru or create and promote your website.

How to make money writing a book

We will not write about how to publish a book through a publishing house – there is already a lot of information about this. We only mention that now this is one of the most disadvantageous options: the author will receive only a small percentage of sales. To make money on this, you need huge circulations.

There are other options – for example, crowdfunding. You write a few chapters for free and donate access to the rest. For those who invest more, you can send a paper version or other additional bonuses. In this case, you do not risk anything, but the disadvantage of this method is that it is so difficult to advertise the project and increase the audience.

Another option is to search for an investor, a sponsor. In this case, you need a business plan that will prove to the businessman that the investment will not be in vain and will pay off. Pay special attention to the numbers: cost, payback period, estimated income.

Find tips on how to sell your book online and make money from it. You can choose a difficult path and create your own platform – a website or social networks. You will have to fill them out, advertise and analyze them yourself.

Another way is through online authoring sites such as Samizdat, Phantom Worlds, Ridero. You can earn 100,000 🪙 per month and more if your books become popular. True, get ready for the fact that you will have to withstand huge competition: dozens of new books and updates of works appear on such sites every day.

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