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SEO tools: three ways to optimize your site and drive traffic with voice search


SEO tools of the future are about voice search and its global impact on users, traffic and search engine optimization of each site separately. We know three strategies that you can apply to this tool right now. Interesting?

When classic SEO tools don’t improve performance, turn off the busy highway where everyone is driving and take a helicopter. When you see the whole picture, you will understand that there are many ways to optimize your site and increase traffic. Your foreign colleagues are already traveling on them with might and main. Join the new stream and earn more!

SEO tools:

What’s with the voice

How often do you read Western sources? Learn English and stay up to date with all the new SEO strategies and trends that you won’t hear about in more than one free webinar. Still, because those who broadcast them are too lazy to translate. But even if you are far from free reading, and with a dictionary – far and still painful – read root researchers and specialists. It must have been translated by someone else.

Whom to read:

About voice search, for example, Neil Patel and Brian Dean have been writing for a long time. They believe that this tool will change the world of search engine optimization. SEO tools will no longer be as familiar and boring as we know them.

Where did we get all of this?

We love statistics. It allows you to sit in a helicopter and fly over a busy highway, along which all SEOs trudge from year to year.

What do we learn from statistics?

For example, we found that the domestic web is very “dull" compared to the West. This is for the same reason that word-for-word translated books on marketing and psychology are not suitable for the current business and the individual. Everything needs adaptation. And even the web. This is not good news. But in fact, it is also not very accurate. Because there are such phenomena that fall under the category of “global”. Voice search is one of them.

How voice search will change everything:

SEO tools: three ways to optimize your site and drive traffic with voice search

Users love voice commands

Studies have shown that this option is understandable to people of all ages. So there is no segmentation here. At the same time, users prefer to use voice to search for information in completely different circumstances. In other words, whenever they please:

  • In the bathroom;
  • during cooking;
  • During sports training;
  • When spending time with friends.

It’s a little intimidating that such personal data is available to data collection services, but who cares when it becomes a great excuse to improve your SEO, right?

SEO tools: three ways to optimize your site and drive traffic with voice search

How to Use the SEO Tools of the Future

You have three options

Strategy #1 – Structure

SEO tools work well when the data is neatly organized. In our case, ordering means doing a good job with site meta-data and code elements. Let’s turn to the experience of Western colleagues in order to understand how to apply data structuring for your project.

We took this screenshot from Neil Patel’s page. This is how the query appears in search when you use a voice command:

SEO tools: three ways to optimize your site and drive traffic with voice search

And this is what the data looks like:

SEO tools: three ways to optimize your site and drive traffic with voice search

Note: If you do not know anything about data structuring, then you can safely “google”. We will not describe all this here. So that you can finish reading the article and not fall asleep.

SEO tools in detail:

What does voice search and meta data have to do with it?

To understand the user, become it. Search for something about the business using voice commands. What comes to mind first?

  • How to contact is about contacts;
  • When is about opening hours.

These categories are easy to structure and must be precise. They also rarely change.

If you have a local business, then working with data is your key to SEO promotion. Do not forget to register in Yandex.catalogs, or other similar services. Targeted advertising is also, in a sense, working with data. The higher your listing, the easier it is to find you. And it doesn’t matter if it’s voice or text input

Strategy #2 – Use Google My Business

Or at least fill in all the data about your company to make it easier to find you. Despite the fact that the voice is used by everyone, always and everywhere, the most frequent requests are still local.

To be found on Google My Business

  • Fill out the "About Me" section of Google My Business
  • This also applies to your site, usually this data is placed in the “footer” or footer;
  • Make it easy to contact you: address, phone numbers, postal addresses, social networks, etc.;
  • Write what you do, only briefly (no more than four hundred characters) and choose the category exactly;
  • Post beautiful photos and images, and let them be in tune with the theme of your activity. Don’t get carried away with stocks
  • Understand the link mass;
  • Write titles and descriptions (titles and descriptions);
  • Learn to work with social signals (make sure you have good reviews, write yourself or order reviews of your product)

Strategy #3 – Adapt

If you use voice search, you will understand what we are talking about. Have you ever done this from a desktop computer or laptop? Not very convenient, right?

Most voice commands are about mobile devices. So make your site responsive. Nothing should hang, take a long time to load .. Everything that is clickable should be. And it should be convenient:

  • buttons,
  • text;
  • Images.

SEO tools work for you when used in combination. Do not forget anything, periodically check yourself. To do this, it is not necessary to hire an SEO specialist or order an audit from some service that found you on the Internet or you found it.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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