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Career Path: 5 Unobvious Details of Success


It is not always possible to guess which path will lead to the desired career. The stories of successful people are no different from the stories of most ordinary people. With only one difference: there comes a moment when one of the solutions “shoots". Sometimes this happens under the influence of seemingly very insignificant factors. Any experience is significant. What matters is how you use it.

We offer you to get acquainted with the stories of 5 famous people. It looks like they were heading in the wrong direction. But it was these steps that eventually led to a huge success. This is the butterfly effect.

From Multimixer Dealer to Multimillionaire

One day, Ray Kroc, a provincial multi-mixer salesman, noticed that the demand for his goods had seriously fallen. He was used to difficulties. Trade did not always go well. However, one initiative was followed by another. The first music store closed. The future father-in-law did not like street trading. A trip to Florida for a better share did not materialize. And now the revenue from the multi-mixer business has begun to fall. But he never gave up. This time Ray didn’t shy away from the problem either. He analyzed the sales and noticed one oddity. Usually customers took a couple of mixers. Only a eatery from California ordered the 9th unit in a row. Then he got into the car and went to find out what the secret was. From this trip, his path to a real career began.

The car stopped in front of the McDonald brothers’ restaurant. The diner stood out from the crowd. Differences – amazing cleanliness and speed of service. Experience and intuition unanimously advised Krok to invest here. And he obeyed. Mortgaged the house and medical insurance, got the money and rushed into battle. The result was a fortune of 500 million dollars and a huge network of McDonald’s around the world. If he hadn’t been busy with mixers, we wouldn’t have known about Happy Meals.

Career Path: 5 Unobvious Details of Success

Why is Mickey Mouse a mouse?

Kansas in the early 1920s. Walt Disney is paving his way to a brilliant career as an animator at Laugh-O-Gram Studios. I must say, the studio was very mediocre. Yes, and drowned in rodents. However, young Walt does not despair. To entertain himself, he tries to tame a mouse.

A funny story came to mind at a difficult moment. Universal Pictures has sued the copyright for Oswald the Rabbit. By the way, the most successful of Walt’s characters. The animator urgently needs a new hero. His artist Ab Iwerks offers many ideas. Frog, cow, horse, kitten and puppy are rejected. And the mouse gets the green light. This is how the symbol of animation of the twentieth century was determined. And all because once Disney worked in bad conditions.

By the way, who knows Oswald Rabbit now? But Mickey Mouse has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Career Path: 5 Unobvious Details of Success

At the origins of oratory

It’s hard to believe, but Dale Carnegie grew up as an unpopular child. He was very complex because of the poverty of the family. It was hard for the boy to make friends in his brother’s worn trousers. And the work on the farm left little time for play. In order to somehow rectify the situation, he signed up for a discussion circle. The fate of the great orator was then out of the question. But suddenly the shy boy surprises everyone. He certainly has talent!

The first success was remembered for a long time. At college, Carnegie continues to practice eloquence. He participated in debates and won competitions. The skill also came in handy in the position of a sales agent. In sales, he hones his skills. Over time, a real strategy develops. When you have a clear plan, why not share it? Gradually, the formula for successful communication turned into a course of lectures. The Great Depression brought crowds of Americans to Carnegie’s speeches. Following the materials for the lectures, the first book appeared. "Oratory and influencing business associates" paved the way for a career as a writer.

In fact, it all started with a boy who was looking for friends in a school circle.

Career Path: 5 Unobvious Details of Success

Actor – carpenter – actor

Harrison Ford is one of the ten highest paid actors in the world. However, his real path to a career began only after 30 years. It would seem that at this age all chances for the artist have long been missed. Ford thought so too. After hundreds of auditions and bit parts, he gave up the dream of the big screen. And he became a carpenter to provide for his family. One day, work brought him to the house of producer Fred Roos. While Harrison was collecting furniture, the producer became interested in his type. Roos was then working on a new film by George Lucas. He invited the future star to audition. This time, Ford got a supporting role. But the main thing is that the director noticed him. The next casting with George Lucas made Harrison Ford Han Solo. After the release of Star Wars, the actor woke up a celebrity. And after 4 years, the role of Indiana Jones finally consolidated the success.

Therefore, Harrison Ford’s path to Hollywood stars is due to the carpenter’s career.

Career Path: 5 Unobvious Details of Success

“For her”: the formula for success

Erling Persson, the founder of the popular H&M clothing brand, was far from the fashion world. He delivered cheese to restaurants in Stockholm. But a trip to the US after World War II paved the way for a completely different career. Walking the streets of New York, the man noticed differences from his native Sweden. He was surprised by the abundance of inexpensive women’s clothing stores. At home, such a mass approach was not observed. The cheese seller decided to take a chance. He opened a women’s clothing factory in the town of Westeros. In order not to overcharge, things were sold directly from the warehouse. Women immediately appreciated the ratio of low price and high quality. As a result, the brand with the uncomplicated name “For Her” (“Hennes”) began to quickly sell out.

Success among women pushed Erling Persson to expand. He soon bought Mauritz Widfors. As a result, the name turned into the usual “H&M”, and items for men were added to the products. Then stores appeared in neighboring countries. And after the entry into the business of the son of Erling Stefan, "H&M" has become a global brand. The result of a random trip to the United States was a multi-million dollar business.

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