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How to attract money: magic, luck, conspiracy


Demands are growing, wages are lagging behind, are you tired of work? Ways to earn more is no longer a list of tips, but a completed to-do list? Maybe it’s not that you’re not trying hard enough. Who knows, maybe there were some higher powers here? Karmic balance, life’s injustice, evil eye and spoilage… Then another question naturally arises: how to attract money? And here not only rational methods are used, but also superstitions. As the saying goes, in war all means are good. And in an unequal battle between a supply of food for a week and “there are those chic shoes" – and even more so.

Our material is for those who are tired of reading serious financial news and articles about how to make money on the Internet. So, we present you folk ways to become rich.

How to attract money to the house?

If you decide to use the tips from our article, we say right away: you are not alone. Many people are looking for a magical means to attract money to life. Who doesn’t want to get rich with magic? Every nation has money rituals and rituals. And any self-respecting fortuneteller will teach you a couple of financial secrets. Let’s go through the most interesting and mysterious money life hacks.

Attract luck: the magic of money

Many talismans help to attract good luck in finance. After all, this is not the worst way to raise money. Many are afraid to read a conspiracy, but you are always welcome to put a cute figure on the shelf.

Feng Shui talismans are very famous. So, a money toad with a coin in its mouth is a very popular and strong amulet. It is best if it is made of jade or onyx. It is advised to put the three-legged toad with its back to the door, otherwise it will “jump away” along with wealth. But the god of abundance Hotei (Laughing Buddha), on the contrary, loves to meet cash flows. Therefore, he is placed facing the door in the corridor. This souvenir is distinguished by a bulging round belly. Feng Shui masters advise stroking the god on the stomach: this is how you propitiate Hotei and attract good luck.

How to attract money: magic, luck, conspiracy

Popular in China and the money tree is an artificial plant with coins instead of leaves. If your window sills are bursting with flowers, we advise you to purchase a real money tree. So the people call krasula, or fat woman. However, do not think that the fat girl will immediately turn into a talisman. Belief says that it must be stolen from a wealthy family. Not the whole flower, but one leaf – this is how this succulent breeds. Plant the plant in a red pot, and put three coins on the bottom. Talk to the flower regularly about your finances. And also wipe the leaves of the fat woman: dust blocks the energy of money.

Russian money talismans work no worse than Chinese ones. A horseshoe over a door can also attract money. Pay attention to the straw broom turned upside down. It is often decorated with coins and other symbols of domestic wealth. It is believed that such an amulet on the wall will bring financial luck to the home.

Do-it-yourself money talisman

Nowadays, you can buy everything, even a money talisman. However, many argue that it is better to do it yourself. So the amulet will immediately be saturated with your energy and will soon work.

If you think that making a charm is a difficult task, then relax. Everything directly depends on your own inclinations. Money talismans can be sewn, knitted, carved on wood, sculpted, painted – in a word, as the author himself wishes. We will focus on one of the most popular and powerful ways to attract money – a money bag.

For the money bag, you will need red fabric. It is advisable to choose expensive material: a very small cut is needed for crafts, so even velvet will not hit your pocket. Sew a small bag out of fabric. Decorate it with gold embroidery or a pattern. It is advisable to depict something monetary, for example, a dollar sign. Put a large bill and a magnet inside, tie with gold thread or ribbon. In parallel, you can read any conspiracy to attract money. The bag is activated!

Conspiracy for money: moon magic

The moon is a faithful companion not only of the Earth, but also of financial well-being. Many money rituals and superstitions are closely related to the lunar phases. Perhaps because our ancestors believed that this celestial body was probably made of pure silver. The American moon landing shattered the old assumption. But the lunar money plot is still practiced to gain wealth. The month knows well how to attract money into your life!

The easiest way to use the energy of the Moon is to “show” her your wallet. Just keep in mind: you need a growing month, an open wallet, and the light for money should fall on the right. It is necessary to observe all the subtleties.

You can show the moon not only a wallet, but also the money itself. And large ones: small banknotes will bring the same trifle into the house. Go to the window with the growing moon and place the bill under its light. This is an essential condition for becoming rich. The plot is simple: repeat three times: "As the young moon grows, so do my finances." After that, do not spend and do not show the charmed money to others.

Another ritual is performed on the full moon. And only women: even the ancient Egyptians noticed a strong connection between the night luminary and the weaker sex. When the moon rises in the sky and begins to shine brightly, place candles in the corners of the room. Looking at the moon, repeat three times: "The moon fills itself and my dwelling with light." Then put out the candles and let the moonlight fill the room. Consider that the contract for wealth is signed.

How to attract money: magic, luck, conspiracy

How to attract money: signs and superstitions

Our ancestors dreamed of money no less than ours. The form of thought, of course, was very different. They were not thinking about how to make money on the Internet, but how to harvest more and sell it at a higher price. But they did not shy away from the ideas of quick and passive income either. Hence the fairy tales, where the peasant son-fool, with the help of the magic humpbacked horse, settled in the royal tower. Or the lazy Emelya received love and wealth, sitting on the stove. Maybe the whole point is that the magic stove was Feng Shui?

One way or another, the old household tips still work. We will try to attract good luck with folk methods.

Money signs for the house

  • Revenge of dirty linen from the hut towards the threshold was strictly prohibited. Not a single zealous housewife directed this instrument of purity to the front door. The hour is not even, wealth and prosperity will disappear after the garbage. So take it into service and do not mark to the threshold. The vacuum cleaner pipe can also be moved to the side. Yes, just in case.
  • Washing the floor at night is an absolute bad manners. Even if your LED bulbs are brighter than during the day. After sunset, you will wash the floor – there will be nothing in your wallet but emptiness. So postpone cleaning until the morning. In the meantime, read our materials on how to make money on the Internet.
  • Did you try so hard to make money that your nose bled? Do not get lost: substitute a bill, but bigger! Banknotes that have your blood on them can attract good luck and money. As big as their blood brother.
  • Be careful what you leave on the table at night. Empty bottles will devastate the family budget. And the keys forgotten in the evening will open the way for money from your home. To the neighbors on the porch or on all four sides – history is silent.
  • Do not lend salt to your neighbors: finances will disappear after a white pinch. And although now trips to neighbors in search of salt are very rare, 20 years ago no one was surprised at such maneuvers. Maybe that’s why they didn’t live well in the USSR?
  • Taking out the trash after sunset is a strict taboo. Signs assure: this is a robbery. If you do not live in the most prosperous area of ​​the city, we advise you to listen to the voice of your ancestors. Attracting the attention of local gopniks at this time of day is easier than attracting luck and money.

How to attract money: magic, luck, conspiracy

Getting rich: the magic of money

Attracting money into the house with the help of magic is, of course, good. But simple folk tricks also help to become rich. Remember the saying that money loves an account. Count them as often as possible: you need to know exactly where and how much money you keep. But talking about it to others is completely optional. Finances love not only the account, but also silence.

Try not to leave your wallet empty. Carry some banknote in a secret compartment and in no case give it away. So she will turn into a charm without any conspiracies. Handle money carefully. Do not tear or crumple banknotes. Then they will remember you as an intelligent host and will definitely return.

And most importantly, do not envy other people’s money. So you will not only save your nerves, but also do not let negativity into your life.

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