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Test: can you make money online?


Humanity has switched to online life. Therefore, making money on the Internet is the dream of millions of people. But, unfortunately, everything is not so simple. Otherwise, only millionaires would have walked our streets for a long time. It requires special knowledge, experience and business acumen. This job is not for everyone. Whether you fall into the number of these lucky ones, our test will show.

For each answer “1", give yourself 1 point, answer “2” – 2 points, answer “3” brings 3 points.

Can you make money on the Internet?

Let’s start with the basics. Are you familiar with sites for making money on the Internet?
  1. Is there a special site for this?
  2. Yes, I heard there are. There you can get money for reviews or comments. And some still make money on clicks, but this is already completely fantastic.
  3. I know, and firsthand. I have already studied sites for earning without investments and received the first money.
Test: can you make money online?
Explain how altcoin differs from bitcoin?
  1. Bitcoin is a very expensive online currency. But I have never heard of altcoin.
  2. Altcoin is the general name for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a kind of altcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto invented it, right?
  3. Bitcoin is the very first electronic currency in the world. But, unfortunately, even he had flaws. Therefore, after a couple of years, people began to release other variants of the cryptocurrency. So an altcoin is all digital money, except bitcoin.
Test: can you make money online?
Did you manage? Let’s move on to more difficult questions. Do you know what hype is?
  1. It seems to be a new word in youth slang. Something between popularity and trend, right?
  2. Another way to make money online. The information is contradictory: someone buys yachts, someone remains in debt. Or is it not hype, but network marketing? In any case, there is a scam and some scammers.
  3. HYIP is one of the options for a financial pyramid on the Internet. To make money on hype, you need to understand when to invest and how to quickly get out of the pyramid. Otherwise, it is easy to give away your money to more efficient competitors. I’m new to this, so I’m not risking it yet.
Test: can you make money online?
The terminology is clear. What do you think about freelancing?
  1. Working from home is a very dubious occupation. Freelancers earn little and mostly work part-time. It is impossible to work permanently in this mode.
  2. Freelancing is a good way to make money online. But only if you have the right specialty. For example, a copywriter or SEO specialist. Other people can’t even go there.
  3. Free schedule and work from anywhere in the world – all these advantages are provided by remote work. At home, you can earn no less than in the office. The main thing is to properly organize the workflow.
Test: can you make money online?
Do you think infobusiness is a real way to make money?
  1. The word “infobusiness” constantly flashes before my eyes. Perhaps it’s time to find out what it is?
  2. I think the infobusiness is a very dubious thing. Almost all online course authors are scammers. They themselves do not understand what they are talking about. But rowing big money from sales!
  3. Of course there are scammers everywhere. But many infobusinessmen are talented practitioners. They give good advice. I bought a few trusted online trainings and got the right information.
Test: can you make money online?
Let’s check motivation. Why do you want to make money online?
  1. I’m not going to earn money here, I’m just passing a cool test.
  2. It’s easy and popular. Now everyone is lining up in line to learn more about the infobusiness and other new products. So it’s a good deal!
  3. There are hundreds of profitable opportunities in the Internet segment. Learning new things is always difficult, but it’s worth it. Here everyone can find something to their liking, you just have to try.
Test: can you make money online?What are you doing on social networks?
  1. I leaf through the news feed and chat with friends on VKontakte. I regularly post my photos on Instagram. Yesterday, for example, my trip to the gym got a dozen likes. What else is needed for happiness?
  2. Gaining followers and all. I know that it will help to earn money on the Internet. Just haven’t figured out how yet.
  3. I see what your question is about! I have been promoting my community on social networks for a year now. There are a lot of subscribers, they like the content. Soon I will start placing ads, and another source of income will appear.
Test: can you make money online?
How much time does it take to work on the Internet in your schedule?
  1. Periodically I complete online tasks, nothing more. If you want real money, it is better to study the vacancies in your city.
  2. When I have free time at work, I try to earn money online. Usually it’s a couple of hours a few days a week.
  3. I try to do something every day. Sometimes it takes a full day, and sometimes just an hour. But more and more experience.
Test: can you make money online?
Are you ready to invest in the initial stages?
  1. Absolutely out of the question. Only scammers demand money via the Internet. If I have to pay, I will close the site without hesitation.
  2. Isn’t the goal to make money on the site without investment? Perhaps I need to rethink everything.
  3. I will definitely not regret the money for training. You can make money on the Internet only with a complete understanding of the matter. Other investments are possible, but only if the offer is really worth it.
Test: can you make money online?
Do you consider working on the Internet as a source of your main income?
  1. Are you kidding? Of course not. I have a lucrative and loving office job. And the Internet is so, a couple of extra thousand a month.
  2. I’m only interested in making money online without investment. I use it as a regular side job, nothing more. With a stable salary from the authorities, it’s still calmer.
  3. I have long been interested in remote work on the Internet. Not everyone can work remotely, but I think this is mine. A little more effort, and full earnings will come out.

Test: can you make money online?

Test results

From 10 to 16 points. It will be very difficult for you to make money on the Internet. And do you really want it? You don’t seem to trust the world wide web. And expect a catch from every new offer. Well, perhaps this strategy will really save you from scams and pyramid schemes. But the benefit will also slip by. Therefore, we advise you to start to find out what is infobusiness.

From 17 to 23 points. You clearly have an interest in making money online. But the steps in the new direction are very cautious. Perhaps the lack of information is to blame? Or did you just not have time to find your niche? Try to study more materials on how to make money on the Internet. For example, read about earnings on affiliate programs. Keep practicing, then the Internet will definitely reciprocate financially!

From 23 to 30 points. Tell me, are you a newbie? It looks like a pro has entered our page under an incognito mask! Surely you have already found online vacancies more than once and you know as well as we do how to make money at home. But you can go further than just remote work. Get, say, the skills to run your own business. And open a full-fledged business on the Internet. If you try hard enough, you can get into the TOP of successful businessmen.

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