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Business of Robert Kiyosaki


Business of Robert Kiyosaki.

The prosperous and open business of Robert Kiyosaki is called the phenomenon of the XXI century. This is an American entrepreneur, educator, author of the CASHFLOW 101 business game and a number of books on investing. And he willingly shares his secrets with everyone who wants to awaken the financial genius in himself. Because his work and activities are permeated with a keen desire to help people.

With his views on the question of how to make money and increase capital, he dared to challenge the generally accepted standards. And he single-handedly changed the thinking of tens of millions of people. The sensational bestseller of the famous businessman "Rich Dad Poor Dad" has been translated into 46 languages ​​and published in 98 countries around the world. It has sold 26 million copies across all continents. Because Kiyosaki’s books are not a guide to action, but

  • excite minds;
  • require a rethought attitude to personal financial savings;
  • make you look for new ways to success and bring bold ideas to life.

The thoughts presented in the books will be useful both for novice entrepreneurs taking their first steps on a difficult commercial path, and for experienced business luminaries. Because all the experience of a businessman in creating a successful business is invested in them.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki: biography facts

The roots of Robert Kiyosaki’s business development and success stories go deep into distant childhood. The future financial analyst, who recently celebrated his 72nd birthday, was born in 1947 in the family of a Ph.D. and the Minister of Education of the State of Hawaii (USA). Accustomed to a prosperous life since childhood, Robert Toru Kiyosaki studied at the best local school. And talked with the children of wealthy parents. Having met the father of his friend, who later became the prototype of Rich Dad, I was very surprised by his reasoning. Because they differed from the postulates of their own parent.

It was during this period that Robert began to think about why fathers talk about the same thing in different ways. His dad often said: "I am poor because I have children." The friend’s father insisted that he "must be rich because he has children." But I understood the meaning of the statements only after the death of a parent who left him a bunch of debts and unpaid loans as an inheritance.

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Independent life

Kiyosaki received his higher education at the Merchant Marine Academy. After graduating from an educational institution, he went to work in his specialty, furrowed the waters of the oceans and seas. Repeatedly ran into tyranny and poverty of people in Asian and African states. He wanted to change the world for the better.

After leaving work on a merchant ship, Robert trained as a combat helicopter pilot and went to serve in Vietnam. Returning to his homeland a year before the end of the Vietnam War, he got a job as a sales agent for a large firm. Three years later, at the age of 30, he opened his own business. He began to produce nylon wallets. But the first business did not bring income and ended in bankruptcy. Even a small capital could not be saved.

Now, looking back, businessman Robert Kiyosaki believes that these were years of wasted time. But no one is immune from mistakes. In addition, negative experiences are a good teacher. He makes everyone smarter. And it’s never too late to start over. Success is in our hands.

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How Robert Kiyosaki’s business was formed

Parents want every child to be happy. Sending to school, they are instructed to study well, enter a prestigious university and become the owner of the coveted red diploma. Although it often happens that along with obtaining a diploma, material problems begin.

An educated person with the psychology of the poor does not know and does not understand how to make money and what to spend it on. Working for the state or a foreign company, it is almost impossible to achieve financial well-being. Robert came to this conclusion by comparing the thinking, activities and points of view of the two fathers. As a result, it turned out that rich dad had a decisive influence on the formation of Robert Kiyosaki’s business. He helped me understand:

  • What is the difference between Active and Passive.
  • Why is it important to change your mindset?
  • How to achieve financial independence.
  • Why victory and failure have the same value.
  • How to invest money the right way.
  • Why is risk management important?

To successfully implement a business project of any scale, you can only rely on yourself and your financial savvy.

Robert Toru Kiyosaki: the essence of the idea

The main idea of ​​Robert Kiyosaki runs like a red thread throughout the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". It’s called "change of mind". A poor and a rich person cannot think, and therefore act, in the same way. The author writes: “First of all, you need to pay yourself. Our main asset is ourselves." Among the advice that Robert Kiyosaki gives to his followers are the following:

  • If you want to rise up, gain material independence, accustom yourself to invest in business development from the very beginning. The more you give, the more you receive.
  • Start small and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get the most out of them. Tough times open up new perspectives.
  • Find a suitable niche, focus on one aspect of the activity. You will gain skills and experience. Develop your own business secrets.
  • Spend money on something that will bring profit in the future.
  • Set a goal for yourself. Think through all the stages on the way to its achievement to the smallest detail.

Every word of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad is full of meaning. It can be downloaded on the Internet and made into a reference book that helps to get around the "pitfalls" and survive in the face of fierce competition.

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Summing up

Running your own business is not easy. Because the work you love requires full dedication, constant cash investments and the most incredible ideas. Stagnation and monotony is a step backwards. Robert Kiyosaki believes that a businessman striving for success has no right to relax. He must constantly study and educate himself. In order for a business to bring income, satisfaction, justify hopes and invested funds, money must be made to work at full strength.

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