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How much do actors earn


Competition in theater institutes rolls over every year. At the same time, salaries in the theater are by no means higher than the average level, and even lower. So, how much do actors actually earn lately? What creative industry is most beneficial for a certified artist? And what to do if you have talent, but you don’t know how to promote yourself? After all, this is not taught in the theater.

How much do actors earn

Is acting in demand?

According to the statistics of the popular resource hh.ru, only in the last year the demand for creative specialists has entered the top five. And this is along with such serious industries as the extraction of raw materials and top management. Does this mean that the consumer demand for spiritual food has become higher than the solution of pressing problems. Not at all. The fact is that at every time the niche of art always stands as a separate original story. It’s like those very professions by vocation – a doctor, a teacher and an actor.

Thus, the question of the demand for the acting profession is removed by itself. However, this does not give financial stability to art workers in a number of cases. Let’s figure out why and what are the current realities?

Theater actors. To be or not to be?

How much do actors earn

Believe me, not only Shakespeare’s Hamlet was tormented by such a dilemma. Increasingly, asking himself this question on stage, the actor addresses it to himself in life. Since everyone wants to eat, you will not always be full of spiritual food. And then any repetitions turn into a routine sooner or later. And the performances in the repertory theater are, whatever one may say, repetitions. So, what do the fees of theater artists depend on?

First of all, from the category or composition:

  • Highest category / Main composition. Monthly salary is more than 60 thousand 🪙. This category includes real masters of the stage with regalia, titles and colossal experience.
  • First category. Income varies from 40,000 to 60,000 🪙. Representatives of this group, most often, are already experienced performers who have been working in the theater for more than one year.
  • Second category. Salary level within 20,000 – 40,000 🪙. As a rule, this category includes actors who have recently come to the theater, but are already quite good performing supporting roles.
  • Auxiliary composition. It is possible to carry absolutely still green yesterday’s graduates to this group. The salary here is approximately 10,000 – 20,000 🪙. Of course, more often these are episodic actors, extras, less often, a good background.

In conclusion of this block, it is worth noting that, as a rule, representatives of the profession do not go to the theater for salaries. For many, this is a kind of home. The place where you want to come. It is not for nothing that among true artists devoted to their work there is a phrase: to serve the theater. In addition, it is in this temple of art that one can acquire colossal experience, learn how to apply the skills given at the theater institute. What can not be said about the cinema, where you need to act quickly and clearly. And this is not always about quality, but sometimes about quantity. We’ll talk about this further.

Movie actors. Hollywood Dream.

How much do actors earn

If we talk about the sphere of the film industry, then other rules already apply. In other words, your theatrical category influences, of course, the choice of the casting director. But as practice shows, filmography and popularity will be the determining factors.

As mentioned earlier, in one shooting day, a film actor can get as much as his colleague in the theater workshop in a month. In some cases, fees can reach such an annual figure and this is far from the limit. For example, according to public sources, such top artists as Pavel Priluchny or Danila Kozlovsky earn from 500 thousand to 1 million 🪙 in one shooting day.

Of course, the main level of income is serials. Because, as a rule, this is a movie put on stream with quite expensive advertising time, which means a decent budget. In addition, do not forget about the sphere of dubbing or a special kind of 18+ cinema. Let’s say a few words about each type.

How much do TV actors earn

These artists receive from 3000 🪙 (extras, episode) to 100-150 thousand 🪙 (first and second roles). As a rule, the actor receives such money for one shooting day. Again, you need to understand that a lot depends on the customer – a federal channel or an Internet site. And also from the budget of the project, the production company, etc. In other words, even a beginner can earn money as an actor in the cinema, you just need to take small steps.

Sometimes this is a journey of more than one year, and sometimes several months. Patience and talent are your key indicators of success in this case.

How much do feature film actors earn

How much do actors earn

The total level of income from a feature film can be significantly lower than a serial, this is simple arithmetic. If in the series a shooting day costs 50 thousand 🪙, and 36 episodes are supposed, then by multiplying, we get a tidy sum. In feature films, there are often fewer shifts and more energy costs. After all, as a rule, feature films require a special return from the artist. While the serial product is put on stream and does not impose special requirements on living the role. But it is also possible to earn money as an actor in the field of full-length film production. As you know, patience and work will grind everything.

And you can start, for example, with short films or copyright films. Such paintings are usually made for festivals. Often, the competition there is not so great. And, perhaps, initially it will not be about money at all, but then such work can introduce you to a future agent.

How much do dubbing actors earn

How much do actors earn

In a professional environment, this is called freelancing. Almost all information resources vary salaries for voice acting up to 25 thousand 🪙. In other words, this is a good extra income and pumping certain skills in your free time from your main job. In this area, it is very important not only additional training, which, by the way, is in abundance, as much as your portfolio. And an actor can earn money in this field by starting with the voice acting of commercials, documentaries or audio books.

How much do adult film actors earn?

How much do actors earn

As a rule, representatives of the classical acting sphere, who “remain on horseback" in the profession longer, are men. At one time, in theater schools, even the competition for boys was different than for girls. It seems like the whole world dramaturgy is written for men. However, in the adult film industry, the trend is different. So, for example, a female porn actress can get twice as much per shift as a man. As for specific figures, lately the amounts vary from 50-100 dollars per shift. The situation is completely different in the West. But in any case, it is worth understanding that the fees of such actors are much lower than those of representatives of classical cinema.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that no matter what theatrical education you have behind you: a school, a small institute in a provincial town or none at all, but only a Hollywood dream of becoming great and famous, do not despair.

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