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Tired at work – what to do


Tired at work? And after that you can not exist normally? Not surprising.

Because the fatigue that accumulates during the day is reflected in labor productivity. And on your efficiency for the whole day. Therefore, a tired employee is an inefficient employee.

But working tirelessly all day is quite real. To do this, you just need to take into account the natural needs of the body. Be sure to follow a simple schedule of work and rest. And time to switch attention to pleasant things. Let’s take a closer look at how to deal with fatigue during the day. And how to relieve stress after work, so as not to spoil your evening or weekend.

Alternate exercise and rest

A good way not to get tired is to switch in time with the basis of the problem being solved. Go for small moments of rest, allowing a person to get the necessary unloading. And stick to the following rules:

  • Take a break for 5-10 minutes after every hour of work;
  • Let’s take a breather after each serious task;
  • Make good use of your lunch break. Spend your lunch time eating, walking, and other non-work related activities.

By switching in this way, you can avoid quick burnout and loss of attentiveness. And not only increase productivity in general, but also increase attention to the details of the task being solved.

Physical activity is the best way to unwind

If you are tired at work, feel a breakdown and loss of attention, then it’s time to give your body a little physical activity. For example, you can get up and walk around the office. To stretch your legs and chat with colleagues.

But if the building has several floors, you can go up and down the stairs. Because it will provide a good physical load for the body. If the office order allows you to go for a walk for 5-10 minutes.

Light physical activity provides better blood circulation. Because of this, oxygenated blood begins to flow more actively to the brain. This reduces the level of fatigue and speeds up internal processes. But in addition, exercise allows you to temporarily switch to a simple task. Or not think about anything at all.

Proper nutrition is the key to productivity

Proper nutrition and attitude to the frequency and volume of food taken is the key to positive well-being and the absence of a feeling of fatigue. Need high-calorie, but not fatty and not difficult to digest food. Make your diet based on protein plant foods. A diet of lean meats, dairy, vegetables, and fruits will provide the best performance. Such food is easily digested, and additional forces are not expended on its digestion.

Don’t skip meals either. Before going to the office, have a hearty breakfast, eat well at lunchtime, and have a snack in the afternoon. Do not forget that food is a natural fuel for our body and without it, it is impossible to work productively.

How to unwind after a day at work

If you are tired at work during the day, you need to ensure yourself the right rest at home. If you can’t switch and leave business and problems at the office, then soon you will learn about what chronic fatigue is.

To relax at home, follow these rules:

  • Do not take work home – a clear separation between home and work will create a comfortable space suitable for relaxation;
  • Give up your computer and phone – it is advisable to do this for the whole evening, but if this is not possible, then limit communication with gadgets at least 1 hour before you go to bed;
  • Spend more time outdoors – a walk before bed or a hike home from work will help the body switch and get rid of stress;
  • Don’t go to bed too late – ideally, you need to sleep about 8 hours a day. If you cannot afford this rate, then sleep as much as possible with the accepted schedule.

The ability to switch and limit the influence of external stimuli will create the atmosphere necessary for relaxation, eliminate the appearance of chronic fatigue.

What to do with chronic fatigue?

Nowadays, chronic fatigue at work has become the norm for many people. The acceleration of the rhythm of life, including at work, leads to the fact that we simply cease to cope with it. Excessive workload, processing, work taken at home – this leads to chronic fatigue syndrome. This problem only at first glance seems insignificant, but in practice, it can cause significant harm to the body. Chronic fatigue leads to physical and nervous exhaustion, causes stress, depression, decreased immunity, etc.

To cope with this problem, it is not enough to just take a day off and spend time on yourself. You must adhere to the following rules:

  • Refuse processing;
  • Start sleeping more – sleep is a natural source of physical strength;
  • Watch your diet, stick to a plant-based diet;
  • Get involved in physical activity – a 20-minute jog for beginners or 1-2 hours of hard workouts in the gym for those who are friends with sports will benefit. Choose based on your own desires and physical capabilities without burdening the body;
  • Start planning your vacation – plan a trip to another country or another way to switch from ordinary life to something new.

You can overcome chronic fatigue, the main thing is to do everything regularly and methodically follow the described rules. The ability to properly relax is a whole science inaccessible to many people.

Summing up, it is worth saying that no one drives a person into the framework of hard labor more than he himself. Workaholism is a positive character trait, but you should not overdo it and give yourself time to rest. If the cause of stress is a job that does not like, is not interesting and does not bring satisfaction, you need to find something to your liking, getting rid of regular stress.

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