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The daily routine of a successful person: start July with experiments on yourself


For example, make a daily routine for a successful person and stick to it. But do not stop at one option – experiment. We picked up three routines of three cool figures. Rules for the Life of Successful Entrepreneurs: Jack Dorsey, Benjamin Franklin and Evan Williams. This should be enough for a month of experiments. Read, plan and beat procrastination. We believe in you!

The daily routine of successful man Jack Dorsey starts at 8 o’clock for each company

The daily routine of a successful person: start July with experiments on yourself

What does this mean, and how can you apply it to your daily schedule?

8 hours in each company every day. That’s 16 working hours a day. Five days. Impressive, isn’t it? But also tiring.

It will be beneficial for you to work 16 hours a day for a whole week if:
  • You lack self-discipline
  • You don’t have much practice
  • It is urgent to hand over the project and nothing should distract you

In order not to burn out in the first week of experimenting with your work schedule, make a plan and stick to it. Plan ahead.

How Jack Dorsey does it:
  1. On Monday he deals with management issues
  2. Tuesday works with the company’s products
  3. The environment is completely devoted to interaction with the sales department
  4. On Thursday, Jack puts aside all tasks and tasks to make new business connections.
  5. Friday Dorsey devotes to the search for "fresh blood" and interacts with the HR department

Jack claims that the 16-hour day is his method of focusing on tasks, which allows him to not be distracted by anything else. But you’re not Jack, and that’s good. Because you can create your ideal daily routine based on the mistakes and achievements of other people.

Why not?

Take your strongest tools and turn them into new productivity methods by learning from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs. Why not?

Send us an email or leave a comment on this article and we will write about your daily routine, your method of efficiency. Why not?

Doubt your abilities? Write in the comments all doubts and fears. Leave them right below this article and go. Start doing something and see how the world around you will react to your actions.

Of course, you will never have a perfect Monday or Tuesday for everything to go according to plan. But if you learn to say “no" to distractions, success will become your second self. At least Jack Dorsey could. And he managed not to be considered a workaholic and not forget what rest is. And this is important if you are learning concentration and want to say goodbye to procrastination. Do not forget to keep the rhythm of the working day and periodically rest.

The daily routine of a successful person necessarily includes a siesta – learn to relax in order to work more efficiently

How does Jack Dorsey spend his weekends? Saturday he gives nature and walks. Sunday prepares for working days. But not fanatical.

But it is not necessary to set aside a whole day for relaxation. Get used to daily meditation, download the Insight Timer app on your phone and find your meditation that will become part of your workday, morning or evening. Or all at once. But do not introduce new things into your life in the “fanaticism” mode. And yes. Think of meditation as a tool to calm the mind. Especially if your religion is atheism or if your tradition does not allow meditation. When we talk about calming the mind here, we mean working with the breath, observing thoughts and yourself. That is, we are talking about “secular meditation”, which is used to train the mind, like some types of simple yoga, which is used only for aerobic exercise.

What would Benjamin Franklin say about this? He would ask you – what useful thing did you do today.

Benjamin Franklin ‘s Daily Routine

The daily routine of a successful person: start July with experiments on yourself

Did you know that Benji is not only a tough politician, diplomat and scientist, but also one of the creators of the basic time management technique?

And there is nothing special about it. After all, only one who knows how to manage not only himself, his emotions and thoughts, but also his daily activities can become an outstanding person. And here you can not do without time management.

How was Benjamin able to tame time to work for him?

Benji developed good habits and abandoned the destructive ones. In the course of working on himself, he formulated revolutionary simple moral principles, which later became known as the “13 Virtues of Franklin”:

The daily routine of a successful person: start July with experiments on yourself

Franklin’s daily routine included working on each of the thirteen virtues. He set aside a week for each of them and tracked his progress … where would you think?

He created a graphical progress model for each moral principle. In this way, visualization helped Benji track his own personal growth over time.

In order to work through each principle effectively, Franklin made sure to include sleeping, walking, and eating in addition to work.

But as you know, nothing is perfect. Nor was Franklin. But he created a working concept and brought it to life.

Try to follow suit when you’re done trying on Jack Dorsey’s weekly 16-hour work marathon.

If you wish, you can combine these two routines by simply adding graphical progress tracking to the Dorsey Routine.

Note: you can certainly master freehand drawing, but in 2018 there are handy tools that will help you. And we wrote about them:

Evan Williams’ Daily Routine

The daily routine of a successful person: start July with experiments on yourself

This guy believed that the most important thing is to take a break when your working day is in full swing. The founder of well-known Internet companies went further than Dorsey. At the very least, if you watch his activity, it may seem that he does not work 16 hours a day, but 24 hours a day.

Evan Williams is not one of those who, working around the clock, does not leave the office at all. We now know that workaholics quickly deflate and fail to take care of themselves. Successful people, first of all, think about how to save and increase their energy in order to reach new heights. Each winner has his own strategy to achieve the goal.

In order not to “burn out”, Evan Williams included in his daily routine a break that he spends in the gym. But how did he figure out the right time to pause, because the peak of productivity for each person occurs at different times of the day.

Not right away. Evan had to waste a lot of time and energy before he noticed that the morning is not the best time for the gym.

What comes out, Evan Williams leaves the office in the middle of the working day?! Yes. And this is normal for him. Because he lives in accordance with his natural rhythms and this does not affect the total number of hours that he spends at work. By calculating the best time to rest, Evan increased his energy supply and was able to pump up his concentration.

By distributing the load correctly, you will have time not only to work, but also to live. And at the same time enjoy both one and the other processes.

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