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how to make money on google adsense by placing free ads


This article is about how to make money on Google Adsense. Recommended reading for newbie webmasters who have a website, blog or any other Internet resource that requires monetization.

How to make money on Google Adsense and what it is all about

how to make money on google adsense by placing free ads

This is a simple and free system that provides the ability to place ads from Google. Website owners are encouraged to publish relevant ads and thereby monetize traffic.

[No trick. Google is also beneficial. The ads that you place are seen by users on the side of the screen, as well as in the very top line of the search results and at the end. Every transition costs money. Advertiser pays for all clicks.]

How to make money with Google Adsense? Very simple

how to make money on google adsense by placing free ads

When a user clicks on an ad, you have a great opportunity to make money on it. As a rule, the cost of switching varies and can reach up to 65%.

There are two ways to make money with Google Adsense:

  1. Advertising blocks. Sizes, shapes and shades are chosen according to taste. It can be graphic or text solutions. Choose a banner that will most harmoniously blend with the design of your site, but at the same time not merge with it. But there is a limitation – no more than three blocks are allowed on one page of the site.
  2. The search form is also considered an effective way to make money. The webmaster is invited to install this form on the site and profit from the clicks that advertising will give.

What does Google want from you?

Advertisements that you place on your site should not contradict its general concept.

That is, if you have an online store of natural cosmetics, do not place banners with cheap angora socks on the resource pages. Even if these are your first partners and you have barter.

Your ads should carry the same meaning as the entire site and meet the needs of the target audience. Otherwise, you will get nothing but an increase in the percentage of bounces in the site statistics and irritation.

Google does not need such clients either. Therefore, create good karma for yourself and write only about what you understand and what is directly related to the subject of the site.

This is not the only limitation. Google does not want to work with websites whose content is intended exclusively for an adult audience. You will also be denied the ability to use Google Adsense if you post violence, advertisements and information about the arms trade, gambling, and promote “hacking".

In general, everything that goes against the criminal, administrative and other codes, as well as sites that offer non-existent goods or outright “scam pages” are ruthlessly blocked by the administration.

how to make money on google adsense by placing free ads

On a note:

It has been experimentally established that visitors do not click on links from advertisements if their appearance (we are talking about design) does not match with the site. It’s called advertising blindness. Therefore, keep an eye on aesthetics and do not create spam banners. They haven’t been selling for a long time.

How to make money on Google Adsense: First, decide on a topic

how to make money on google adsense by placing free ads

Above, we described what Google does not support as a theme for an Internet resource. Otherwise, you are absolutely free. Regardless of what you are going to sell, it should be useful goods and services. Otherwise, why did you even start all this?

However, there are also classic “money themes” – TOP-5

  • Finance: banks, loans, investments;
  • Tourism;
  • The property;
  • Automobiles and spare parts;
  • Acquaintance

How to make money on Google Adsense: Traffic directly affects your income

  • If you get 200 visitors a day (we will note, unique), then your monthly income can be from $50 to $100.
  • If your website is about finance, you have placed the maximum number of advertising banners (3 blocks per page) and the traffic is 2000 unique users daily, your monthly income will be between $300 and $700.
  • If your site is dedicated to “themes for women”, then for 2000 visitors you will receive about $200 per month.

These figures are the “average temperature in the hospital” – factors such as the quality of the advertisement, the compatibility of the ad units with the design of the portal, as well as the place on the page that you choose to place these blocks on the page will affect your income.

Note: Before applying to Google Adsense moderators, check your site for unique and quality content. Useful and exciting information increases the chances of earning.

Benefit your regular and potential customers and earn! Good luck!

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