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How to set goals – advice from psychologists


There is a big difference between dreams, successes and achieving them. Although many people want to be wealthy, successful and beautiful, not everyone achieves this. But any goals are achievable if you specify the desire. Make it tangible. Because people don’t know how to set goals.

And so that in the end result they were also waiting for success. But strictly following the sequence of the correct steps will correct this problem. Rest assured, the current state of affairs will change dramatically. Therefore, you will forever forget about past failures. And the ugly duckling will turn into a swan.

How to set goals correctly

Present your desire in full. After that, formulate a goal and fix what you see on paper. After all, after the transformation of thoughts into something tangible, they pass from an ephemeral state into reality. And they transform into your achievements.

Having written down the goal on paper, we begin to transfer the images into reality. Therefore, it is very important to clearly articulate the desire, transferring it to paper. In the process of work, a bare idea acquires details, becomes tangible. And after that, it must be implemented.

The sequence of steps for the effective realization of a dream

Goal analysis and proper prioritization

Never say "I’m not poor". Because the subconscious blocks denial. And as a result, you fix your desire "I am poor."

Therefore, it is necessary to concretize your dreams. Do not say “I want an apartment", but describe which one. Three-room, in the city center, with a large loggia and so on. And this will help to outline the exact path to the goal. Isn’t that what we’re trying to achieve here?

We objectively evaluate the available resources

Write down your real financial situation on paper. How far are you today from the longed-for goal, what reserves do you have. And how are you going to achieve your dreams.

Then analyze the expenditure and income parts. Think about where you can reduce costs and how to increase revenue.

Visualize yourself in a new role

Clearly imagine yourself in all the details after the implementation of the plan. How do you live in a new apartment, arrange furniture. And how do you feel in your new home? The way to achieve goals is always based on feelings. So feel free to think about your feelings. And to do this, answer the following questions.

  • How will I know when a result is achieved?
  • What will I see?
  • How will I feel in my new capacity?
  • What thoughts and feelings will fill me after the implementation of the plan?

The brighter and clearer your mental image is, the faster you will achieve your goals. Because visualization can work wonders.

Clear time and place

When setting goals, determine their time and place. This is the main message to the future for a clear fixation of their place in your life.

The more specifics, the more likely you are to get what you want. If you just want to buy an apartment someday, then these are just dreams. And they have nothing to do with specific goals.

So set an exact date. Build a precise plan, with specific days and tasks. And you will quickly realize that it is much easier to achieve your goal this way.

Appropriateness of goals

We check the appropriateness of the goals. You should make sure that the goal will not cause harm, and the end result will bring a lot of positive emotions. Make sure that what you want will not negatively affect others, will not become a tragedy for them or a radical change in the situation for the worse. Answer the question for yourself, do you agree to accept all the consequences of a dream come true?

Required Resources

Decide what knowledge and qualities you lack to make the dream come true. How to achieve the goal if the financial situation is unsatisfactory? Remember that you always have time to pay for your goals. And time is money.

Therefore, the availability of the necessary resources will accelerate the achievement of the goal. But this may be short-lived. After all, if you invest your own time, you will achieve what you want later. But in this case, the effect will certainly be stronger.

Determine what obstacles are in the way. And consider honest answers to questions.

  • What is preventing you from reaching your goal?
  • What difficulties are to be overcome?
  • Possible problems when moving towards the intended goal.
  • With the full fulfillment of desires, what negative consequences can there be for me and my loved ones?

How to set goals correctly

By writing on paper, analyzing the answers, you can adjust your goals by highlighting new prerogatives or changing the direction of movement on the way to the implementation of your plan.

Determine the first step and start moving towards success

Do not rely on the fact that you will come across a brochure on how to achieve the goal-instruction that  can answer all questions. Because life makes its own adjustments. After setting a goal, move on to specific plans. And if your goal is large-scale, you won’t be able to get what you want right away. Therefore, break the process into several stages. Make a list of actionable steps that can bring the achievement of the goal closer. After all, having a list in front of your eyes, you can control the process. And at the same time adjust its implementation.

Concretization of terms will bring the result closer

A clear time frame will help you achieve what you want faster. Each action on the way to a dream should be tied to a specific time. By setting initially unrealistic deadlines, you subconsciously reject the possibility of implementing the plan. Because unreasonably long time takes away the motivation to move forward. Therefore, time frames should be clear and specific. And this will make the achievement of the goal inevitable.

Implementation of the planned

The main thing is not to give in to the difficulties that have arisen. After all, you will definitely achieve your goal. You can not give in to the blows of fate. She likes to test us for strength. But optimism, self-confidence and determination will definitely help.

Failure is important too. Because failure is experience. But dropping your hands, you lose the chance to win. If you lose, you can always take revenge. So write down the goal, go ahead and your dreams will come true.

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