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How to make money on the site – TOP-5 ways


Website content is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. And its main advantage is that the resource will work around the clock. And the income will come automatically. But the amount of profit will depend on the quality and scale of the project. There are several options for how to earn good amounts on the site, even if you start from scratch.

At the initial stage, earnings can be minimal. But a year after the launch, the resource will bring a good income. And every year it will increase. In this article, we will talk about the TOP 5 ways to make money on the site.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising shows users a product or service based on their preferences. And this scheme works simply:

  • the advertiser contacts the Yandex advertising network or Google Adsense;
  • ads are posted on their topics;
  • service is paid.

Then search engines start showing ads on partner sites. And pay them a percentage of the amount received from the advertiser.

Previously, this method was profitable. Therefore, on clicks on advertisements, people earn good money. But now it brings much less profit. Because blockers and the minimum rate on clicks interfere with everything. And for sites with low traffic, the prospect is not rosy.

On average, earnings on contextual advertising are in the range of 60-200 thousand 🪙. And it all depends on the theme, design and targeted traffic.


The real way to make money on the site is to sell goods. Or promoting your own services through a blog. Products are sold through online stores, landing pages and their own pages.

There are several options:

  • mention of products and the opportunity to purchase them;
  • creating a page with information about the product and its cost;
  • integration of a selling ad into an article.

When placing banners, even a non-target audience can turn into customers.

Selling services is even easier. Because a client looking for answers to his questions visits a thematic resource. And he sees a professional in the face of the author. Therefore, he will definitely use his services.

But earnings depend on many factors. Topics, prices for services and goods, the number of visitors to the resource. And on the level of quality of the content of the site. Therefore, experienced experts can reach hundreds of thousands 🪙 of income.

Partnership programs

With their help, you get a percentage of the payment for goods or services. Affiliate materials are posted on the blog pages. And visitors follow the links, carry out transactions. And then a certain percentage goes to the owner’s account.

There are three types of affiliate payouts.

  • for the sale, where the percentage is paid for each and the referral who bought the goods;
  • for the action, in which the payment goes for a specific action of the visitor;
  • multilevel, when referrals also become partners and receive their percentage of the link.

Large chains and stores turn to CPA affiliates who put them in touch with webmasters. And today it is one of the most popular ways to make money on the site without investment.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertisers often place ads on promoted sites. But only on condition that there is interesting relevant content. Direct advertising – actual earnings on the site.

And usually it is presented in the form of links, banners, product mentions in the article. Or as separate reviews dedicated to a specific product or service. And the owner can evaluate the popularity of his own web resource. And then offer customers paid placement of advertising articles.

Income depends on the subject and daily attendance. A large number of visitors and the money theme of the content will attract advertisers themselves. At the same time, it is possible to offer clients the writing of promotional articles to order. And this will bring additional income.

Teasers and banner networks

This is an unloved option for many webmasters to earn money on the site. Because most often advertising of this type is defiant. And not all owners will decide to give a place for its placement. But those who risk their reputation sometimes get good dividends.

To start earning, you need to find a teaser or banner network. And then register in it and place the ad code on the site. But the withdrawal of money is possible after the accumulation of a certain amount on the account.

Payments to the webmaster are calculated from the number of impressions or clicks on the banner. But since the design of the ads grabs the attention of the visitors, it’s not difficult to achieve good profits. However, cooperation with these networks can bring trouble. Often, banners carry malicious code. And it can lead to site blocking. Or its infection, loss of money from an electronic wallet and a bank card.

Site sale

A good income is brought by the sale of a web resource. Its price depends on monthly income. And the more profit – the more expensive the site. Therefore, on the exchange there are lots worth up to several million.

Websites can be created independently, or you can buy ready-made for further resale. But usually the cost is determined based on the average monthly income multiplied by 12 or 24 months. And the level of income depends on the skill of the webmaster. And the quality of newly created or processed resources.

But do not rush to immediately think about how to make money on the site. Because you need to take into account that certain methods will require financial investments, even if they are minimal. But they will quickly justify themselves if the matter is approached responsibly and seriously.

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