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Where to keep money


It’s hard to keep calm about savings these days. In general, it is worth noting that economic crises are a fairly common history of any state. We will tell you how to save nerves and financial assets here.

Where to keep money

Where to invest money nowadays?

A person has always wanted to take care of his future and gain financial stability not only for himself, but also for his children. Especially in a situation where there is no confidence in the future from the material point of view. That is why the issue of preserving savings is important and requires a prompt solution. In addition, there are many ways to invest your savings profitably and at the right address to cover, as they say, all the rear. So, where can you invest money today, when 2022 is in the yard:

The property

Where to keep money

In fact, the word itself already has its meaning. Thinking about where to keep money now, this way is always the top of the list of saving personal capital. Real estate was, is and remains a reliable object that will not lose either its value or relevance. Moreover, here, completely regardless of the financial and economic situation, there is no need to talk about merits.

And, as you know, if there is a place to live, then there is a place to work. At any time, even the most difficult, you can find an opportunity to work for hire. In the case when you are a worker of the mental front, then do not hesitate – you will find application in any situation.


Where to keep money

This way of investing money with further profit has always been popular among businessmen. But you need to understand that for its implementation, several conditions must be met. Without them, you will not be able to invest in stocks.

  1. In order to become a shareholder, you need to have a brokerage account. Actually, all securities transactions will be conducted from it.

  2. Do not forget that any income from shares is subject to state tax.

    Because you will need to pay your income under the standard ordinary taxation scheme in such cases.

  3. You should not disregard the fact that securities are an unstable thing. Undoubtedly, they can bring you the desired income and even more. But in order to predict the exchange market in this case, you need to understand this. If you do not understand how the internal schemes of such investments work, then you will need the help of a consultant. In this case, it is better to trust a relative or someone who will definitely not let you down. In addition, you will also have to delve into the essence of the operations. You must control the situation.

precious metals

Where to keep money

Remember the Gold Rush days? Yes, people were chasing this metal, driving and leaving everything just to find a piece of glitter that changed lives. For the better, of course. So, in the situation with gold, diamonds, nothing changes at all. Jewelry was, is and remains a smart financial investment, because it will always be in demand in the market.

Nothing just happens. And, if you have enough financial assets, then try to invest them in gold bars, for example, or jewelry with precious stones from 1 carat.


Where to keep money

For a huge number of the population, bitcoin remains a mystery associated with trading in some non-existent market. In general, it is. Cryptocurrency is, indeed, electronic money, which, in the ordinary sense, cannot be felt. However, these intangible assets can bring very real returns.

In other words, you can invest in cryptocurrency, carry out some operations with it, but it is not recognized in our country in the official sense of the word. The only payment system recently based on the current ruble.

Should you keep money in the bank?

It should be noted that any banking system obeys the law and is regulated at the highest level of the state. Unless, of course, we are talking about a small microloan office or a dubious private structure called Horns and Hooves. Naturally, everything that is regulated by law has some protection at the state level. Therefore, if you plan to keep your savings in a bank, then this is one of the reliable ways at the moment.

All of the above methods of investing in real estate, securities or precious materials are not for everyone. In other words, to buy an apartment or gold, you need a considerable amount of money.

An airbag, as our man says, for a "rainy day", is almost everyone. In addition, now the Central Bank of the Russian Federation offers quite good rates on deposits up to 15-25% per annum. This is done so that people, after all, make a choice in favor of the state institution of capital storage.

Where to keep money at home?

Where to keep money

Recently, more and more people are asking this question. Especially if it’s a small amount. Like, the safest thing is at home. I carry everything with me and other statements from this series. It should be noted that for storing money at home it would be nice to get a safe, if we are talking about a large amount.

No one has canceled elementary criminal acts, which, unfortunately, always flourish in troubled times. So be careful.

Where do you end up keeping your money?

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you need to carefully study the issue of where to store money . Having thought over, at least mentally, and preferably in writing, all the ways to save your capital – choose the best one. In other words, the storage method should be:

  • you understand and transparent;
  • in the zone of your own control and decision-making;
  • allow you to receive your savings at any time.

And remember that money is, of course, an important argument for a happy and prosperous life, but, nevertheless, it is not the main thing.

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