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how to make money on tik tok


How to make good money fast on tik tok? Effective ways that led to the success of popular bloggers will help. Learn how to start making money on views without cheating subscribers.

how to make money on tik tok

Creativity on TikTok usually starts with creating an account. Then the blogger starts uploading the video, gradually gaining an audience. But likes and positive comments are not enough to reach monetization. Namely, you need to attract more than 1000 subscribers.

First of all, in order to start making money on tik tok faster, think over the topic of the content.

But even interesting stories will not get many views with low video quality. In other words, the picture must meet modern standards of visual content. In addition, there are five criteria to consider when designing videos:

  • a high resolution;
  • definition;
  • image stabilization;
  • thoughtful focus;
  • correct illumination.

Of course, beautiful videos attract more audience. However, only recognizable content gets real popularity. In other words, it is important to create brand features. For example, a specific presentation style, costumes, atmosphere.

While hashtag ideas can be gleaned from videos of popular bloggers.

Earnings from the Tik Tok Creator Foundation

This resource is the total amount of money that is distributed among all bloggers who have gained 10 thousand subscribers and 100 thousand views in the last month. But the social network starts paying only if the channel complies with the principles of the community.

Even the stars of Tik Tok earn from the Fund from 10 to 40 dollars a day. Thus, it is easy to calculate how much beginner bloggers receive. On average, this is 3-4 cents per 1000 views. However, even a small monetization stimulates further creativity.

Sponsorship as a way to make money

how to make money on tik tok

A common way to make money on TikTok is to cooperate with commercial companies. First of all, they often interact with accounts dedicated to specific topics. For example, cosmetics brands work with successful beauty bloggers, pet food manufacturers work with animal rights activists.

Sometimes the company offers the TikToker a one-time fee for using a product sample in a video. In addition, there is another option on how to start making money on sponsorship. This is the conclusion of an agreement under which the company undertakes to pay the blogger for a specific number of videos about their products.

In addition, branded content must be accompanied by special hashtags – #ad or #sponsored. And the price of a branded video is between $200 and $20,000.

Earnings on advertising

Commercial companies use the services of bloggers to directly promote their products. In other words, they are ready to pay tik tok stars 200 thousand 🪙 for a PR campaign. At the same time, receiving advertising depends on how many subscribers there are on the account. As a rule, the minimum figure is 15 thousand. And beginner tiktokers are paid 3-5 thousand 🪙 per video.

Here are some well-known platforms for finding advertising customers:

  • social networks (Instagram, Vkontakte);
  • advertising exchanges (Tiktok-birzha, Prolog.yt);
  • Tiktopers advertiser site.

However, good customers prefer top bloggers. Therefore, you first need to promote your account to 30 thousand subscribers.

Donations as a way to earn money

how to make money on tik tok

It is worth noting that real money is brought to TikTok bloggers by donations – viewer donations. First of all, users can buy special "coins". After that, they are sent to their favorite authors in gratitude for interesting content.

At the same time, the reverse monetization scheme is also simple. First, the blogger purchases virtual "diamonds", which are converted into cash. After that, the TikTok fund deducts 20% for itself, and the author of the channel withdraws the rest through PayPal or a bank card.

In addition, the easiest way to make money on tik tok on donations is to arrange live broadcasts. For example, such events may be devoted to useful tips, humor or online games. And streaming is allowed for tiktokers who have gained 1000 subscribers.

Promoting your business

In addition, a popular direction on how to make money on a tik tok channel is a small business. In other words, expressive videos will attract customers to your immediate activity. For example, it can be web design, tutoring, making homemade cakes.

Publications on tik tok increase:

  • site visits;
  • purchases in online stores;
  • registration for online courses, webinars;
  • purchase of services (psychologist, stylist, massage therapist).

But they can be placed in the description of the account. In addition, in this way bloggers attract new subscribers to their pages on Instagram, YouTube, Yandex.Zen, increasing their monetization.

How to continue on tik tok in 2022

In March 2022, the owners of the social network suspended the publication of new videos and live broadcasts for many users. But experienced bloggers have tried three ways to make money on TikTok with restrictions:

  • Download the TikTok Lite app. When using a VPN, videos are published, keeping the channel’s earnings. This option works on the Android platform.
  • Purchase an eSIM virtual SIM card. To publish a video, you will have to turn off a regular SIM card. Instead of mobile Internet, you need to connect to wi-fi.
  • Download in the browser (not in the Google Market) version of TikTok 14.0.0. It allows you to upload new videos.

Thus, it is worth noting that examples of successful bloggers show that it is quite possible to earn real money on short videos. In other words, tiktokers with 100 thousand subscribers each receive 6-7 million 🪙 per year. And the income of the stars included in the world top is from 1.5 to 5 million dollars annually.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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