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How much does a courier earn


First of all, you need to understand that working as a courier is not the easiest job. In some cases, such work is agreed for several reasons. Either there is no experience at all, this is when you are just starting your work on a work book. Or – if the situation is force majeure with the work that you did earlier.

How much does a courier earn

For example, in the context of a pandemic, many representatives of various professions went in search of a part-time job, because their professional sphere “got up". In this regard, if you, nevertheless, decided to work as a courier, then be attentive to the contract that you conclude.

There are, of course, situations when work is possible on the customer’s vehicle and with a certain range of additional pleasant options. But this is not the rule. And, if we talk specifically about part-time work, then most often we are talking about the fact that you move around in your own transport.

How much does a courier earn minimum

According to public sources, the minimum wage varies depending on the complexity of the delivery. For example, you need to drive outside the city or in difficult terrain. In addition, there are still orders marked "urgent". This is a separate category of orders, which is paid additionally. In other words, if you want to start working without much work experience, then, most likely, your work will be paid based on the rate of 120-140 🪙/hour.

How much do couriers earn in different companies? The larger the firm, the greater its popularity, as a rule, the more seriously organized the routine and internal politics. This means that the attitude towards couriers, as an important link in any "delivery chain", is appropriate.

How much does a food courier earn?

On average, according to public sources, the payment for such work varies from 1,500 to 2,000 per shift. But you need to understand that this is in the format of an ideal working day. Of course, the working conditions of a Yandex.food courier from the same Scooter can be very different. However, the income will be about the same.

And that means higher wages. Or high-demand orders that cost more may be more in demand.

What transport to choose for delivery?

How much does a courier earn

As a rule, the choice is between two iron horses – two-wheeled and four-wheeled. Of course, due to more mobile movement and convenience, the absolute leader is the car. In addition, if you are going to travel by car, then you can take more orders. And energy consumption is less. Although, of course, the cost of gasoline is also worth considering.

However, what to do if you do not have a car, but you really want to earn extra money as a courier. Then the bike becomes a great option to meet this kind of needs. Moreover, it is not as problematic to acquire it as a car. In addition, a good bike, sometimes, can be taken for very little money if you use resources such as Avito or Yula.

However, if you are cycling around the city, then you should understand that the conditions of the game change a little. In this case, your deliveries will be longer in time. At the same time, there are no direct costs, as in the case of auto-delivery. In addition, a bicycle is a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

In addition, no one canceled road pits either.

If you are a foot courier, then transport costs are minimized. Only in conditions of payment for travel by public transport. But you need to understand that the radius of your delivery is significantly lower than your competitors in any mode of transport. At the same time, do not forget about physical health. Because, in addition to direct energy resources, all distances will have to be overcome with a rather heavy bag on your back.

What determines the salary of a courier?

How much does a courier earn

Directly, on how much time you are willing to spend on work. Accordingly, answering the question: how much the courier earns, it all depends on your willingness to work. And the more – the higher the earnings. In addition, if you take what is called complex orders, then the level of income also increases.

In other words, when you read on the Internet about incomes up to 60-70 thousand 🪙, this is not a hoax at all. However, one must understand that, most likely, this is not about a part-time job, but about the main employment. In addition, this courier work is associated with transportation by private car.

Penalty system

So this kind of work can be a very good help. However, do not forget that couriers, like any other representatives of the service sector, have their own system of fines. Of course, this significantly affects the final income. So, why can you be punished, as they say?

  • Lateness. And each of them will be calculated up to a minute.
  • Penalties. What could be the penalties? As a rule, we are talking about fines for absenteeism. In addition, the lack of special clothing is also a form of punishment. In other words, if you forgot to put on a cap with a logo, then this may deprive you of part of the income.
  • Rude attitude towards customers. It should be noted that we are talking about sanctions imposed for a negative review of your work. Do not forget that the service industry is the place where the people with whom you interact directly can affect your work.
  • Drunk at work. And other stemming. Naturally, any use of any prohibited substances is a weighty argument not only for a fine. As a rule, one such situation can completely deprive you of your job.
  • Disclosure of secret data. In any system of labor obligations there is information that is not subject to disclosure. Usually, this is regulated by the internal regulations of the company or by the contract that you sign. In other words, if the company gives you any personal data, then you do not have the right to disclose it. For example, login or password from a personal account.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that any work has its pros and cons. Before deciding on a specific vacancy, study the company in which you will work. Then, research the Internet for reviews of people who have already worked there. It is important to have a complete picture of the place to which you are going to give some part of your life.

Especially carefully what is below and in small handwriting.

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