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The Henry Ford Story: Success Starts with Invention


Not everyone knows that the story of Henry Ford, the automobile king of America, an inventor and a talented leader, began by chance. In his early childhood, when he came face to face with the Fire Beast…

History of Henry Ford: meeting with a locomobile

The Henry Ford Story: Success Starts with Invention

“1876. America, Michigan, warm sunny May day. I am 12 years old. I am walking somewhere with my father along a dusty country road. He firmly holds my hand and I shuffle my bare feet selflessly. I have always loved watching dust clouds rise and fall. I want to catch my eye on something interesting. but not for anything. Everything is as always: farms pasture cows chickens.

And suddenly, I froze. The eyes opened on their own, and the jaw dropped. A huge cart was moving towards us. There was no horse in front. On the cart was a real steam boiler, smoky with drips of oil. A real iron pipe from which thick black smoke pours, a copper tank for water, a box for coal … This something was desperately swaying on the bumps: hissing, rattling, ringing, and most importantly, an unbearably great smell of hot engine oil, coal smoke.

Someone later said that my meeting with the locomobile (and that was the name of that clumsy Fire Monster) turned the world upside down. By the way, it may very well be that I myself came up with this beautiful phrase. In my life, I generally came up with a lot of things: I created a car of all times and peoples, became the idol of the nation, the embodiment of the American dream, became one of the symbols of the 20th century. But sometimes it seems to me that I was left standing there at the dusty intersection – a boy with his mouth open and his eyes bulging like headlights.

Henry Ford I, engineer, mechanic, largest Industrialist, automobile king of America.

History of Henry Ford:

Why is he called the Car King

Now you know that the history of Henry Ford  began with a meeting with a mobile steam engine – a locomobile, which was used for agricultural purposes in his native Michigan. Young Henry had no idea that this meeting would become a landmark, and he himself will remain in the history of America as an inventor and the Automobile King.

Henry Ford lived to be 84 years old. During his life, he managed to establish the production of cars around the world, and make this mechanism accessible to everyone. His Ford Motor Company has been in existence to this day, from 1903 to 2018, and has no plans to close.

History of Henry Ford:

The embodiment of the concept of "cars for everyone"


The availability of cars became possible due to the fact that Henry Ford used a large assembly line for mass production. He guessed that it was possible to put on stream the production of a technically complex product that requires “accompaniment" in maintenance throughout the entire service life. Thus, Ford turned out to be not just an inventor, he was able to understand and implement the idea of ​​organizing the work of factory workers, who were just engaged in the creation and further maintenance of a technically complex car.

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