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Jeff Bezos – Success Story


Behind the development of one of the most famous online stores of our time is a unique entrepreneur and creative person. And more recently, the richest man in the world is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Today, Amazon is a trading platform where the user can buy almost everything. From books and home appliances to antiques and real estate. But in just a few years, an American businessman was able to bring a virtual factory of hopes to life. And its financial turnover is several billion dollars.

Biography of Jeff Bezos

Now Jeff Bezos leads the ratings of the "most-most". But his achievements are the result of long and painstaking work on himself. Because his life is filled with a lot of failures. And the young optimist regarded them as a unique experience.


The future billionaire was born in 1964 in the small town of Albuquerque. Already at an early age, the parents noticed the boy’s great interest in technology and science. Because he spent whole days and nights with tools in his hands. But for many it was inconvenient. He took apart and put back literally every thing in the house.

All of his entourage believed that the "why" would become a great inventor. But no one even guessed that an inquisitive mind, combined with crazy hands, would make him a developer of the largest corporation. It cannot be said that the parents supported the boy in his studies. Because they constantly said that something more substantial had to be done. And think about a normal future, and not soar in the clouds.

Later, there were changes in his biography. He had a sister and a brother. Therefore, he became the main assistant and support of parents. His father built a garage for Jeff. There, the guy was able to conduct his experiments together with his grandfather. Usually they were engaged in the modification of agricultural equipment. And in his numerous interviews, Bezos says that it was a "golden" time. Because then he knew the device of a windmill, tractors and combines.


In addition to hobbies for technology and conducting experiments in the garage, the boy showed good results at school. Unlike his peers, he did not have such bad habits as smoking and drinking alcohol. Thanks to high merits and participation in numerous scientific competitions, he was entrusted to read a speech on behalf of all graduates.

After school, he entered Princeton University, where he took an honorary place as a student in the department of electronic measuring devices. He easily passed the exams and received a red diploma in 1986. During his studies, Jeffrey realized that he did not really stand out among other students in the field of physics, despite his great thirst for knowledge. In addition, the demand for young professionals was not great. That is why he decided to do something more modern and promising. His choice fell on computer science and the field of computer network support.

The success story of Jeff Bezos began with work in a small company Fitel, the future entrepreneur quickly delved into the specifics of the organization and became a valuable employee. However, he was always attracted to more reputable corporations, one of these was Disney. After several years of successful work, the man thought about his own business, he decided to delve into Internet commerce.

The question of choosing a niche became acute, he thought about selling computers and clothes, but in the first case there was a lot of fuss with the guarantee, and in the second – with trying on and selecting the size for the client. Bezos was guided in the direction by his wife, who at the time was working on her own book. Paper literature was an ideal choice for amazon.com, so it began to actively attract investors. The first small amount was invested by the guy’s parents, at that moment they did not even suspect that a few years later there would be news about their millionth fortune. After some time, there was no end to those wishing to buy shares.

Bezos is currently working on other projects, including the computer and space industries. He believes that these are two main areas that should be regarded by all as the most promising and profitable in the 21st century.

Success Secrets from Jeff Bezos

The success story of Jeff Bezos shows that this man aspired to be the first always and everywhere. What is his secret? Jeff stands out from other people not only with high intellectual abilities, but also with self-confidence and optimism. He strives to constantly work on his own development, for which he allocates several hours every day. At various meetings, conferences, interviews and in books, the businessman generously shares the secrets that brought him success, these include:

  • It is necessary to build a strategy on those things that do not change over time.
  • The main goal is to win the client.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that the vast majority of the environment will not take your actions seriously.
  • It is necessary to treat each failure wisely, because this is an invaluable experience.
  • Any business starts with a problem faced by the client. The founder of a successful company eliminates this problem.
  • You can’t stop experimenting and trying something new.

Jeff Bezos is a unique person who has strived all his life to make the world a better place, but first of all he started with himself. Many who know him personally say that he is the most positive and positive person. Despite the fact that Amazon has dozens of offices around the world, Bezos is used to controlling every link of the company on his own and, if necessary, can dramatically reorganize an entire department if the market requires it.

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