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High paying professions in recent years


th high school, and then after the university, we want to get a good job. In this article, we talk about which highly paid professions in recent times and in the world are the most promising. It seems to many that the list will be limited to bankers, engineers and marketers, but in fact it is not.


An accountant performs financial calculations for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. They prepare a variety of financial reports to help clients comply with laws and analyze key metrics. Consequently, during the calculation of taxes and salaries, they often have to work overtime. In addition, the work is quite monotonous and boring.

Requirements: bachelor’s degree, for a position in a good company a master’s degree.
Average salary per month: 50,000 🪙
In top companies: up to 200,000 🪙

System Administrator

The system administrator controls all computer-related systems and processes in the company. This includes finding and purchasing hardware, installing computing software, as well as network management and troubleshooting. It takes a long time to continuously study in order to keep abreast of innovations in the IT field.

Requirements: programmer education or relevant experience
Average salary per month: 80,000 🪙
In top companies: up to 250,000 🪙


Engineers can design airplanes, cars, spaceships, satellites, skyscrapers, bridges, computers, and more. Chemical engineers will work with fuels and drugs to solve the problems associated with the use of these substances. Some of them will try to solve environmental problems or help people work more efficiently and safely. Therefore, the work of engineers is based on mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.

Requirements: specialized higher education, on-the-job training
Average salary per month: 80,000 🪙
In top companies: up to 500,000 🪙

Finishing work manufacturer

The foreman, that is, the manufacturer of finishing works, controls the design of the facility. For example, he is responsible for supply chain management and the building construction process. In addition, he is responsible for budgets, quality of work and for the fact that the object is completed on time. The larger and more original the construction project, the greater the responsibility. Therefore, the higher the salary.

Over the years, construction has become more complex. Buildings must be technologically advanced, safe, comply with regulations and municipal ordinances. First, professionals involved in the construction industry need to have a huge knowledge base. Secondly, you need to be able to manage hundreds of employees at the same time.

At the moment, however, major construction projects are on hold due to the pandemic, so it will be harder to get a job. Accordingly, higher requirements are imposed on specialists: at least 3 years of experience in the construction industry.

Average salary per month: 100,000 🪙
In top companies: up to 500,000 🪙

High paying professions in recent years


We are phasing out gasoline as car manufacturers are increasingly leaning towards making more battery-powered cars. They will need cobalt, aluminum, lithium, nickel and other metals. Who is looking for them?

For example, geophysics. These scientists seek, plan and develop deposits. Without them there would be neither accumulators, nor, as a matter of fact, gasoline. Their work has flaws. For example, this is most often project employment, and hence financial instability. Therefore, to work, you need a higher education, usually a master’s degree.

Average salary per month: 150,000 🪙
In top companies: up to 500,000 🪙

3D designer, motion designer

Such specialists are employed in the creation of video games, films and other visual projects. They draw characters and make them move, add graphics and special effects to films. They can teach, record their courses, teach others and earn extra money from it. This is a demanding job, but it requires special knowledge and experience.

Requirements: art education, work experience
Average salary per month: 100,000 🪙
In top companies: up to 300,000 🪙

Professions in the entertainment industry

Professions such as actor, musician, TV show host, producer and writer can all pay well. The fees of the most successful professionals in this industry are extremely high. It is worth noting that artists and others will have to come to terms with seasonality and financial instability, as well as looking for bookings.

You can, for example, hire an agent to help you find work and negotiate contracts. In addition, getting into this industry is quite difficult, the competition is very high. In conclusion, to become successful in it, you need to have charisma and education.

Average salary per month: 100,000 🪙
In top companies: from 300,000 🪙 and more

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