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How to make money sitting at home – TOP 5 ways


There are a wide variety of ways to make money at home, and some of them involve really impressive amounts. However, before a high and stable income, it is necessary to go through a long path of training, as well as gaining important experience. There are a number of secrets and nuances with which you can significantly increase your chances of making money while sitting at home.

How to make money sitting at home – advantages and disadvantages

Working from home attracts many people because of its advantages, for example, not having to wake up early or stick to a strict schedule. You can independently create a schedule depending on personal preferences and periods of maximum productivity.

The benefits of freelancing include:

  • The possibility of independent planning of the working day, including the appointment of breaks and days off.
  • No need to follow a dress code.
  • There are no colleagues and bosses nearby.
  • No need to waste time commuting to and from work.

Plus, if you follow some rules, you can get a good income while sitting at home. However, many are repelled by the negative qualities inherent in this field of activity, these include:

  • Reduced productivity due to lack of discipline.
  • The lack of communication affects the psychological and spiritual qualities.
  • The first time the salary will be extremely low.
  • A high probability of falling for scammers, which novice freelancers often face.
  • Lack of social package and pension savings.

The solution to the problem of discipline is exceptionally competent self-organization, which is incomprehensible to many. The rest of the disadvantages can also be dealt with, but already in the early stages it can be noted that such work is not suitable for everyone.

How to earn while sitting at home

Copywriting and rewriting

This method is suitable for those who like to write. Various sites need unique and competent articles with the help of which new visitors are attracted to the web resource. There are a large number of different exchanges where authors are required, the most popular are Advego, TextSale, and Etxt. The average rates for 1000 characters are 30-50 🪙, that is, for a text of 5000 characters, they will pay about 150-250 🪙.

Performers who are experts in any subject are especially appreciated. They get much more because they are able to create unique and, most importantly, useful content. At first, you need to work for authority in order to find regular customers and establish yourself on the stock exchange. The disadvantages include the commission that the system charges, it is approximately 5%, depending on the service. Also a negative point is a lot of competition.

Clicks and surf

This method is suitable for those who do not know how to earn money while sitting at home, however, it allows you to receive only up to 200 🪙 per day. However, if you devote enough time to this lesson, then this option is suitable as an additional income. In addition, there are opportunities for the manifestation of ingenuity and creativity. Many get a good income from referrals or reselling tasks. The first is based on attracting new users, on whose earnings the size of the monthly payment depends.

Seosprint is one of the best click and surf services on RuNet. The service offers decent pay and has a large number of tasks for users of various levels.

Create your own website

This option is included in the top ideas for making money while sitting at home. It is suitable for those who wish to work hard in order to obtain a stable and fairly high income. The main task of the webmaster is to attract the maximum number of visitors to the resource. To do this, you need to systematically post useful and unique articles. When a user clicks on an advertising link, dividends are accrued, so it is necessary to have a large and active audience.

Many choose this method as an additional one, which, with regular and responsible work, becomes the main source of income. High-quality content always gets to the TOP of the results of Google and Yandex search engines.

The disadvantages of this method include the following factors:

  • The need for a large amount of free time for writing texts.
  • In the absence of knowledge in the development of a web resource, you will need to order the service of creating a site through a freelance exchange or a specialized company. Often the cost is tens of thousands 🪙, depending on the complexity and deadline of the project.
  • You will need start-up capital to purchase a domain and hosting. If you have an initial budget, you can launch an advertising company, hire a staff of authors to write articles and order the development of a unique design. Only start-up funds will help you quickly make money while sitting at home.
  • The first result with good earnings can be obtained only 6 months after creation. At the same time, it is necessary to post new content daily and promote the new platform.

The obvious advantage is the possibility of further development. For example, if a resource brings about 30,000 🪙 per month, then it can be sold for 600,000 – 700,000 🪙, which provides a strong financial base for working on new projects.

YouTube channel

Video is much easier for a person to perceive than text, which explains the popularity of the YouTube platform. To start making money on videos, you do not need start-up capital, except for the purchase of recording equipment. The main thing is that the content is interesting and unique, since the competition among the channels is enormous. To speed up the promotion process, you can order advertising services from other users or engage in mutual PR.

Some top video bloggers earn tens of thousands of dollars. However, at the initial stages of development, such amounts are out of the question. Topics can be very diverse, ranging from culinary recipes to product reviews.

Before you make money sitting at home, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Since this decision requires maximum return, and time and financial investments are not always justified. Over the past few years, user confidence has increased significantly, the number of sales via the Internet is increasing several times every year, which gives reason to once again think about opening your own online store.

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