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How to find a good job: online + fast


With today’s variety of job postings, everyone is wondering how to find a good job.

This is because for each person the concept of “good work" is individual and implies different sets of factors. So, setting the question ” How to find a good job ?”, The first thing to do is to decide on the criteria for a decent job that will meet all your requirements and expectations.

That is why it is important to identify for yourself all the requirements for the chosen job and compare them with your capabilities.

How to find a good job: online + fast

How do you define your “good place to work”?

Each person is special – someone is interested in painting, someone in sports, and someone does not like the soul in filling out office documents. However, all these people are united by one desire – a decent income. Therefore, before you find a normal job, it is important to answer a few questions that will help you get to know your true desires better and analyze the possible options and methods for the upcoming search.

List of questions that the applicant should ask himself:

  1. What is my dream job?
  2. What job will I accept?
  3. What job would I never take?
  4. Is career progression important to me?
  5. What kind of relationship with superiors would be ideal for me?
  6. What kind of team do I see?

After analyzing the answers received, the applicant will automatically cut off all uninteresting and inappropriate employment options. This will save time on unsuitable vacancies, of which there are a huge number on the labor market today.

It is also important to determine for yourself the most important criteria when searching for the desired vacancy among the main ones. These include earnings, career growth, professional growth, stability and working conditions.

How to find a good job – prioritization

How to find a good job: online + fast

Before you find a job to your liking, you should set priorities for yourself. This will additionally help filter out really inappropriate vacancies that at first glance may seem worthy of attention.

As already noted, the most common criteria for choosing a future place of work are earnings, the possibility of climbing the career ladder, professional growth, as well as stability and working conditions.


The indicator is important, but not fundamental. Everything is interconnected here – those employees who demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency receive a large income. They are ready to deny themselves the many joys of life – freedom, tranquility, health, and sometimes even family. If you are considering such an option for employment and full immersion in the work process, then feel free to put a mark in the filter for “high income”. However, remember that the “average income” mark is often not much less than the previous limit, but the working conditions in this case are much easier.

Experts distinguish three levels of earnings:

  1. Very tall. This income option is often chosen by applicants who want to satisfy their own "I". Finding the right vacancy turns into an adventure.
  2. Optimal. Earning this level provides a person with his comfort zone and some financial freedom. The most frequently noted search term when setting a filter.
  3. Minimum. Earnings that will go beyond this level, not for the better, do not interest a person. For such money he will never agree to work.

Of course, money is one of the important points when looking for a job, but not the key one. Too high earnings are not always good for the employee. Especially if this employee has family, children and friends. Not every person is ready to spend all their time at work, sacrificing weekends and holidays.

And whatever you say, the financial side of the issue still fades into the background. When choosing a job, you should give preference to completely different factors and parameters.

Field of activity

First of all, it is important to explore the possibility of career growth in the chosen field of activity. There are few people who put an end to everything for the sake of their career, refusing family and children.

And yet they are. As a rule, for such a population, communications, the position and circle of people with whom they will have to work come first, and only then the financial side. It is very easy to foresee your future in this way: close your eyes, transfer yourself into the future for five years, and preferably ten.

What do you see? Personal account or all the same work in the office? Or maybe you became the head of a large division or even the director of a branch? Feel free to let your imagination run wild, it will determine your possible perspective or its complete absence.

Pay special attention to what status the profession you have chosen currently holds, how much it is in demand. If the mind has not presented a picture of a careerist, then act in a different direction, career growth is not the most important thing that you need now.

Professional growth

The next step is to consider the possibility of professional growth. The fact is that it is easier for an experienced professional to find himself in life, they are more in demand, while a student who has just completed his studies at an academy or lyceum and has no practice is of no interest to anyone, and if he is lucky enough to get a good job, then at the first downsizing, he will be expelled. That is why it is very difficult for beginners to join the mainstream of professionals or simply start gaining work experience.

No less problems arise for experienced workers, professionals in their field. Having reached the peak of their activity, they become bored and have nowhere to grow, they have conquered all the peaks and all the work they do seems like a routine. Then the first thing they decide on is to look for a new job, in the hope that their activities there will be more interesting and diverse. Here the task becomes more complicated, you can’t just look for vacancies, you need to participate in conferences, seminars, attend interviews and actively study the work of various companies. There is only one conclusion: if a person is sociable and sociable, he will succeed with ease, but if he is a closed silent person, then professional growth will be a very difficult task for him, which can stretch for a lifetime.

Working conditions

The third particularly important factor is the stability and working conditions. Everyone wants stability, to ride the waves and not know what will happen tomorrow, there are few who want it. Confidence in the future is important for people, which means they want:

  1. Timely salary.
  2. Paid vacations and sick leaves.
  3. Good guide.
  4. Close-knit team.

Another important parameter is the location of the work, how far from home it is and, of course, stability. The concepts seem simple, but for each of the people they all have their own definition. Try to set clearer and more specific parameters for yourself: what distance to work will suit you, what should be the team, salary, and so on.

Have you heard the expression: “Who is lucky, they ride on it?” So, it is very applicable to such people, since most often managers and directors save on them. Everyone was faced with the fact that the salary is small, in another company they pay more, but here the team is friendlier, which means that everything remains in its place. That is why part of the population works in good conditions, but, accordingly, for a pittance.


How to find a good job: online + fast

Huge memoirs are posted on the Internet on the topic of how to look for a job, but few people say that his resume plays a special role when choosing a candidate. There are many vacancies that you want, but not all of them can lead to a really good job. To win the competitive basis, it is important to draw attention to your person. To get to the interview, the resume must attract the employer.

Most people cannot specify what position they want to take and list several specialties or no specifics, such as a handyman. Employers are not interested in such citizens, this is the first sign that a person himself does not know what he wants, and, therefore, one should not expect a good job from him, and one should not even talk about skills.

Another common mistake job seekers make is linking to social media pages. There you can find anything and if the employer does not like something, then the applicant may not count on an interview.

There is no need to write a biography in volumes, rather brief and accurate, and most importantly, reliable information. As a rule, it should not exceed one sheet, the smaller the better, but it is important to indicate all significant factors: study, experience, personal qualities, and so on.


Summer is the time for vacations, which means it is more difficult to get a job: there are no personnel officers, but there is no director. But still, there are a number of professions that are suitable only for such seasons, since it is necessary to replace employees for a vacation period, or simply due to the influx of work (this applies to the tourism topic in particular), when staff members do not have time to process and devote time to each guest, and a lot of work. It is also worth considering that few people seek to get a job during the holidays, holidays and the holiday season, because they themselves want to relax and spend time with their families or simply go to the sea. For many, this is an ideal opportunity to get rid of competitors or at least reduce their numbers to a minimum.


With all the tips for a quick job search, don’t forget your self-esteem. Start your job search by viewing vacancies in your chosen profession. Conduct a simple analysis of wages, taking into account the minimum, average and the one that you want to eventually receive yourself. Draw up an approximate scheme according to which your salary will be calculated, that is, for what merits a salary increase is possible, it may include:

  1. The presence of a second or third education.
  2. Knowledge of foreign language.
  3. Experience in this area.
  4.  Possibility of irregular working hours and so on.

All of these points will allow you to set a salary higher than that of a simple worker without education and experience. Expecting that if you say that you are ready to work for a penny and you will be immediately raked in with arms and legs, you are deeply mistaken. An employer may consider you as an unskilled worker who does not know his own worth and, accordingly, does his job poorly, clutching at any income just to be hired.

A photo

A confident look at the photo attached to the resume is already a big step towards victory.

You should not upload photos from documents where a person is scared and serious, at the same time, a photo in nature with a barbecue or at the sea in a bathing suit will also not interest the director of a large company. A light smile, a confident look, a neat appearance are the foundations of success. Be careful about your chosen profession.

For example, when planning to become a teacher, a photo in a suit, with collected hair and light makeup (for women) is suitable. If this is the work of an animator, then a photo at some event in a suit will not be superfluous. The main thing to remember is a smile, sincere and confident.

How to find a good job – pitfalls

Try to consult in advance about such underwater moments as: irregular schedule, remote work, and so on.

It may turn out that the first definition means a schedule in two days, for which many may not be ready even due to health factors, and the second definition promises work on a rotational basis, when you have to leave home and family for a month, or even a year.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

How to find a good job: online + fast

Where can you find a really good job? In the Internet. Resumes have been sent and we are waiting for them to come to us, and they will beg to get a job with them. No, it doesn’t. Inaction and haste are completely contradictory concepts. Of course, you should not impose yourself, but, nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to call the company and clarify whether they have received a resume, whether they are ready to have a conversation and whether everything suits them. It would not be superfluous to ask if it is required to provide any additional documents or provide options for performing past work, if any. The initiative will not be superfluous in employment, and the employer will see that you have not given up and are persistently moving towards achieving your goal.

They are greeted by clothes …

Wherever you go, first of all you will be appreciated from head to toe, from hair, manicure and ending with clothes. Many are given already in the first seconds, without starting the interview, because they see an untidy person in front of them. Nobody talks about evening dress, but you should wash your hair, iron things, and exclude fashion trends in the style of torn clothes and patches.

It will not be superfluous to remove the piercings that give brutality. And repaint your nails from bright light green to a calm, for example, beige color.

Pay special attention to shoes. If the street is wet and dirty, take a rag or napkins with you so that you can wipe them in the restroom before visiting the manager’s office. And bring back to normal.

Remember, you won’t get a second chance. It is important to create a good impression on the first try.

How to find a good job – rules of conduct

Hooray! They called you and invited you for an interview. The clothes are ready, the appearance is neat, everything is in order. But how to behave? How to get a job? No panic. Go over the Internet, as a rule, the employer asks standard questions.

Feel free to stand in front of a mirror and try to answer them. But the main thing is that you need to radiate confidence in yourself and your abilities and not mumble.

When advertising yourself, do not use adjectives. Point to specific points of work done earlier that brought success. And convince the listeners that it is you who will be able to raise the company or enterprise to a new level with the help of only your skills.

Who conducts the interview

Often, directors and managers have no time to conduct interviews with numerous applicants. And they entrust this business to less busy employees.

Ask about the position of the person who studied your resume. As a rule, such employees do not really have an idea of ​​what will be included in the work responsibilities of other employees.

Therefore, here you can play, flirt, joke a little. Simply put, defuse a tense situation, even direct all the attention of the interlocutor in your direction. And get him interested in your personality.


How to find a good job: online + fast

Very often, those who have been sitting at home for a long time wonder how to find a good job . Or he was on maternity leave. But here even great experience and professionalism can play a bad joke.

Employers may perceive such an employee as lagging behind current trends. In order not to throw your knowledge and skills into the far corner, attend advanced training courses. And various seminars, trainings.

Engage in the study of new computer programs and study all the new technologies and methods prescribed for your field of activity. Take all the documents you receive with you to the interview. If the employer sees a systematically developing personality in front of him, he will not be able to resist and he will want to try the person in practice.

How to find a really good job without experience?

If you have just graduated from a higher educational institution, do not hesitate to take an internship or special additional training. This is the easiest way to quickly find a good job. The internship also has a competitive basis, where you need to prove yourself and interest. But after passing it, the chances of getting the desired job will increase significantly.


Another not tricky way to find a job is to remember friends and acquaintances. It is no secret to anyone that many get a job through an acquaintance or through relatives. So the chances increase, because they can put in a good word for you and there can be more offers.

Don’t pretend to be kings. We are all simple people. Employers are looking for professionals in their field, not those who are sharp-tongued and have excessive ambitions. Do not set yourself a high bar for rapid career growth and high salaries. All this will come with time if you manage to convince the leader of your professionalism.

You can talk for a long time on the topic: how to find a job you like . Indeed, if a person is happy and satisfied with his work and the quality of its performance will be at a much higher level. And accordingly, career growth and professionalism for such a person will not be far off. Whether business the teacher who hates children. She has to go to work to earn food and livelihood.

Never be afraid to relearn. If you saw yourself as a pilot all your life, and as a result became afraid to fly, then you can try yourself as an engineer. Or a programmer, there is nothing to be ashamed of. The main thing is that the work brings pleasure.

It happens that the employer refuses or says the catchphrase: “We will call you back.” Everyone understands that this phrase does not bode well. And don’t expect a call. If something went wrong, then find the reason. Maybe your resume contains errors, inaccuracies, or requirements that are too high. Call the front desk and ask about the reason for the refusal. And fix it before sending your resume to the next organization.

How to find a good job – summary

Never be discouraged. Refused in one company – it does not matter, maybe it’s not you. It is they who have lost a professional who will be swept up in another institution with arms and legs. Do not stop, strive for more, change yourself and your environment, improve and then success will not be long in coming.

Any Internet source will tell you how to find a good job . But only self-confidence, a smile, charisma and professionalism will help you reach the top and achieve the desired success. And in combination with professionalism and experience, your personality will not go unnoticed.

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