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How to make money on maternity leave: tips + ways


How to earn money on maternity leave? The material presented below will be useful to people who are thinking about the topic: " How to make money for any woman on maternity leave ". We will analyze the current ways of earning money online and professions for mothers on maternity leave, as well as growth prospects.

Many modern mothers on maternity leave, in addition to raising a baby, are actively developing their business. The field of activity can be different, for example: photography, copywriting, development of IT projects, handmade, as well as everyone’s favorite cooking. They are not afraid to learn something unknown, thereby opening up new prospects for personal and career growth.

Nothing is impossible for them, for example: a girl works as an accountant in a construction company, and after the birth of a baby, she radically changes her occupation and specialization, turning into a successful food blogger. Everything depends primarily on the desire.

Career prospects for mothers on maternity leave

The decree, as a rule, pulls a woman out of the routine of everyday life. Some may ask themselves questions:

  1. Will the family budget become thinner, because expenses are increasing every day (diapers, food for a child, etc.), and the income part has now become lower?
  2. Will I be able to return to my original place later, because there are different situations, for example, an enterprise can be liquidated during this time?
  3. What will be the further reaction of employers to the child?
  4. During my stay on maternity leave, will my knowledge and skills lose their relevance, because we live in an age of information race, and something new appears every day?

But don’t worry. First of all, the decree gives a break in the desire to reach the peak of the career ladder in order to change your life for the better.

It may happen that working from home will be more paid and promising in terms of career growth. Freelancers earn decent money while being at home with their loved ones. Perhaps for you this is a chance to make a cool turn in life and become a successful business woman.

Remote work is usually underestimated. People look superficially, seeing only pyramids, MLM, casinos, etc. Yes, of course, they exist in the Runet, but we will not take them into account. Only real ways to make money on your maternity leave.

Decree is not just a vacation to raise your child, it is a whole period of life in which you can and even need to:

  • rethink your life;
  • start looking for remote work;
  • or engage in self-development, as well as try to learn a new profession that will help you conduct remote employment;
  • take up a hobby, perhaps it will become your significant part of the income.

How to make money on maternity leave – ways to earn money

How to make money on maternity leave: tips + ways

Analyzing the methods of how to earn money on maternity leave, you can count about 60 pieces.

Provision of services at home

The direction is suitable, first of all, for hairdressers and makeup artists. But if you do not have specialized knowledge, do not be upset. In this case, you can walk dogs, work as a nanny, a cleaner, or arrange a private kindergarten so that neighbors bring children to you.

Possession of a certain talent

If you have a talent for drawing, you can safely take orders for portraits or landscapes. Or, for example, if you teach, you can go into tutoring. There can be many talents, the main thing is to choose one that will bring you financial stability or even independence in the future. It’s great when work brings, in addition to income, spiritual balance.

Implementation of trading through Internet platforms

You can start a business with a simple step – organizing bargains for your relatives, and then open your own online store, products can be varied.

Providing services through consulting and outsourcing

This direction is more suitable for narrow specialists, such as: lawyers, translators, financiers, accountants, etc.

Do you have knowledge in programming, site building, SEO, SMM?

Welcome to the world of freelancing. At first it will be hard, but then the efforts will pay off, because the freelancer earns more and more every day. Of course, everything depends on the efforts of the person himself, but you can live with confidence that freelancing will not suddenly cease to exist tomorrow. Plus, you’ll never get laid off.

Did you study design?

This is just great, because today 3D visualization is in price. In addition to experience, you will receive hefty fees as a bonus.

If you are into writing

Today, an extensive database of tasks for work is presented for copywriters, the need for quality content is always in demand. For starters, you can get a copywriting exchange. There, increase your rating, develop a reputation and establish relationships with customers, with interesting offers.

Internet management

The direction is more suitable for people who love, first of all, routine work. In this direction work: moderators, specialists of one-time tasks, as well as assistants to the head. It is worth noting that the vacancy of an assistant manager is difficult to combine with raising a child due to the 24/7 schedule. Your help may be required by the manager at 3 o’clock in the morning, and you will be obliged to provide it to him, but the earnings here are much higher.

petty earnings

The direction of online earnings, which includes writing comments on forums, compiling reviews, taking surveys, as a rule, for a small fee. There may also be tasks: like a post or watch a particular video.

How to make money on maternity leave – ways to earn money

How to make money on maternity leave: tips + ways

We figured out the directions, now we are smoothly moving on to specific ways of earning money for mothers on maternity leave.


To begin with, we will analyze in detail the direction of earning on your hobby. It can be different, the list includes those that can be monetized:

  1. Decoupage or additional decoration of various interior elements.
  2. Batik. Artistic art, which involves drawing with special compositions.
  3. Patchwork – patchwork.
  4. Knitting and crochet. We are talking not only about napkins, but also about complex products, for example: a sweater or a shoulder cape.
  5. Manufacture of leather products.
  6. Manufacture of environmentally friendly soap and candle products.
  7. Scrapbooking – album design.
  8. Making bouquets from different materials. Today, this type of gift products is popular.
  9. Manual production of ceramic products. To do ceramics, you will need the appropriate equipment, you need to take this into account when considering the expenditure component of the project.
  10. Embroidery of various kinds.
  11. Decorative painting of interior elements.
  12. Manual production of toys for children. As a rule, these are soft toys, bear cubs, rabbits, etc. If you’re lucky, you can get a highly paid order.
  13. Tailoring of woven products to order.

There are already 13 ways to earn money and this is not all the possibilities of handmade! Because the main thing is to achieve stability in sales. Products can be sold on Yulia, Avito, eBay. By the way, on eBay, Americans are actively buying home-made products.

Paintings to order

If you have the talent of an artist or even a special education, then you can safely draw paintings to order. In recent years, paintings by modern artists are popular with collectors. And if you manage to create a new art form, then in addition to earning money, you can also hope for fame.

culinary arts

There are several ways to make money on maternity leave using culinary skills:

  1. Baking to order. Sales can be made through Instagram. Design the page, use the promotion, and customers will flow to you. It remains only to turn on the stove and create masterpieces.
  2. Author’s sweets. Products of a similar plan are sold at events with a mass gathering of people.
  3. Conducting online cooking courses. You can, for example, write a cookbook, Yulia Vysotskaya started this way.
  4. Preparation of business lunches. The method will pay for itself if there are business centers or company offices within walking distance.

Commerce at home

How to make money on maternity leave: tips + ways

Many girls and women leaving on maternity leave from the position of a stylist or makeup artist begin to receive clients at home or make home visits. But many, on the contrary, when going on maternity leave, decide to enter the appropriate courses. Work in this direction:

  1. Masseurs.
  2. Hairdressers.
  3. Makeup artists.
  4. Fitness trainers. Today it has become the norm to see a coach who gives lessons remotely via Skype or, for example, maintains his own YouTube channel.
  5. Makeup professionals.

On the forums of mothers on maternity leave, the following ways of earning are popular:

  1. Private garden. Babysitting for neighborhood kids for a fee while parents are at work.
  2. Wedding organizer. But you need to take into account that this type of income has an irregular working day and you need to think carefully with whom to leave your baby in such cases.
  3. Passing help. For example, if you regularly walk your dog, why not walk your neighbors dog for a fee.

How to make money on maternity leave – Earnings on text content

On the Internet, you can find a lot of suggestions on how to make money on maternity leave by writing custom texts. Offers fall into 5 categories:

  • online exchanges for copywriters and rewriters;
  • cooperation with popular publishing houses:
  • sale of already written articles in stock exchange stores for copywriters and rewriters;
  • work with customers without intermediaries (for this you need to form a customer base);
  • remote employment in a content production bureau.

Let’s analyze the list of ways to earn money in detail:

  1. Copywriting. A highly paid direction regarding writing texts to order. As a rule, refers to the advertising industry. It includes writing selling texts, filling landing pages of companies or websites with informational articles. Moms start making money here during your maternity leave.
  2. Rewriting. Processing (uniqueization of articles already available on the Internet). The method provides for mandatory registration on the content exchange.
  3. Commercial rhymes. The work consists in writing slogans for advertising in poetic form.
  4. Content management. The specialty provides for the creation of content and subsequent publication on a web resource.
  5. Journalism with an online bias. The method requires a diploma from the Department of Journalism. Web journalists are engaged in filling online magazines and online newspapers.
  6. Posting and writing comments. A low-paid way to earn money, but in practice there are also highly paid orders, for example, in reviews regarding the banking sector.

You should also not forget about the necessary, but “inconspicuous" employees, without whom publishing houses cannot do:

  1. Proofreading. The specialty requires a diploma in philology. The requirements are higher than for copywriters, but the earnings here are appropriate.
  2. Editing. Editors get a lot more proofreaders.

In addition to the vacancies described above, book publishers require reviewers.

If you do not have the appropriate skills, and the muse does not want to visit, it does not matter. You can consider such a direction as transcription. A transcriber translates information into text format from a recorded audio or video. These services are usually used by bloggers, info-training authors and students. Because they most often work with the word.


How to make money on maternity leave: tips + ways

Translators also have a place in the information business, where content from games, advertising slogans and presentations is often translated.

But in addition to the classic ways of writing texts to order, there are also highly specialized vacancies:

  1. Translators with a technical bias, translation specialists, for example, manuals. The vacancy requires certain narrow knowledge in order to perform a competent translation.
  2. Literary text translator.

If you write your own stories and detective stories, you can become a writer. Perhaps your book will become a bestseller. It is advisable to cooperate with the publishing house, so you can get more orders at the initial stage of work.

Use of highly specialized knowledge

To answer the question: " How to make good money on maternity leave, if you have knowledge in a narrow specialty?", Let’s analyze in detail the direction of tutoring, coaching and student freelancing. Moms who have in their luggage a solid stock of knowledge in a particular specialty or scientific subject will find themselves in it.

But first, let’s figure out what student freelancing is. This is a kind of exchange of freelance orders. Through this method, they earn by fulfilling orders for writing diplomas, essays, and there are also orders for serious scientific work. If you work full-time, you can reach a highly paid source of income. Because student freelancing suits educators.

In student freelancing, there are three basic categories of earnings.

  • writing term papers, essays and diplomas;
  • solving problems or exercises;
  • services for the creation of drawings in specialized programs.

Tutoring. From the name it becomes clear that the method involves the work of a tutor. But classes can be conducted using messengers.

Coaching is a method that involves the presentation of business lectures. If you have knowledge in the business field, then this is your path.

Consulting and outsourcing

How to make money on maternity leave: tips + ways

Outsourcing is a remote provision of services of the following narrow specializations:

  1. Engineering. The supply of remote project management on the market exceeds demand.
  2. Analytics. Recently, the analytics industry has been fully transitioning to a remote work format, so there are a lot of vacancies.
  3. Personnel service. In the 21st century, all documentation is moving to an electronic format. HR officers no longer need to sit in offices, they can fully perform their duties remotely at home.
  4. Accounting. If an accountant leaves work on maternity leave, then he needs to offer the employer a remote work format. Most bosses agree. If the manager does not agree, you can find proposals for outsourcing bookkeeping, for example, on the HH.ru website.

Consulting provides a lot of opportunities for a wide range of professionals:

  1. Financial consulting – the method provides for consultations, both for legal entities and individuals.
  2. The classic version of consulting – as a rule, includes many professions.

IT sphere

You can earn money at home and on maternity leave if you are a programmer by education, or you have completed specialized training. Today the vacancy of a programmer is in the top, and will remain there for a long time. It is possible to find a job not only offline, but also online.

Popular remote jobs:

  • programmers;
  • testers of programs and games;
  • software and game developer;
  • web programmers.

The job provides for a specialized education in the IT field, but mothers on maternity leave who work in these vacancies receive highly paid fees. Because they are able to feed the whole family on their own.

In addition to development and testing, there are vacancies from the Internet marketing industry:

  • contextual advertising;
  • traffic arbitration;
  • web analytics.
  • optimization of sites and web portals;
  • Internet Marketing.

In the presented areas, as a rule, male specialists work, but the beautiful half are also happy there because of other methods of work, a different perception, an opposite, creative vision. If you understand that you like it, feel free to try your hand.

Animation creation

How to make money on maternity leave by creating animation? If you have the talent of an artist in your genes, then you should definitely try yourself in the topic of computer illustration and animation. This will require talent and special software.

Illustrators receive highly paid projects from game production studios. As a rule, the task of an illustrator is to draw characters, locations, and individual game design elements. Also, if you have experience, you can contact customers from the film industry to draw an animated series.

If you have a professional portfolio and a certificate of education in your arsenal, you can conclude a full-fledged contract for remote work, for example, as a home interior designer.

Is it possible to earn without financial losses?

On the Runet spaces, there are often ads on how to make money at home and on maternity leave, with a fraudulent scheme. Advertisements for printing scanned text are popular. However, scammers are easy to recognize as soon as an offer is made to pay for a database registry or something similar. Feel free to refuse cooperation. After you transfer the money, the scammers will immediately forget about you.

It is also not recommended to apply for vacancies for the collection of pens, beads at home. This is also a scam!

It is strictly forbidden to try to make money on bets, casinos and lotteries. As they say, the game is not worth the candle. But gambling is addictive quickly, you will not have time to come to your senses, how to lower the family budget on deposits.

The Internet is full of ads about Forex, which is considered a dangerous form of online earnings. In the long term, it seems that the auctions are going well, but at one point in the pursuit of wealth, there is a high risk of losing an apartment, a car, etc. Stay away from these types of earnings!

But often, girls, solving the problem of how to make money on maternity leave, discover profitable directions for themselves, and at the end of maternity leave they quit their previous job, changing their lives dramatically.

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