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How to Climb the Career Ladder in an Age of Change


Want to know how to climb the corporate ladder? And get both money and pleasure from it? The better you know yourself, the more likely you are to succeed. We did a little research and identified 6 elements that open the door to a successful career.

How to Climb the Career Ladder in an Age of Change

How to Climb the Career Ladder in an Age of Change

Who and what is around you?

Do you live on the mainland of small-town permanence or navigate the turbulent river of a bustling metropolis? Our whole life is a boundless ocean with many climatic zones, different bottom depths and undercurrents.

Water is always in motion, just like life, according to the well-known saying “everything flows, everything changes". it remains only to choose the direction that suits you, based on the abilities and opportunities that you have now. Do you sail your own boat or do you rent it? Or maybe you are one of those who cross small rivers ford or get to the goal “by swimming”?

How to Climb the Career Ladder in an Age of Change

Be that as it may, the eight areas of human life are always in motion and undergo changes.

If you’re going to be briskly up the career ladder, making the right decisions at the right time, you’ll have to consider all of these factors.
Every person has a set of innate abilities. Some of them can not be identified in childhood. But in a sense, as an adult, it is much easier to learn and relearn. You have a choice of how to do it, and you are able to independently develop a development strategy for yourself, because the decision is made by you, not by your parents.

Changes affect all spheres of human life:

  • Personal priorities
  • external situation
  • Life style
  • Relationships between people
    Life roles
  • Physical and mental abilities
  • Health
  • Places of residence

Take responsibility – get to know yourself

In many ways, the way you work determines what type of person you are. Answer the questions and save your answers to compare with the results of the test, which we will publish in the next article.

How to Climb the Career Ladder in an Age of Change

But you can find your style without even finding out which of the cells in the next methodology is yours. The basis for a successful career are 6 elements:

  1. Effective use of their skills and competent distribution of forces;
  2. Satisfaction with the work process;
  3. Willingness to respond to change;
  4. Ability to choose the appropriate field of activity;
  5. Independence
  6. natural inclinations

Element #1: Use your powers and skills

Make sure you are in the right place and use the skills and abilities that reflect your innate tendencies. If you succeed, then you will become closer to understanding yourself and your capabilities. Now try to answer three questions for yourself. Write down the answers. They will come in handy the next time we publish a personality type test.

Element #2: Identify what makes you happy at work right now

If you are irritated or angry most of the time, this is not necessarily a consequence of a bad temper or the fact that you “mixed your foot” when you get up in the morning. You are probably just out of place.

  1. How do you feel most of the time?
  2. Do you feel satisfaction during the working day and does it fly by quickly?
  3. Or maybe your time drags on like melted cheese and after the end of working hours there is no strength left for other things?
  4. Is it just a "period" or has it always been like this?
  5. Assuming you’re a perpetually irritated plumber. What is the probability that you would be happy to never touch pipes again, but develop software?

Element #3: Be prepared for change

To stand still means to move backward. Changes in this regard are not much different from a departing train. You can arrive on time, early or late and watch your last car, or you can try to jump into it. So it is in a career. There will always be something going on around you. And it is up to you to decide whether to take part, lead projects or look for new ones. Determine your priorities. The world is changing very quickly. And with it the working conditions. We have already written about how technology is changing ideas about the style of work LINK and analyzed in detail such a phenomenon as the disappearance of some specialties and the emergence of others in a short time.

To adapt to a business that is in a state of permanent reorganization, it is necessary to improve throughout life.

In order to establish this process and catch the rhythm of constant change, you need to understand what natural inclinations you have for this or that occupation.
This is the first step to understanding  exactly how you climb the career ladder.  After all, all development strategies are different, despite the existing methods of behavior typology.

Element #4: Decide on a Growth Area

There is no such typology that would take into account all the preferences of all people. Just as there is no universal kind of activity.

If you’re imaginative, budget matters are most likely of an incomprehensibly tedious nature to you. Therefore, the word budget is as alien to you as debit and credit.

At the same time, if you are a realist who is accustomed to consistent activity, then the flexibility of thinking is more difficult for you than for the same “imaginators”.

And even if you find the craft of your dreams, this does not mean that you will automatically say goodbye to difficulties. In any case, there is a part that you want to omit. Therefore, it will be very useful to expand the scope of your natural inclinations and preferences. When approaching the area of ​​growth, focus on those strategies and skills that will help you solve the problem at work.

Element #5: Self-reliance

Know your preferences, explore them. Regardless of whether you are at the very beginning of your career path, crossing the equator or it is the peak.
We inevitably develop our natural inclinations, compensating for weaknesses at their expense. And even if you have achieved success, along with career growth come new and difficult tasks. Probably, to solve them, you would need skills that you had previously successfully avoided developing and training. These are all parts of an innate approach to work.

Element #6: Consider Your Natural Inclinations

Motivation and job satisfaction in different people depends on different factors. It is obvious. But much more subtle and important is the moment of understanding by the person himself of his natural inclinations. To find a suitable job – focus on a specific area of ​​​​search. At the same time, rely in your choice not on the proximity of work to the metro or salary expectations. Let the basis for your job search be that you take into account your personal qualities, individual approach and the situation in which you are at the moment.

Only you know how to climb the corporate ladder 

It is up to you to decide – passively listen to the scent of roses. Or create new varieties of roses, grow roses, or just paint flowers. But how do you know if your choice of profession will be relevant in five or ten years? Maybe interest in roses will decrease, they will no longer be cultivated and grown? If you, for example, have chosen a craft for yourself – to sell roses, then you will have nothing to sell. Then the steps on the ladder that you go up to a successful career as a rose seller will fall apart and you will fall, and you will have to adapt to the new realities of the market.

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