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Goals in life and in business: how to find your way and why not all goals are yours


We dedicate this week to finding purpose in life and in business. Join, read an article a day and get to know yourself. The closer you are to yourself, the better you can see the road to your true goal.

Our actions are a reflection of our thoughts, judgments of upbringing, self-esteem, beliefs, and so on and so forth.

What are decoys

Classical understanding: we take false goals from society. That is, this is when someone has something, and we choose the same thing, and try to achieve this.

“My friend bought a Ferrari. Then I got the idea to buy a Ferrari. I also bought a Ferrari. It turned out that the goal was not mine. I needed something different. Because when I finally bought a Ferrari, I felt empty. Pleasant feelings and euphoria from achieving this goal passed faster than I thought."

In this article, we will begin to dig deeper than the classic understanding of decoys. And at the end of this week, you will learn how to set your goals in life and in business and understand why you are where you are and where to go next.

Why is this topic important and how do false goals in life and business differ from true ones?

Achieving false goals, we do not experience pleasure. How it looks emotionally: you climb up the stairs for a long time and in the end it turns out that the stairs were attached to the wrong wall.

When we move towards our goals, in life and in business, we usually experience great joy and pleasure when we achieve them. Moreover, a false goal, it also sometimes gives pleasure. But very short term.

You run, you run – you ran, experienced pleasure, praised yourself. But inside there is a feeling of emptiness. Do you know this feeling?

The feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction after achieving the goal suggests that the goal was false.

Many people start the path to entrepreneurship by first running around for goals that are not their own and do not enjoy this process. How to be?

First, determine what position you are in.

A healthy person views life from four perspectives: me, you, others, the world.

Me or how I feel about myself

In this position, you consider yourself either realizing that everything is in order with you (you are a good person, you work on yourself, in general you assess your situation as healthy). The second option is when you consider yourself somehow not like that, wrong, unhealthy, abnormal, and so on.

There is a position – you

It’s about intimate relationships. 

This is about a loved one. In this position, the ability and ability to notice good qualities in close people develops. Appreciate these qualities, admire and admire them.

When something is wrong at this level, you get people in your life who constantly criticize their loved ones.

Are you familiar?

When a mother boasts of the success of her son or daughter, but she always finds something to “pinch" for. This is a way of showing love. They do it like

out of love.

In such a situation, something is wrong at the level of You.

Position – others

It’s about people in general. Ask yourself – what is your attitude at this level? How do you feel about people in general?

  • “I think that people are good creatures with whom you can deal”;
  • “People are inherently wrong, unreliable, vile.”

Based on what model do you build relationships with people:

  • Top down?
  • Or do you think that people are generally healthy and everything is fine with them, only each has its own nuances and its own history?
  • Do you criticize people close to you and how often?
  • Or do you try and notice the bright sides of being others and your own?
Attitude towards the world
  1. There is an opinion that the world is a good, wonderful place, where it is cozy, warm, full of opportunities for self-development and business. The country is also a good place.
  2. Another setting is just the opposite: a country with a lot of problems, the world is a nasty nightmarish place where you have to fight and prove that you are worth something.

A week of psychology that will help you recognize your false goals in life and in business  and start building the foundation for real goals.

There are six more days ahead dedicated only to this topic. So take your time to learn how to set business goals the right way. Let’s unearth step by step what in another situation you simply could not find.

This week and the time you spend reading one article a day is your money making tool. A tool that is designed to work at depth. Therefore, haste is not a friend here.

Now back to our topic:

What is your attitude to the world?

To the country?

Do not laugh.

The people of the post-Soviet space have problems with this. And so we do not just dig deep before moving on to business issues.

And if you are living in recent times, then I am writing about you too. We all have something in common – existence in the position of I.

Read the following article: why you are a good person and there are more people like you than you think and where lies the root of your introspection and insecurity.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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