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Hobbies that bring money


How to turn your hobby into cash? We talk about hobbies that bring money! Among them, there are those that will suit the elderly and those that students will like, options with minimal investment or no investment at all.

Have you ever had a feeling of regret when you stumbled upon old brushes, a camera or tools and realized that you had not done anything related to your passion for years? Or maybe you felt remorse when you spent money on a hobby rather than a business?

You can get rid of regrets and guilt: your hobby can become a vacation ticket for your family or pay for renovating your kitchen. Think about what you are interested in, but for now we will give some examples of profitable hobbies.

Profitable Hobby Ideas

Hobbies that bring money

1 Freelance journalist, writer

Let’s face it, you either love to write or you don’t. If you have a gift for tying sentences together and love doing it, become a freelance copywriter, journalist, writer.

It can be a lucrative hobby: Freelancing full-time can earn as much as 40,000 🪙 per month. Moreover, such a specialist has many opportunities for both beginners and experienced authors.

Another advantage is that you can build your own schedule. There will be more free time for family, travel and other hobbies. In addition, you will understand that the better the project is paid, the better the terms of reference and the communication process.

Here are the order options you can get:

  1. Writing content for blogs and online publications
  2. Creating Instructions
  3. Selling texts
  4. Scripts for videos
  5. SEO texts
  6. Articles for magazines
  7. Samizdat: writing a book on online platforms.

So where do you start? Beginners most often look for orders on special exchanges: there are a lot of orders, but they pay very little for execution, around 50 🪙 per 1000 characters. Over time, when you have a portfolio and experience, you will find customers who are willing to pay more.

2 Blogger

Gone are the days when people rolled their eyes at the mention of bloggers. Every month there are hundreds of blogs about parenting, fashion, hobbies and personal finance.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to create content at your own pace, in your own style, and for your audience. However, if you want to make money from it, it’s worth putting in some effort to get this blog to rank higher in the search engines. If you make a convenient and relevant website, you will quickly receive money through advertising, affiliate programs.

Contact an SEO specialist if you don’t know how to get started. He will suggest the features of strategies, help to avoid mistakes. The best part about blogging is that you get paid for what you enjoy doing.

3 Baker

Are you the cake master on your street? If someone notices your creative genius, you can monetize your hobby! If you know the right ratio of chocolate and cream, the characteristics of icing and marzipan, and also sell well, try yourself as a baker or confectioner.

Cakes are needed for weddings, birthdays, banquets. Not a single holiday is complete without cookies, sweets and other sweets. Not everyone will have the patience to cook something more complicated than charlotte, so use your skills. Over time, word of mouth will definitely work, so you can immediately think of a large-scale business plan!

4 Cook

It is difficult for many to imagine how 365 dishes can be prepared a year, so they turn to private chefs. Prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners with local, seasonal ingredients for a culinary feast!

Cook to order and arrange delivery, or open a small cafe. Try cooking for small events, organize catering. Before that, analyze the pricing policy of the market.

5 Musician

Do you like to play the old guitar and do it all the time with your friends? You can do more: get a pick and organize concerts! Arrange a performance with clubs, bars or cafes.

If you know well not only practice, but also theory, teach at music schools, give private lessons or start a YouTube channel. If it becomes popular, then your content will start making you money.

Musicians who are well versed in advertising can go into creating jingles, melodies and samples for advertising agencies or film studios.

6 Gamer

Suddenly, but hours spent in games can pay off. Developers are already creating games that allow you to win or earn real money within the game. In addition, you can get rare achievements and resell them for large amounts.

7 Photographer

You don’t have to be the next photographer of the year to make decent money from your shots. You just need to have taste, a sense of composition, a decent camera and imagination.

You can earn by taking pictures:

  • pregnant women and newborns;
  • weddings and families;
  • cars;
  • landscapes and wildlife;
  • the property;
  • stuff for directories, etc.

Any space can be turned into a temporary studio. Try to make money on photo stocks: one photo can bring up to 100,000 🪙!

Hobbies that bring money

8 Toy and gift maker

Whether you’re into stuffed toys like felt animals or you’re working on wooden toy soldiers, this hobby can be lucrative. On the one hand, your target audience is parents, and on the other hand, those who love non-standard gifts.

When determining the cost of products, make sure that it corresponds to the effort and time spent. You won’t take 1000 🪙 for what you spent 100 hours on, right?

There are many marketplaces for selling handicrafts, including online platforms such as Etsy and Facebook Marketplace.

9 Carpenter

Wood is more than just firewood. Whether you’re just into basic carpentry work like shelving, or you have a sophisticated toolbox that lets you create intricate handmade items, money can be made.

Handmade furniture is especially attractive to those who want to create a unique interior, and if you can custom make them, your business will be successful. Woodwork is needed in a huge number of cases: both for creating children’s furniture and toys, and for developing creative decor elements.

10 Auto business owner

If you know how to make an old engine work, thanks to your time with your dad in the garage, you can get extra money. Even restoring one or more engines will bring you a good sum of money.

If you want to scale, open a parts store, a car repair shop, sell car advice, or start a car wash. Also, if you’re good at drawing, get into tuning.

11 Restore property

If you’re thinking about how to make money from your hobby, and you also have a talent for finding the worst properties in the best part of the city and lovingly restore them to the state of a pearl, this option is for you. True, you will have to constantly monitor offers, know all the intricacies of buying low-quality real estate, and also be prepared for some surprises.

It is possible to change everything with a small budget and time investment. Make repairs and sell your apartment or office at a premium!

12 Seamstress

If you know how to hem trousers, adjust a prom dress, sew a business suit, then you will cope with the same tasks, but not for the family, but for clients. Use what you have taste, knowledge of fabrics and the influence of proportions. There are several niches in which you can make money by skillfully handling a sewing machine.
Your level of knowledge and your interests will tell you which route is best to take:

  • sew children’s clothes;
  • create clothes for pets;
  • create sets for children and parents in the same style;
  • work in holiday directions: sew costumes on
  • graduations, weddings, masquerades, concerts, etc.

13 Collector

Look for valuable copies of books, jewelry, old bills, or anything else. You will not need to save them, but you can sell them profitably. Look for valuable things that could bring you a decent amount of money. In addition, this method of earning allows you to get rid of those things that you have not touched for a long time, without feeling regret or embarrassment. You know that sales generate profit, which then allows you to purchase something new.

14 Brewer

If you understand beer, you know how its types and production technologies differ, think about creating your own brewery. Learn good bottling, branding and labeling techniques to get your product to market. Of course, you need to get licenses and permits, but if you do, you can become the main supplier for your local supermarket or restaurants. Even better, you don’t have to spend time on this: most of it is spent waiting. .

15 Gardener

Sell ​​flowers and seedlings! If you’ve ever had to buy plants for your home from a local nursery, you know it can be quite expensive. This is one of the best hobbies that bring money. If you want to green the territory, make a garden and decorate the house from the inside, a considerable bill awaits you.

However, if you are the kind of person who can just stick a twig in the ground and a flowering plant will appear in a couple of months, your talent can bring you a decent income. Of course, you’ll need some space, access to good soil and sunlight, and maybe a little more water than you’re used to. But your plot or apartment does not have to be huge in order for you to make money.

You can resell seedlings to private gardeners, and vegetables and fruits to farmers’ markets and restaurants. Grow flowers in pots and deliver them to gift shops, create a YouTube channel where you share your knowledge and monetize it.

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